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Mom and Baby Menu Plan If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, you

may need to increase your snack

Blend, chop or mash your portions. If you’re not breastfeeding,
From six months: week 4 baby’s portions as appropriate you can reduce or skip the snacks

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Follow the 3-5 day rule when trying out new food items to make sure your baby is not allergic to certain foods.

Lugaw Mashed eggplant Mashed eggplant Apple stew Apple stew Oatmeal with milk Oatmeal with milk

Fried tofu Fish paksiw with Corned beef with Kesong puti with pan de Alamang omelet Oatmeal with low- Tortang sardinas
Breakfast eggplant onion Rings sal fat mlk
Lugaw Fried brown rice Sliced bread
Brown rice Pan de sal Pineapple juice
Salabat Low-fat milk Tea Hot chocolate
Grape juice Coffee with milk

Mom’s snack Lanzones Babaghanoush with whole

wheat pita
Puto Apple Banana/apple
1 blueberry muffin Milk tea

Mashed tofu with Mashed tofu with Mashed kamote with Mashed kamote with Steamed and finely Steamed and finely Mashed squash with
milk milk milk milk chopped talbos ng chopped talbos ng rice gruel
kamote with rice kamote with rice
gruel gruel

Lunch You
Chicken BBQ Tofu and fish tausi Pork nilaga with Garlic bread Menudong giniling Mixed greens salad Steamed siomai
vegetables with chicken in
Pancit malabon Brown rice Beef macaroni soup Adobong talbos ng vinaigrette dressing Squash guisado
Brown Rice kamote
Lanzones Dalandan shake Brown rice
Brown rice

Mom’s snack Palitaw with anis Buko pandan drink Baked kamote fries 2 pcs of mongo hopia Chico Spanish bread Ginataang halo-halo

Rice gruel with sayote Mashed potatoes & Mashed vegetable Mashed banana and Steamed and blended Mashed avocado and Rice gruel with patola
spinach with milk soup milk broccoli with rice gruel mango with milk

Pork liver menudo Vegetable carousel Vegetable soup Caesar salad Beef and broccoli in Sinampalukang manok Espada with tausi
oyster sauce
Sayote tops with Brown rice Baked fish fillet with Beef lasagna. Brown rice Patola guisado
bagoong cheese crust Brown rice
Iced buko Banana/nutella shake Ripe mango Brown rice
Brown rice Fresh pineapple Lanzones

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