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The significance of choosing “Budget and budgetary control” as a study is because of

its importance i.e., Budgetary control is the process of determining various budgeted
figures for the enterprises for the future period and then comparing the budgeted
figures with the actual performance for calculating variances, if any. And also to
ensure planning for future by setting up various budgets. The requirements and
expected performance of the enterprise are anticipated. To co-ordinate the activities at
different departments. Fixation of responsibility on various individuals in the


The study is based upon the part of financial performance that has been taken in to
consideration i.e., budgetary concepts.

 To understand the importance of Budget and Budgetary control.

 To apply various theoretical aspects of budget and budgetary control.
 To ascertain how budgetary control helps in planning and coordination of various
operations in an enterprise.
 To ascertain how budgetary control helps in controlling the all operations of the
business enterprise
 To know whether there is influence of budgets in profit making or not.

The research methodology deals with how the study was carried out. This consists of
several stages where in the process proceeds through various stages to finally attain
the objective of the study. Hence, for any project the objective of the objective or aim
of the project is to be known and the objective of the project is to be set.
The organization in which the project is to be carried out is to be selected. The
profile of the organization is collected from various journals, monthly magazines,
from the employees and widely.

Source of data

Primary Sources: The primary data was collected through structured unbiased questionnaire
and personal interviews of investors. For this purpose questionnaire included were both open
ended & close ended & multiple-choice questions.

Secondary method: The secondary data collection method includes:

 Websites
 Journals
 Text books
Method Used For Analysis of Study
The methodology used for this purpose is Survey and Questionnaire Method. It is a time
consuming and expensive method and requires more administrative planning and supervision.
It is also subjective to interviewer bias or distortion.

Statistical Tools: MS-excel and pie and bar diagrams are used to analyze the