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Reading Comprehension untuk SD

Reading 1

There is a girl her name is Kusuma Purnama Sari. Just call her sari. She is very kind. She is a charming
girl. Everyone likes her. She is still young. Her age is 14 years old. She is 15 cms tall. Her weight is
43 kgs. She is not fat but ideal. Sari has good hair. Her hair is black and long. She also has beautiful

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. What is her call name?

2. How tall is she?
3. What is black and long?
4. Does everybody hate her?
5. Is she still young?
6. What is her full name?
7. Is she very kind?
8. How heavy is she?
9. How are her eyes?
10. How is her hair?

Reading 2

Reading Story Books

It is Sunday. Reka does not go to school. She usually stays at home with her sister. But today they go
to a bookstore to buy books. They have different hobbies. Reka likes cooking and reading
books. Her sister likes reading a magazine. Both of them often read storybooks. They enjoy it very

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Does Reka go to school on Sunday?

2. Does she usually stay at home with her sister?
3. Where are they going to day?
4. Do they have the same hobbies?
5. What does Reka like?
6. What does her sister like doing?
7. What do they often read?
8. Who usually stays at home with her sister?
9. Why are they going to bookstores?
10. Who often reads children’s story books?
Reading 3

Anida’s Hobbies
There is a girl. Her name is Anida. She does not go to school on Sundays. She does many activities at
home. She reads some books, newspapers, and magazines. She often buys newspapers. She also
buys some magazines. There are many newspapers and magazines at her house. Her hobby is clipping
newspapers and magazines. She likes collecting stamps, too.

True or False?

1. Anida goes to school on Sunday.

2. Anida does many activities at home.
3. She reads children’s story books everyday.
4. She likes reading newspapers.
5. She does not like reading magazines.
6. She only buys magazines.
7. There are only newspapers at her house.
8. Collecting newspaper is her hobby.
9. Clipping magazines is her bobby too.
10. She also collects some stamps.

Reading 4

Playing Kites
The weather is nice today. It is windy outside and the sun is shining. It is a good time to play kites. So,
Affan takes his kite out of the house. His kite is beautiful. It is a butterfly kite. There are already many
kites flying in the sky. Affan asks his brother to hold the kite. Then Affan holds the ball of strings and
runs. After a while, the kite is already flying in the sky. The children are very happy. They really have a
good time together.

True or False?

1. It is raining outside.
2. When it is windy, it’s good to play kites.
3. Affan plays the kites in the house.
4. His kite is like a snake.
5. Affan’s friends already play kites outside.
6. Affan plays the kite alone.
7. To fly the kite, Affan has to run first.
8. Affan’s kte finally can fly in the sky.
9. Affan and his brother are sad.
10. They don’t like playing kites together.
Reading 5

Modern Games
Nico and his brother want to go to Tunjungan Plaza on Sunday morning. Nico wants to play games
there. His mother wants to do shopping in the department store. Nico goes to the games area. Nico
inserts coins to play the games. The pictures appear on the screen after he inserts coins. The game he
likes is car racing. After his mother finishes shopping they go home.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Who wants to go to Tunjungan Plaza?
2. When do they go to Tunjungan plaza?
3. What does Nico want to do there?
4. What does his mother want to do?
5. Does Nico go to the video games area?
6. Where does his mother go?
7. What does Nico insert to play the games?
8. Where do the pictures appear?
9. What is the game that he likes?
10. Do they go home together?

Reading 6
Classroom Activities
Siska is in the sixth grade now. She must study hard to pass the final exam. Right now it’s nine o’clock
in the morning. Siska and her classmates are studying English now. Mrs. Janah, the teacher, is
reading a story, while the students are listening quietly.
The teacher asks,” Do you know the story of kancil and crocodile?”
The students answer,” No, Mom!”
Then the teacher says,” All right, let me begin the story……..”
The story is very funny. They all laugh and they really like the story. They don’t realize that the bell is
ringing now.
To end the class the teacher says, “Well, students, that’s all for today. I’ll see you next week. Good
The students say,” Good morning, Mom.”

