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Sixbert SANGWA, PhD Scholar

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Livelihoods Officer
 (+250) 782173149  Sixbert.sangwa@gmail.com  Kirehe, Rwanda sixbert.weebly.com
Career Profile
Key Skills
MBA-Strategic Business Management with 10 years of humanitarian and  Supporting Small
development/entrepreneurial background promoting employability and self- Business Development
employment through different market/community-based approaches, with v and Business advice;
exposure to senior management positions as well as international experience  VSLAs and Cooperatives;
advocating for human dignity.  Project coordination
v Professional Experience  NGOs and Genuine
Development Assistance
Save the Children, Mahama Refugee Camp/Rwanda  Project concept&
October 2016 – Present Proposals
Livelihoods and Youth Empowerment Officer  External & Internal
Achievements:  Financial Analysis &
1. Recommended employment and business market opportunities after completing a labor Planning
market assessment in which skills gap and training opportunities were highlighted;  Program Development
2. Established partnerships between Save the children and Kirehe district, Akazi Kanoze
Access and Together we work Ltd, in area of skills exchange as well as twelve (12) local Education
businesses on Cash transfer program; PhD Business Consulting, Selinus
3. Programmed Livelihoods skills trainings where 428 refugees completed a training on University of Science and
entrepreneurship and business, 100 SGBV survivors trained on home base production with Literature, Italy -Ongoing
different technical trainings and 1461HHs trained and provided access to Home gardening;
4. Implemented cash transfer program: 399 refugees received Restricted, unconditional MBA – Strategic Business
business cash grant through partnership with 12 local businesses on the use of cash Management, University of
vouchers; South Wales, United Kingdom
5. Initiated VSLA approach to link our PoC with financial services, constructed a modern -Dec 2018
market facility and provided job placement support to 342 refugees as well as promoting
23 refugee cooperatives. PgC in Technology Enhanced
Learning (practice and debates),
American Refugee Committee, Mugombwa Refugee Camp/Rwanda The Open University, UK, 2018
Apr 2016 – Oct 2016
Bachelor of Science with Honors
Business Extension Agent
in Rural Development and
Agribusiness, University of
Rwanda, Kigali-Rwanda,
1. Implemented a cash-based intervention where 89 Congolese refugees received
July 2015.
Unrestricted, unconditional business cash grant; and 23 Congolese refugees received
vocational skills training;
Diploma in Political party
2. Conducted business and financial training to Cash grant beneficiaries as well as business
development, public policy, Good
advisory services on an individual and potential client groups on their business including
governance and social
identification of business strategic location and financial plans;
networking _ National Political
3. Participated in market studies, supported all business projects to maximize their viability
Leadership Academy/Rwanda
with a strong market based approach and provided assistance in the disbursement and
repayment process;
Diploma in Human resource
4. Introduced VSLA approach where 187 VSLAs were monitored and linked to local financial
management (MOOC)
institutions, 15 refugee agriculture and business cooperatives promoted.
Bilingual: English/French

Sixbert SANGWA Email: sixbert.sangwa@gmail.com sixbert.weebly.com Tel: (+25)(0) 782173149

