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How products become quickly obsolete?

Alternatives to minimize these

The companies do very little That they make an other device
Small changes in devices changes in the new decvices but a time later and that device
that they make, they do that to have a lot of changes and that is
make that the people buy the better than the other
new one, with ´´more changes´´
and that is going to do that
consumerism increase.
I think that the divices fails in a That if the cellphones start to
Hardware failures technique for the companies, have fails, that the same
because that is going to do that company can make a
the people want to change their arrangement to that device, so
edevices because don’t function its no necessary that the person
and the persons are going to buy other device
want the new device
The people are going to want The companies can improve the
New technology the new technology because it previus technology to the
come better than the previus, people that have acostumbrate
so that is going to do that that to the old technology
the people trhow the previos
technological things that they
have and that produce the e-
When for example some device They can make that those devices
Disposable technology have a adamage in this case is like don’t have so big damages and
imposible to repair it, so the that the people can fix it and that
people need to buy other device, continue function as always, for
because the damage tthat it have example every month have it
is so big and it don’t going to reviewd to don’t have a big
continue function as normal damage, and any damage
So much people want to change The make something to do that the
Can’t change components things of it devices but the people can ut or take off of their
companies put so limited things in devices, because like that the
their devices, so much of them people can put the things that we
don’t have some things that the need
people need
It is bad to some cases, for They can made a upgrade of
Software upgrades example in the old computers software that all the comoputers
which lacked the memory or can assimilated welland work well
processing speed, leading those
who wanted to keep up with
the current platform to replace
their computers.