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Unit 5 Test A

Listening Language focus

1 1.06 Gabi is at a summer school. Listen to 4 Complete the sentences. Use can or can’t and
the verbs in the box. (12 marks)
her conversation with her friend, Aarón. Then
write true or false. (10 marks) go play read run speak sit swim
1 Gabi is studying English, history and art. 0 I can run really fast. ()
__________ 1 She _________________ for 500 metres in the
2 Aarón thinks summer school sounds interesting. pool. ()
__________ 2 You _________________ on this chair. No one is
3 Gabi hasn’t got any classes in the afternoon. using it. ()
__________ 3 No, you _________________ to the cinema.
You’ve got lots of homework! ()
4 Gabi is really good at playing the guitar.
4 The children _________________ long books.
They’re only three years old! ()
5 Gabi is having pizza and chips for dinner.
5 ___________ he ___________ five languages?
Yes, he ____________!
6 ___________ I ___________ a computer game?
Vocabulary No, sorry, you ____________. It’s dinner time!
2 Complete the sentences with food or drink
words. (10 marks) 5 Look at the sentences in exercise 4. Which
1 We drink orange or tomato j___________. sentences are about ability, and which are about
permission? Write the numbers. (6 marks)
2 When it’s hot, I eat i___________ c___________.
Ability: 0, _____, _____, _____
3 An apple is a type of f___________. Permission: _____, _____, _____
4 He doesn’t eat m___________, like chicken
or beef. 6 Complete the text. Write a, an or the. (10 marks)
5 We can eat different v_________________ There’s an art gallery near my school. I sometimes
in salads. go to (1) _________ art gallery when I’ve got homework
for art class. There’s (2) _________ café there. I usually
3 Complete the sentences with five of the words. buy (3) _________ drink. (4) _________café is really
(10 marks) nice, and it isn’t (5) _________ expensive place!

geography dance drama ICT

maths science 7 Choose the correct words. (6 marks)
1 In China people drink a lot of / many / any tea.
1 We use computers in an ______________ lesson.
2 I’ve got some / many / much sandwiches for
2 My sister really loves ______________, especially lunch – one with ham and one with eggs.
ballet and flamenco. 3 He doesn’t eat much / many / some cheese.
3 In today’s ______________ class, we’re 4 Vegetarians don’t eat many / some / any meat.
studying plants. 5 There aren’t many / much / some ice cream
4 In our ______________ class, we’re studying shops in north America, because it’s often cold!
Shakespeare. 6 It’s very healthy to eat some / any / much fruit
and vegetables every day.
5 I’m studying ______________ because I’m really
7 I never eat any / some / much tomatoes.
interested in numbers.
8 Any / Much / A lot of oranges come from Brazil.
Unit 5 Test A
8 Write four sentences about things you Communication
do or don’t eat or drink. Use your own ideas,
and include the words in brackets. (8 marks) 11 Choose the correct answers. (10 marks)
(many) I don’t usually eat many vegetables. I 1 Do you want to go to the cinema tonight?
know they’re healthy, but I don’t like them! a Sorry, I can’t. c That’s a pity.
1 (much) ____________________________________ b No, I’m not.
___________________________________________ 2 What about tomorrow then?
2 (some) ____________________________________ a I want to. c Yes, I do.
___________________________________________ b Sounds good.
3 (any) ______________________________________ 3 You can’t watch TV tonight.
___________________________________________ a Because? c Why not?
4 (a lot of) ___________________________________ b Can I?
___________________________________________ 4 Are you busy tomorrow?
a No, sorry. c Oh no.
Reading b No. Why?
5 Text me later, OK?
9 Read the text, ignoring the gaps. What is the text
a OK. c Good.
mainly about? Choose a, b or c. (2 marks)
b Yes, I text.
a students’ favourite subjects
b studying in the USA c a special kind of school
12 Complete the sentences. Use your own ideas.
Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts, USA, is (5 marks)
an unusual school. Do you hate maths? (1) ...
They go to another class, such as history or 1 She likes healthy food, for example ___________
science! At Sudbury, students can choose which _________________________________________ .
subjects they want to study.
2 I’m into sports, such as ____________________ .
If students don’t want to go to any classes, it isn’t
3 I study many subjects, like __________________ .
a problem. There are lots of other activities at
Sudbury. (2) ... Some students play instruments, 4 He’s got a lot of hobbies, for example _________
and some go to the ICT room. (3) ... They can’t _________________________________________ .
leave the school, but they can walk or play
sports in the school garden. It’s never boring at 5 We do activities after school, like _____________
this school! _________________________________________ .
There are a few rules at Sudbury. Students can’t
do anything dangerous, and they can’t stay at 13 Write about your ideal school. Use the ideas to
home every day! (4) ... It’s a popular school! help you. (5 marks)

Paragraph 1: What subjects can you study at

10 Match the gaps in the text 1–4 to the missing this school? What after-school activities can you
sentences a–d. Write the numbers. (8 marks) do? What are your favourite subjects and
a But students are usually very happy at Sudbury.  activities? Why?
Paragraph 2: What time is lunch at this school?
b At Sudbury, if students hate maths, they don’t
What can you eat and drink?
study it.  Paragraph 3: Are there any rules at this school?
c For example, some students go to drama Is there anything students can’t do?
d In that room, they can check emails or play

Total marks: Listening _______ / 10 Vocabulary _______ / 20 Language focus _______ / 40

Reading _______ / 10 Communication _______ / 10 Writing _______ / 10 TOTAL _______ / 100