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Pinoy sailors send

home $Og thru banks

FILIPINO sailo$ on for- for Filipino sailors rising for poor tamilies to move
eign ocean-goin g ves6els steadily in tdndem with int6 the middle class,
sent home a record $6.14 international merchant Beftizsaid.
billion through the bank- ship haffic, as economies ,,'lhus, we intend to
ing Eystem in
2018, up around the world contin- push a special higher ed_
4.6 percent or 9270 mii- ue to€xpand," Bertiz sa id. ircation fund thaiwill en_
lion ftom the 95.87 bil-
lion in 2012 the partv- , . The lnternational courage SUCs, especially
Monetary Fund earlier Lhose -in the provinces, tir
list group ACTS-:OFiV said it expects the global either put ui: new mari-.
said Sundav. economy to grow at 3.5 time irbtituti,s or erpand
''The amirunt does not percent in 2019 and 3.6 their e\isting marind pro_
include monev remitted percent.in 2020. grams,,,Ber:tiz said. '
via non-bank ihannels as I rtrpmo sailors serve Graduales of Bachelor
well as cash Dhvsicallv contain- of.science in Marine
on bulk carriers,
brought home'bf sailor's cherni- Transportation and the
er.ships, oil, gas,
on vacatio$" saia ACTS- cal_and other product Bachelor of Science in
OFW Rep. Aniceto Bertiz tdnkers, general cargo Marine Engineedng, once
m. shrps, pure car caffiers licensed and certifj6d, be_
By counay of origin, and.tugboats around the come officers on iorligr,
Bertiz said the top sourc- wo1!d shiPs - masters. chi'ef
es of cash transfers from - - mates,
Mirjy,f r rr pmds a tsd of ficers_in_charge
Filipino sailors last vear provrde housekeeping, of a navigational watc"h,
were the United S6tes, relg.tions, cglinary, chief enp[neers, second
$2.31 billiory Singapore, Fues!
front oltice and other engineeriand officers_in_
$563.85 million: Germa- marntenance services on charge of engineering
ny. $560,98rnillio4 Japarr, crulse ships and floating watcF.
$435.82 milfion: the Onit- casrnos. Bertiz also cited the
ed Kingdom, 9331.23 nil- ACTS- need forSUC. tot
lion; Hong Kong, g275.53 ^Jvleanwhile,
UhW wants the govem- duce a greater numtdr
million; the Netherlands. of
menrlo$vestmore hmds master degree holders in
$259.12 million; Greece, rn prol_rdmg lrce mari- marine ed-ucation to en_
$174.98 million; Panama, hme education through sure that maritime
$153.62 rnillion; Cwrus, srate um/er$hes and col- schools woujd havehieh_
$125.19 million: ani \or- legeq lsur.s). ly qualified insb"ucbr;in
way, $115.98 million. lvtaflflme educahon the years alead.
"We see the demand _
tor Lhe youth offers a way t6ran ponce pacpaco