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1. A box contains some red and blue counters. There are 74 red counters.

There are 50 more blue counters than red counters. How many blue
counters are there in the box?

2. Sue has 258 stamps. Peter has 63 stamps. How many more stamps
does Sue have than Peter?

3. Alex bought 7 packets of cookies. There are 4 cookies in each packet.

How many cookies did he buy altogether?

4. Mr Tan has 45 oranges. He puts 5 oranges into each plastic bag. How
many plastic bags does he needs.

5. The weighing scale shows a reading of 52 kg when Gopal stands on it

with his bag. What is Gopal’s mass if his bag weighs 7 kg?

6. Ahmad jogged 980 m. He jogged 235 m further than Siti. How far did Siti

7. Mary had 12 guppies. She put the guppies equally into 3 fish tanks.
(a) How many guppies were there in each fish tank?
(b) Mary’s mother gave her 6 more guppies. How many guppies does Mary
have now?

8. Mr Ong bought 8 bags of oranges. There were 4 oranges in each bag.

(a) How many oranges did Mr Ong buy?

(b) Mr Ong needed 24 more oranges. How many more bags of oranges did
he need to buy?

9. Mr Lim has 28 pots of plants in his garden. He arranged the pot of plants
into 4 rows. How many pots of plants were there in each row?

10. Sharon completed her colouring book in 9 days. She coloured 3 pages
each day. How many pages were there in the colouring book altogether?

11. Mrs Sim needs to pack 3 cookies and 2 cupcakes in each box. She
needs to pack 18 cookies. How many cupcakes must Mrs Sim pack?

12. Jack walked 102 m from his house to the playground. Then he walked
121 m to the coffee shop to get a drink before walking another 148 m
home. How many metres did he walk in all?
13. Janice pasted 6 stickers on each page. She has 5 stickers left in the
tray. How many stickers does she have altogether?

14. (page 24, problem 20) There are 8 people in line to buy popcorn. 5
more people get in line. How many people are in line to buy popcorn?

15. (page 30, problem 25) Fred’s dad buys 4 children’s tickets for the
puppet show. He also buys 3 adult tickets. How many tickets does he
buy altogether?

16. (page 42, problem 1) Izzy has 8 hats. Bobo has 3 fewer hats than
Izzy. How many hats do they have altogether?

17. (page 301, problem 5) Gina has 5 shells in a pail. She finds 8 more
shells. Then she gave away 4 shells. How many shells does Gina has

18. (page 68, problem 1) There are 12 fire trucks in the parade. 9 fire
trucks have gone by. How many more fire trucks are the children waiting
to see?

19. (page 252, problem 9) Patty rakes 4 bags of leaves. Tim rakes 9
bags. How many fewer bags does Patty rake?
20. (page 324, problem 11) Pencils come in boxes of 10. Sandra has 6
boxes. She gives 4 boxes away. How many pencils does she have now?

21. (page 361, problem 2) Max makes 35 bracelets. Emily makes 18

bracelets. How many more bracelets did Max make than Emily?

22. (page 237, Explain Your Thinking) There are 5 triangles. 3/5 of the
set is red. The rest are blue. What part of the set is blue?

23. (page 241, problem 2) Mary cuts a muffin into 3 equal pieces. She
eats 2 pieces. What fraction of the muffin does she eat?

24. (page 550, problem 11) Jen has 2 baskets. There are 3 apples in
each basket. She needs 7 apples to make a pie. Can Jen make a pie?

25. (page 569, problem 4) Kayla has 8 daisies. She picks 8 more
daisies. She gives a daisy to Matt, Cody, and Kelsea. How many daisies
does Kayla have now?