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Detailed Lesson Plan in Physical Education.

I. Objective
At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to:
a. Identify the different of carrying and transporting of an injured person
b. Demonstrate proper techniques in carrying and transporting an injured person
c. Execute the different kind of carrying
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Carrying and transporting an injured person
Reference: Health for grade 9, pp. 251-254
III. Lesson Proper

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Preliminary Activity
1. Prayer

Class, before we start our lesson for today let

us all stand and pray (all of student will stand)

Mardee, Please lead the prayer In the name of the father and of the son,
and of the holy spirit. Amen

Thank you Mardee

2. Greetings

Good Afternoon class Good afternoon sir

You may take your seat.

3. Checking attendance

Ms. Secretary do we have absentees

None sir
Very good. I am glad that all of you are present
for today

B. Review

Last Meeting, we discussed about the dressing

and bandages
Yes sir

Give the 5 kinds of open wounds? Yes Andrei ?

Puncture, Abrasion, Incision, Laceration,

and Avulsion

Very good.
How about the Techniques a dressing? *Wash hands and wear gloves
*Unwrap the dressing as close to the
wound as possible. Be sure not to touch
the wound.
Very good *Place the dressing over the wound.
Thank you, it seems that you really understand
our topic last meeting, and I think that all of you
are ready for our next lesson.

C. Motivation

I will show you a video clip.

D. Lesson Proper
Lesson for today is Carrying and transporting an
injured person.

The first is the One- man Transport. Kindly read

the one-man carry. Yes Zabat?

Thank you! Fireman’s Carry, Piggy Back, Pack Strap Carry,

Shoulder Drag, Fireman’s Drag, Blanket Drag

The fireman’s Carry is the easiest way to

transport a light and smaller victim.

What is the second?

Piggy back sir

The piggy Back is when the victim is conscious

The 3rd is?

Pack Strap Carry

The Pack Strap Carry is when the victim is

smaller than the first aider
The next one is?

Shoulder Drag

The Shoulder Drag is used when the floor is

smooth, short distance transport
The next one is?
Fireman’s Drag or tied-hands crawl
The Fireman’s Drag or tied-hands crawl is used
when the first aider and victim must crawl
underneath a low structure
The last in one man transport is? Blanket Drag

The blanket drag is used when the victim is

seriously injured and should not be lifted.

The next is the two-man carry what is the two-

man carry? Chair Carry
Very Good!

The Chair Carry is when there are two first

aider’s and a chair available.
The last of Carrying and transporting three-man Hammock Carry
transporting the first one is?

The Hammock carry is when there are three first

aider Bearer alongside Carry
The last one is?
The bearer alongside carry is carriers will stay on
the uninjured side of the victim.

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