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1.Choose the sentences with the Gerund.

A)1,2,6 B)3,4,5 C)1,3,6 D)2,4,5

1.Do colours affect our feelings? E)1,4,6
2.Be attentive while choosing the right colour.
3.British people don’t like chatting very much. 7.Choose the line of adjectives describing a
4.Finnish people love having a good time. person’s character.
5.People wearing black don’t like sharing things. A)smart,employed,mysterious,cool
A)1,3,4 B)3,4,5 C)2,5 D)4,5 E)2,3,5 B)friendly,tall,calm,wealthy,
2.Match the words to their definitions. D)sociable,cheerful,hospitable
1.to deny E)attractive,tired,talented,sleepy
2.to expand
3.to commit 8.Choose the sentences with Partcipilpe 1.
a.to become greater in size 1.The publishing of “The Murder of Roger
b.to refuse to give or grant something Ackroyd” made A.Christie.
c.to give an opinion or make a decision openly 2.W.Shakespeare worked for an acting
A)1-b;2-c;3-a cpmpany.
B)1-c;2-b;3-a 3.In 1836 Dickens began writing his humorous
C)1-b;2-a;3-c novel “Papers of the Pickwick Club”.
D)1-a;2-c;3-a 4.I enjoy reading J.K. Rowling’s books.
E)1-c;2-a;3-b 5.Being a queen of crime A.Christie has a great
power of observation.
3.Choose the correct variant. A)2,5 B)3,4 C)1,4 D)1,2 E)3,5
Brian is the sportman … won the first prize in
the competition. 9.Choose the correct sentence in Indirect
1.whose 2.whom 3.who 4.which 5.that Speech.
A)3,5 B)1,2,5 C)2,3,4 D)1,2,4 E)1,3 “I don’t like going to parties”, Ann said.
A)Ann asked if she liked going to parties.
4.Choose the correct tense forms. B)Ann said me that she doesn’t like going to
Your friends … you if you … in trouble. parties.
A)will support,will be C)Ann said that she didn’t like going to parties.
B)will support,are D)Ann said to me she hadn’t liked going to
C)supported,would be parties.
D)support,will be E)Ann said if she didn’t like going to parties.
E)have supported,had been
10.Choose the correct variant.
5.Choose the correct variant. … had I read the remarkable book “The Lord of
1.some gold medal the Rings” … the film came out.
2.some borrowers of the bank A)When,and
3.a few heap of old clothes B)No sooner,that
4.a few cheques for 10 pounds C)Scarcely,but
A)2,4 B)2,3 C)1,3 D)1,4 E)1,2 D)Hardly,but
E)No sooner,than
6.Which nouns can be combined with the verb
“to do”? 11.Choose the correct modal verbs.
1.a course The book was so suspenseful that I … put it
2.a mess down.
3.laundry A)can’t
4.a mistake B)hadn’t to
5.a list C)couldn’t
6.business D)wasn’t able
E)don’t have to
17.Match the sentences to the given ones.
12.Choose the correct prepositions. 1.Judy is going to read “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte
A monument was erected … Shakespeare … the Bronte. …
Poet’s Corner … Westminter Abbey. 2.That printing press doesn’t work. …
A)to,in,in 3.Ted likes to read fantasy fiction with fabulous
B)for,at,at plots. …
C)to,in,on a.Neither does this one.
D)for,into,at b.So am I.
E)to,inside,on c.My son does too.
A)1-c, 2-a, 3-b
13.Choose the correct variant. B)1-a, 2-b, 3-c
What … people … concerned about the future? C)1-b, 2-c, 3-a
A)made,to be D)1-b, 2-a, 3-c
B)makes,being E)1-a, 2-c, 3-b
C)makes,to be
D)made,being 18.Choose the words with negative meaning.
E)makes,be 1.unreliable
14.Complete the sentence. 3.partial
… non-fiction books are educational and 4.trustworthy
informative. A)1,2 B)2,3 C)1,3 D)2,4 E)3,4
1.Roger asked that
2.Roger asked if
3.Roger wanted to know that 19.Which words are synonyms?
4.Roger said that 1.to ban
A)2,4 B)1,4 C)3,4 D)2,3 E)1,3 2.to obsess
3.to forbid
15.Change the sentence into Passive. 4.to escape
A New Zealand company did special effect for 5.to prohibit
“Avatar” yesterday?
A)Special effect are done for “Avatar” by a New A)1,2,4 B)2,3 C)2,3,5 D)1,3,5 E)4,5
Zealand company.
B)Special effect did for “Avatar” by a New
Zealand. 20.Make up a dialogue.
C)Special effect were done for “Avatar” by a 1. – What are you going to do?
New Zealand company. 2. – I didn’t know you were fond of going there.
D)Special effect was done for “Avatar” by a 3. – Hello, Nick! Where are you going?
New Zealand company. 4. – You’re right! I seldom visited libraries. But
E)Special effect were been done for “Avatar” by now I must write a report for my English class
a New Zealand company. about the English language as a Lingua France.
5. – I want to look through some books. That’s
why I’m going to the library.
16.Complete the sentence. 6. – To the library.
Do you know … A)3,6,2,4,1,5
A)If can be printed e-books? B)6,2,3,4,1,5
B)where can e-books be printed? C)6,2,1,5,4,3
C)that will be printed e-books? D)3,6,2,5,4,1
D)how can e-books be printed? E)3,5,2,4,6,1
E)if e-books will be printed?