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Artificial Islands In The UAE.

By: Luis 5-F

Palm Jumeirah-Dubai

Palm Jumeirah started construction in 2001 and took 80

million cubic meters of land to build.
Palm Deira-Dubai

Palm Deira was planned on being the biggest island out of

the three
but reduced the size due to a financial crisis.
Palm Jebel Ali-Dubai

Palm Jebel Ali started construction at 2002 and is

not yet completed .Once completed it is expected to
house more than 250,000 people.
The World Island

The World Island’s length is 9 km and 6 km wide.

The World Island is constructed in the rough shape
of a map.
Al Marjan Island-Ras Al-Khaimah

Al Marjan Island is a group of 4 coral-shaped islands

amd covers 2,700,000 square meters.