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VO Extension

Step1:- Navigate to the page where you want to extend the view object.
Analyze the page and note down in which region you want to extend.
Click on about this page and note down the VO associated with that region.
And also note down the path of the VO.

Step2:- Let us consider now we are extending the standard Supplier page.

Now in Supplier Sites region in the existing table we are going to add the org Id in the Org name
Note down the below details:-
Click on About This Page link and check the VO name.

VO Name:- SitesVO.
Note down the CO path. Click on the VO link and check the path.

VO Path:- oracle.apps.pos.supplier.server.SitesVO

Step3:- Get the corresponding files from the server $JAVA_TOP to local machine.
Step4:- Convert the class file to java file.

Step5:- Open the jDeveloper.

Create the new workspace.
Create one project
Give the package name (xxtgc.oracle.apps.pos.supplier.server)

Step6:- Right click on project select new

ADF Business Components
In that select View Object

Name:- (xxtgcSitesVO)
Package:-Give the package name (xxtgc.oracle.apps.pos.supplier.server)
Extends:-Brows the standard VO (oracle.apps.pos.supplier.server.SitesVO)

Click on next
It will open the sql query window in that do the required changes according to the requirement.
Don't forget to generate the java file
After creating the extended view object compile the java files.
Step7:- Goto the project right click select project properties
Business Components
In the substitution window select standard VO in left hand side and select custom VO on right
hand side and click on ADD button.
Step8:- Move that newly created folder back to the server
Create the same folder structure in the server under $JAVA_TOP and move all files there.
In this case the path of the extension will be

Step9:- JAVA import utility

In your JDev home in the myprojects folder you will see a file called projectName.jpx in
my case it would be called VOextension.jpx, this is your substitution file and we will use this
later when we deploy the substitution.

Move this file to server.

And import the utility:
java oracle.jrad.tools.xml.importer.JPXImporter $JAVA_TOP/VOextension.jpx -username apps
-password password -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)

Step10:- To check the extension has done or not go to the sql developer execute the
following command

jdr_utils.listCustomizations('/oracle/apps/pos/supplier/server/SitesVO); end;

It will give the path.

Step11:- Bounce the Apache Web Server.

Step12:- Go to the front end go to the page which u want to extend.

Click on about this page. Expand all in business components check whether the extended VO is
reflecting or not.