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Oct 2015 -Apr 2016 Africa Regional Intern (Ag. Regional Director of Operations) | World Youth
Alliance| Nairobi, Kenya
1. Management, administration, logistics, finance and budget control, including overseeing WYA program
operations in Africa region;
2. Created and developed an integral concept for dignity and youth entrepreneurial projects as an
innovative model for rapid youth and successful local development;
3. Organized conferences and dignity forums to educate and empower the youth as well as built members’
capacity through internship program and Track A training both online and through workshops
4. Maintained and develop the membership base through effective management of the internship program
and other projects in conformity with the operational plan;
5. Collaboration of projects and partnership with various organizations and meeting with stakeholders and
prospective partners
Executive Director | Save Next Generations | Kigali, Rwanda
1. Established entrepreneurship centres; offering a range employability and business skills, online & offline
Apr 2015 2. Assistance in the preparation of a project concept and proposal for the elaboration of a strategy and
action plan for youth development and self-employability;
3. Established partnership with local government authorities and various organizations, designed and
Distributed Organizational literature that led to the current membership as well as establishing
committees in all districts of Rwanda; Continuous job placement activities, matching volunteer skills and
interests with community and partner organization needs;
4. Continuous management of operations within a country including development and monitoring of the
country strategic plan and budget; including fundraising through meeting partners for constructive
policy dialogues;
Nyamagabe District Coordinator | Youth Volunteers without Borders | Kigali, Rwanda
1. Assisted groups of local authority in the preparation of policy matrices (Logical Framework Analysis)
and identification of results indicators;
2. Developed different proposals, business plans and budgets for youth project ideas, including
Coordination, management and development of youth businesses and activities;
3. Organized workshops and working groups to assist local authority in integrating factors of youth
Dec 2013–Apr 2015 employability into the poverty strategies;
4. Introduced a new capacity building strategy to equip youth communities with essential labour market
skills, especially on entrepreneurship& business, employability and relevant soft skills; including
empowerment of producer groups through both on-farm and off-farm training;
5. Mobilized young people to engage in entrepreneurship and own their businesses through Social media
administration, online marketing as a web designer;
Kamegeri Sector Coordinator | IMBERE HEZA asbl | Kigali, Rwanda
1. Served as a primary contact person for implementing partners and local government authorities;
2. Successful mobilization campaigns that resulted in the creation of 278 VSLAs across Kamegeri sector, as
well as the Successful tracking of VSLA performance in cooperation with VSLA Field officers and village
3. Established a strategic partnership between IMBERE HEZA asbl and Réseau Interdiocésain de
Nov 2009– Jul 2011 Microfinance (RIM Ltd);
4. Linkage of VSLAs with local financial institutions: SACCO Indahigwa Kamegeri and RIM Ltd, which
provided a loan of 4,000,000 Frw to 20 members from 17 best VSLAs and provided assistance in the
disbursement, follow up and repayment process;
5. Organized and facilitated numerous training to build the capacity of VSLA members and field officers as
well as providing mentoring and coaching to producers and producer groups/Cooperatives to build their
capacity for understanding and connecting with markets.

Sixbert SANGWA Email: sixbert.sangwa@gmail.com sixbert.weebly.com Tel: (+25)(0) 782173149

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Additional Activities

Regional Programme Advisor, Africa | International Youth Federation | Dec

2017 – Present (Part-time and Remote Position) Publications
Key Tasks:
1. Provides substantive advice to the Regional Administration on strategic program  Wealth of human
planning and development, Potential
2. Providing appropriate programme and operational guidance for the Region and
Country Teams on Programme design and implementation;  Analysis of skills gap and
3. Active engagement in following up on partnerships and resource mobilization on employment
behalf of the region opportunities in/around
Achievements Mahama refugee camp
 Drafted the Regional Strategic Plan for Africa 2018-2022
 Analysis and solution
Focal point for Rwanda | World Youth Foundation | Apr 2016 – Aug 2016 proposals for factors of
Participated in the provision of genuine development assistance to local unemployment among
communities. Some of our previous work includes assisting in eradicating young graduates
poverty, combat youth unemployment and build a platform for young people
to dialogue, share information, exchange best practices, networking, thus  Washing stations as a tool
contributing to a knowledge society. to coffee farming
Research Assistant | University of Rwanda | July 2015 development
Awarded research by the University of Rwanda to conduct a research as a
research assistant in the project entitled: “Feeding practices and factors for
children less than five years of age in Musanze district / Rwanda” where I led
the team of data collectors, data entry and data analysis to eventually enable
the team to achieve 100% in such a mystery survey. This led to nomination and
recognition as a successful Team Leader of the Year, out of 100 nominations in

Research Assistant | University of Rwanda | May 2014

Cooperation of University of Rwanda, Washington State University and Available on request
Michigan State University that awarded excellent students with Research in the
project entitled: “Experimental Learning Coffee Program” conducted in Huye

Sixbert SANGWA Email: sixbert.sangwa@gmail.com sixbert.weebly.com Tel: (+25)(0) 782173149