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. What grade is Siska in now?

2. What are the students studying?
3. What is Mrs. Janah doing?
4. What story is the teacher reading now?
5. Do the students like the story?
6. Who is Mrs. Janah?
7. Do the students know the story of kancil and the crocodile?
8. Why must Siska study hard?
9. Is Siska in the fifth grade now?
10. Who is studying English now?
Reading 7

In the School Library

There is a library in my school. It is a big building. It has a large room. There are many kinds of
books, such as; story books, or fiction books and science books or nonfiction books. There are also
magazines and newspapers.
Herry, Panji, and April are diligent students. They often go to the library to borrow some books. They
are in the library now. Herry is reading a biology book. Panji is reading a magazine and April is looking
for a novel book.
Mrs. Rina is the librarian. She is on her table. She serves the students who want to borrow some

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. What is the title of the text?

2. What books are there in the school library?
3. Who are diligent students?
4. What do they go to the library for?
5. What is Mrs. Rina?
6. What is Herry reading?
7. Who is reading a magazine?
8. What is April doing?
9. Who serves the students who want to borrow some books?
10. Are Herry, Panji, and April lazy students?

Reading 8.
In the School Garden
My school has a garden. It is small. This time, my class is free. The students are in the garden. They
are making a park. We are planting some small trees and flowers.
Surya, Adin, and I are helping Mr. Pandu, the gardener. We are loosing the soil. Teta, Intan, and Betty
are planting some flowers on it. They are beautiful and colorful.
Lintang, Vivi, and Fitri are cleaning the garden. They are making warning on the board “keep the
garden clean.”

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Is the garden big?

2. How is the garden?
3. Where are the students now?
4. Why are the students in the garden?
5. What are the students planting?
6. How many students are helping Mr. Pandu?
7. What is Mr. Pandu?
8. What are Lintang, Vivi, and Fitri doing?
9. How are the flowers?
10. How many students are there in the garden?

Reading 9
In the School Laboratory
On Tuesday, our class has biology lesson. Mrs. Fetty is the teacher. Now, we are in the school
Mrs. Fetty gives instruction before practicing. The boys are preparing the instruments for the
experiment, such as; microscopes, scissors, test tube, slides, pipettes, knives, etc.
The girls are cleaning the tables and rooms. The others are preparing the objects to be observed
under the microscope. We are going to have experiment with frogs.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. When does your class have a biology lesson?

2. Where are you now?
3. What does Mrs. Fetty give before practicing?
4. What are the boys preparing for the experiment?
5. What are the girls cleaning?
6. What are you going to have experiment with?
7. Who is your biology teacher?
8. “The others are preparing the objects”. What does “the others” refer to?
9. Mention 6 kinds of instruments needed for the experiment!
10. Are mice the objects to be observed?

Reading 10
A Break Time
It is a break time. Rozaqi, Putri, and Sauli usually go to café. This time, they look very hungry
and thirsty because they just have sport. Rozaqi is eating meatballs and drinking a glass of
lemonade. Putri is eating Soto and ordering Coca-cola. Sauli is eating fried rice and ordering a
bottle of Fanta.
Answer the following questions based on the text.
1. Where are Rozaqi and his friends now?
2. How do they feel after having sport lesson?
3. Do Rozaqi and his friends usually go to café?
4. Who looks very hungry and thirsty?
5. Why do they look very hungry and thirsty?
6. Is Putri drinking a glass of lemonade?
7. Who is eating Soto?
8. What is Sauli ordering?
9. What is Rozaqi eating?
10. What is Putri eating?
Reading 11
Mr. Surya’s Family
Mr. Surya has a family himself. He doesn’t live with his mother and father. He lives with his
family. Mr. Surya’s family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Surya and their two children, Meta and Agil.
Mr. Surya is Mrs. Surya husband. Mrs. Surya is Mr. Surya’s wife. Her name is Aan. They have
two daughters and a son. The oldest is Meta and the youngest is Agil. Meta is an SMP
student and Agil is in elementary school. The family is happy. They love each other.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Who does Mr. Surya live with?
2. What does his family consist of?
3. Who is Mrs. Surya?
4. What is her name?
5. Who is Meta?
6. Who is Mr. Surya’s son?
7. What is Meta?
8. What is Agil?
9. Is the family happy?
10. Is Agil the oldest child?

