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Social Aspect of Personhood Development

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson 85% of students should be able to:
a. Demonstrate proper introduction of self, proper telephone etiquette, as well as
ethical manners at home
b. Demonstrate proper table setting
c. Define and explain human relations
d. Understand and discuss the 10 commandments for Human Relation

II. Subject Matter

Social Aspect of Personhood Development

III. Procedure
A. Preliminary Activities
1. Greetings
2. Arranging of chairs
3. Checking of attendance
4. Review of the past lesson
- The teacher will call student/s to recap the past lesson.

B. Motivation (DIBA TEH?)

The Teacher will divide the class into 2 groups then each group will
choose their representative. Their representative will introduce their
selves. The teacher will explain the instructions of the games. The game’s
theme is “Miss Q and A”. after the two representatives introduce their
selves they will debate about a give a topic that will be given by the
C. Presentation/Discussion
 The teacher will discuss the proper telephone etiquette Through Vlogging

10 telephone Etiquette tips that you should keep in mind

1. Greeting
2. Take permission and be polite
3. Identify self and the organization
4. Clarity
5. Purpose of the call
6. Know your timeline and keep it short
7. Avoid fillers and keep it interesting
8. Smile through the phone
9. Find some quiet place
10. Summarize, paraphrase and close

Always end the call with a pleasantry like -- "It was pleasure speaking
with you" or "You have a nice day."

 The teacher will discuss the Good Manners at Home

Good Manners at Home

1. Always greet your family calmly and individually.
2. Include "please," "thank you," and "excuse me" at the appropriate times.
3. Practice family rules that help avoid conflict such as waiting your turn,
knocking on closed doors before entering, not interrupting someone who is
busy, etc.
4. And always say “po” and “opo” to the elders.

 Proper table setting

Note-(dito niyo ilagay inyo)

D. Analysis
1. Why is it important to know proper introduction of self, proper telephone
etiquette, as well as ethical manners at home?
2. Why is it important to know the proper table setting?
3. In your own understanding how can you define human relations?
4. How can you apply the 10 Commandments for Human relation in a real-life
E. Abstraction
 Human Relations
- The teacher will show pictures about human relation and she will ask the
students to describe the picture and the teacher will make a concept map
about human relation. After that she will discuss the Human relation.

Human relations as relations with or between people, particularly in a

workplace or professional setting.

“I present myself to you in a form suitable to the relationship I wish to

achieve with you.”- Luigi Pirandello
There are five ways that school faculties can improve human relations
in the school:
(1) encourage harmonious interaction between groups of students by
emphasizing the value of different approaches to problems;
(2) provide opportunities for role playing by students to increase the depth
of their understanding of other people and develop a readiness to participate
actively with their classmates;
(3) stay aware of the personal problems students are facing in their private
lives and accept the responsibility for being an adult role model; (4) provide an
example of willingness to change personal attitudes and accommodate other
members of the school family; and
(5) maintain good rapport with the community and uphold a good image
for school community relations.

 10 Commandments for Human Relation

F. Application
The teacher will divide the class into 3 groups. This three group will
choose a leader to represent their group in choosing the topic. The topics
that will be given are under the social aspect of personhood development.
The three groups will present or demonstrate their understanding in their
given topic or the topic that they had choose. They will be given 3-5
minutes to plan their presentation. After the presentation of the three
groups. Each leader or any person in the same group will give comments
or feedback about the presentation of other groups and will choose a

IV. Assessment

V. Assignment
Study about the intellectual of aspect of personhood development.

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