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County of Soferson State of Missouri “Administration Center 729 Maple Street " PO Box 100 “Telephone: 636-797-5400 Fax: 635-797-5505 "Web Ades: wfc. "Ema: allejettenm org Ken Waller County Executive December 15, 2017 Mr. Forrest Wegge, Esq. Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney 300 Main Street Hillsboro, Missouri 63050 Re: Renee Reuter, Jefferson County, Missouri County Council Chair Mr. Wegge: It has come to my attention that a public office holder, Renee Reuter, directed a subordinate to destroy or delete Jefferson County records, Please find attached to this letter an Affidavit signed by Patricia Schlette, an administrative assistant for the Jefferson County, Missouri County Council. In this Affidavit, Mrs. Schlette advises that she was instructed to delete emails from her County provided email address that contained legal invoices from a third-party vendor doing business with the County. These invoices were subject to disclosure based on a Sunshine Law request that the County had received. Mrs. Schlette confirmed that she deleted the information based on the instruction from her superior. 1 believe that the destruction of County records is in violation of RSMo. 109.260, and 1 ask that your office investigate and prosecute this matter if you feel that a violation of the law has occurred. I understand a special prosecutor may need to be appointed in this matter. Jefferson County will cooperate fully with any investigation that you deem necessary. Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Sincerely, Kesncty 8. Wadlee Kenneth B. Waller County Executive of Jefferson County, Missouri