Reading 12
Indi’s Daily Activities
Indi is a student. She usually gets up at 04.30 in the morning. After performing his morning
prayer. She makes her bed tidy and cleans the room. Then she helps her parents to sweep
the floor and the garden.
At 05.30 a.m, she takes a bath and then has breakfast. She goes to school at 06.00. She
arrives at school at about 06.30. Her first period begin at 07.00. She goes home at 01.30 p.m.
Then she has lunch and performs her noon prayer. She takes a nap for a while and wakes up
at 03.30 p.m. Before having exercise she perform her afternoon prayer.
About at 06.00 she performs her evening prayer after taking a bath. Then she has dinner. She
usually studies at 07.00 after performing night prayer. Then she goes to bed at about 09.30.

Answer the following questions based o the text.

1. What is Indi?
2. What does she do at 06.00?
3. What time does her first time begin?
4. How many times does she perform her prayer?
5. How many times does she have meals?
6. What does she do before having exercises?
7. What does she do to help her parents?
8. Does she go to school at 06.30?
9. What begins at 07.00?
10. Does she always get up at 04.30 in the morning?
Reading 13
My New Neighbour
I live in the village. I have a new neighbour. It is Mr. Eko’s family. They stay in front of my
house. They come from Lampung. Mr. Eko moves to Java to be a director of textile factory in
Solo. His wife, Mrs. Nita will be a teacher in a Junior High School.
They have two sons, Indra and Ade. Indra is my classmate in Elementary School and Ade
studies in the third year of junior high school. They like playing together in the yard. I often
visit them in my spare time. My family loves their family very much because they like to help
their neighbours. We help each other. We are good neighbours.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Do you live in the village?
2. What are your new neighbour’s names?
3. What is Mr. Eko?
4. Where does Mrs. Nita work?
5. What are Indra and Ade?
6. Where do they play?
7. What grade are they in now?
8. Do they live in Lampung now?
9. Do they have daughters?
10. How many sons do they have?

Mr. Hadi, my neighbour, is a teacher. He loves animals very much. He often goes to animal
markets. He likes watching the various animals there. At home, he keeps two birds. Everyday
he looks after the birds. He cleans the cages and feeds the birds every afternoon. He gives
them special bird food.
He has a cat too. Its name is Manis. It is about three years old. It eats meat, fish, and rice. It
catches a mouse which comes into the house. Mr. Hadi likes Manis very much.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. What is Mr. Hadi?
2. How many birds does he have?
3. Why does he often go to animal markets?
4. What is the cat’s name?
5. How old is his cat?
6. What does he like watching I the animal markets?
7. When does he clean the cage and feed the birds?
8. Does he give the birds special bird food?
9. What does the cat eat?
10. Who likes Manis very much?
Reading 15
A New Classmate
On Monday, we have an English class in the second period. This morning, when we were
studying. Mr. Baiquni knocked at the door. He came to the classroom then he said Mrs. Irtha,
my English teacher. “ Mrs. Irtha, this is Ani. She is a new student in this class. She is from
After the lesson, the girl talked to Ani. She is a beautiful girl. She has long hair and she is a
tall girl. Her shoes are black. She has a red jacket and a brown bag.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. What is Ani?
2. Where is she from?
3. What does the word “he” (paragraph 1) refer to?
4. What is Ani like?
5. When do they have an English class?
6. What is Mrs. Irtha?
7. Who talked to Ani?
8. What colour are her shoes?
9. Does she have a brown jacket?
10. Is she a tall girl?

