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Homework Title / No.2. Print Ad for HERO CYCLES .Course Code : _MGT634.

Course Instructor : Mr.Nitin Dhir. Course Tutor (if applicable) : _____________

Date of Allotment : _____________13/09/10________ Date of submission : 24/09/10.

Student’s Roll No. A(07) Section No. : S1901

I declare that this assignment is my individual work. I have not copied from any other student’s work or
from any other source except where due acknowledgment is made explicitly in the text, nor has any part
been written for me by another person.

Student’s Signature .vikas kumar

Evaluator’s comments:

Marks obtained : ___________ out of ______________________

Content of Homework should start from this page only:


1.) LAYOUT:-By looking at the ad it can be seen that the ad contains small to medium size
of the visual and it will instantly serves the purpose of conveying the message with
words. The face of an Indian youth depicted at the extreme left at the top is targeting my
prospective youngsters and is enabling to strike an emotional chord with them.

2.) HEADLINE:-The main text line of my ad is highlighted and is having the largest size
text in the whole ad. It is conveying the message effectively. As the Hero cycles have set
a guinness book of world records in producing largest no. of cycles (18500) in a single
day. The Hero cycles is targeting each segment such as the kids, girls, boys, ladies and
gents but in my ad I have selectively targeted the youth of India for which the Hero
cycles is offering a whole new range of trendy cycles in 6 variants.

The main headline says MOVE THROUGH THE CROWD. Readers will get an idea that
something is enticing them to go ahead of the norms and make your own mark. Such
bold steps could only be taken by today’s Indian youth. As in present scenario Indian
roads are flooded with no. of cars and other forms of transportation, cycle is the only one
small mode through which the youngsters could travel with ease and convenience
through the traffic jams and other hindrances thereby saving their time as well as money.
However one thing has to be kept in mind that this mode i.e. cycle has also to be trendy
and stylish in its looks and Hero cycles is successful in implementing this type of

Here we can say that the headline is gripping and will turn the scanners into readers for
atleast the target audience.


1.) Grabbing the readers attraction:- The headline of my ad is of claim in nature. It is

making an assertion about the prime proposition of the product and which will surely
make the youngsters for trying the product. It is surely influencing the youngsters to
make a move.

2.) Summarizing the selling proposition:-My headline is concluding what my copy is

selling and is influencing the youngsters to move ahead through the crowd.

3.) Selecting the prime prospect:-My headline is attracting only the target audience of
youngsters. My headline is also making an audience indication i.e. youngsters and is
also subtle in nature.

4.) Offering a benefit:-The main benefit of transportation with ease has also been
conveyed through the ad. The word MOVE is clearly depicting the same.

5.) Emphasizing the brand:- For me it was not necessary to emphasise over the brand
name in the headline as my product is not in an introductory stage and the company
need not to call attention to the new launch in the headline itself.
6.) Encouraging the readership copy:-My headline is attracting the target audience and
if they would be interested, they will desire for knowing more by reading the entire
body copy.

7.) Synergizing with the visual:- My headline and the youth’s face (visual) is
completing each other.

8.) Striking the emotional chord:- The headline is depicting that something is
influencing them to move through the crowd and is showing concern for them.


• There has been a use of Analogy in my ad. An analogy is a comparison between

two things typically on the basis of their structure for explaining or clarifying a
point. Here in my ad the headline and the visual picture is complementing each

• Word length:-The headline does not contain many words and hence is
appropriate for the message to be conveyed.

• There has been a use of subheads or captions and are logically breaking the large
mass of type. The slogan MY MAIN FORM OF TRANPORTATION IS A
HERO CYCLE has been used for the following purpose:-

1.) Making it memorable among the youngsters.

2.) Brand name i.e Hero cycle has been included.

3.) It is also stating its prime benefit i.e moving ahead through the ease
and convenience .

4.) It is also differentiating from other forms of different brands which are
being used as a mode for transportation.
BODY COPY:- It is the main text of an ad and is used to develop and complete the message
presented by the headline. It is also used to provide explanations. With respect to my ad
youngsters may be be interested with the display copy and the visual but they have to be won
over the message in the body copy.

The approach for copywriting under my ad has been THE CUSTOMARY APPROACH. The
opening paragraph of my body copy is linking the headline with the rest of the paragraphs. The
succeeding paragraph of my ad is providing more details, and is elaborating on the benefits
which the company is providing to its customers.

VISUALS:-The face of a young Indian in my ad is performing many functions such as grabbing

the attention, conveying the message, differentiating the look of an advertisement .Various
types of visuals that I have used are as follows:-

1.) Snapshot of the product:- I have shown the latest model of the hero cycle targeted
to the youngsters and the the youth is always curious to know how the product looks

2.) Kind of person who needs the product the most:- The face of an Indian youth is
depicting that the youngsters are the personalities that the company is looking for.

DESIGN:-To achieve an appropriate design it has been tried to emphasize various elements by
highlighting it, displaying it and the prominent use of bright colors.