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I, JOSE-ANTONIO T. ALILING, of legal age, Filipino, and with office address at

Unit 7C Shaw Residenza Condominium, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, after having been
duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and state:

1. I am the duly elected and incumbent Corporate Secretary of GUEVENT

INVESTMENTS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (the “Corporation”), a corporation
duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, with offices at
52 Domingo M. Guevara corner Calbayog Streets, Mandalyuong City.

2. To date, the authorized capital stock of the Corporation is One Hundred Fifty
Million Pesos (P150,000,000.00) divided into One Million Five Hundred Thousand (1,500,000)
common shares with a par value of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) per share. The
shareholders of the Corporation and the number of shares and the amounts they have
subscribed and paid are as follows:

Number Amount Amount

Stockholders Nationality
of Shares Subscribed Paid
Domingo S. Guevara, Jr. Filipino 322,115 32,161,550.00 32,161,550.00
Carmen Teresita G. Monfort Filipino 327,740 32,774,000.00 32,774,000.00
Celia G. Lazaro Filipino 313,575 31,357,500.00 31,357,500.00
Roberto S. Guevara Filipino 307,862 30,786,200.00 30,786,200.00
Benjamin S. Guevara Filipino 318,104 31,810,400.00 31,810,400.00
Ricardo S. Guevara Filipino 320,867 32,086,700.00 32,086,700.00
Reynaldo S. Guevara Filipino 322,551 32,255,100.00 32,255,100.00
Petronilo S. Guevara Filipino 332,076 33,207,600.00 33,207,600.00
Cynthia L. Picazo Filipino 1 100.00 100.00
Cornelio P. Mapa Filipino 1 100.00 100.00
Others 3,000,000 300,000,000.00 300,000,000.00
Total P 93,709,100.00 P93,709,100.00

3. The directors of the Corporation are as follows:

Domingo S. Guevara, Jr.

Carmen Teresita G. Monfort
Celia G. Lazaro
Roberto S. Guevara
Benjamin S. Guevara
Ricardo S. Guevara
Reynaldo S. Guevara
Petronilo S. Guevara
Cynthia L. Picazo
Cornelio P. Mapa

4. The following are the officers of the Corporation for the current year:

Name Position
Reynaldo S. Guevara Chairman Emeritus
Carmen Teresita G. Monfort Chairperson
Benjamin S. Guevara President
Jose-Antonio T. Aliling Corporate Secretary
Ricardo S. Guevara Chief Executive Officer
Roberto S. Guevara Treasurer

5. The foregoing are in accordance with the records of the Corporation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have affixed my signature this 22 nd day of June 2017 in

Mandaluyong City.

Corporate Secretary

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ______________ in _______________,

affiant exhibiting to me his Community Tax Certificate No. 23649420 issued on 03 January
2017 in Mandaluyong City as well as competent evidence of identity in the form of his Tax
Identification No. 216-615-378.

Doc. No. ____;

Page No. ____;
Book No. ____;
Series of 2018.