Reading 16
At School
Windy’s school is on Jalan Pemuda. It has classes. Every class has forty chairs and twenty
tables. There is a park in front of the school. There is a large school yard in the middle of
it. The students and the teachers use it for a flag ceremony and physical exercises.
Besides the classroom, it also has some rooms. They are a headmaster’s office, teacher’s
office, library, laboratory, café, ad some toilets.
The sixth year students are playing volleyball in the school yard and the others are studying in
their classroom. Mr. Fitra, the headmaster is standing in front of his office. He is looking at Mr.
Tohir, the school gardener planting the flowers in the park.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Where is Windy’s school?
2. How many classes are there in Windy’s school?
3. Where is the schoolyard?
4. What is Mr. Fitra?
5. What is Mr. Tohir?
6. What is Mr. Fitra doing?
7. Who is planting the flowers in the park?
8. Mention 6 kinds of rooms besides the classrooms!
9. What students are playing volleyball?
10. Is the park behind the school?
Reading 17
Mr. Jauhar’s Family
This is Mr. Jauhar’s family. It consists of Mr. and Mrs. Jauhar and their children, Diah, Ninik,
and Devi. Mrs. Jauhar’s name is Ratna. Diah is the first child. The second is Ninik. Rio is the
only boy and the youngest in the family.
Now, they are watching TV in the living room.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. How many persons does Mr. Jauhar’s Family consist of?
2. What are they doing in the living room?
3. Are they watching TV?
4. What are the daughters’ names?
5. Who is Ratna?
6. How many children are there in this family?
7. When are they watching TV?
8. Is Rio the second child?
9. Who is the youngest child?
10. Is Diah the first child?

Reading 18
Mrs. Chandra’s Activities
Nico’s mother, Mrs. Chandra, goes to the market three times a week. She goes there every
Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
She usually leaves for the market at 8 o’clock in the morning. There, she buys things for their
daily needs, for example meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.
She takes Becak to and from the market. She pays Rp 6.000,00 for the Becak.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Is Nico Mrs. Chandra’s son?
2. How many times does she go to the market in a week?
3. When does she go to the market?
4. What time does she usually leave for the market?
5. What does she buy?
6. How does she go to the market?
7. How much does she pay for the Becak?
8. Does she go to the market on Friday?
9. Does she go to the market I the evening?
10. How does she go home from the market?

Reading 19
SD Uniforms
SD students have uniforms. For boys, the uniform is a white shirt and a red short and for girls,
it is a white shirt and a red skirt. They must also wear black shoes, white shocks, a red cap, a
black belt, and a red tie.
There is another uniform for SD students. It is a white uniform. For girls, it is a white shirt and
white skirt, and for boys, it is a white a shirt and a white short. They wear this uniform when
they hold the flag ceremony on Monday.

Answer the following questions based on the text?

1. How many school uniforms do the SD students have?
2. Do the boys and the girls have the same uniforms?
3. What do the students wear when they have a flag ceremony?
4. What do they wear on their head?
5. Does the text above talk about boy and girl uniforms?
6. Do the boy wear red skirts?
7. Who wear red shorts?
8. When do the students wear a white uniform?
9. What must they wear besides a white and red uniform?
10. Do they wear red shocks?

Reading 20
Mr. Fian’s House
This is Mr. Fian’s house. It is big, clean, and comfortable. There is a garden in front of the
house. There are some plants and some flowers in the garden. There are some rooms in his
house. They are a large living room, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, three bedrooms,
and a garage.

Answer the following questions based on the text.

1. Whose house is big, clean, and comfortable?
2. Is the garden besides the house?
3. What are there in the garden?
4. Is there only one room I his house?
5. How many rooms are there in his house?
6. Mention some of rooms in his house?
7. What does the word “it’ in the paragraph refer to?
8. Does the last sentence tell us about kinds of rooms?
9. How many bathrooms are there in his house?
10. Does he have three bedrooms?

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