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1. In the exhibition, there is a model house.

The exhibition _______________________________________________________________

2. A large model shows you a modern gold mine.
You can see _________________________________________________________________
3. Chris Wiseman said he had found the funniest jokes in the world.
Chris Wiseman said: ___________________________________________________________
4. The most popular jokes were about the relationship between men and women.
People enjoyed most ________________________________________________________________
5. Americans and Canadians prefer jokes that make somebody look stupid.
The Americans’ and Canadians’ favourite jokes are about ________________________________
6. Chris Wiseman conducted an experiment to find the world’s most popular joke.
In order to _________________________________________________________________
7. By feeding these ‘friendly’ bacteria into our system, we fight the bad bacteria.
If we ______________________________________________________________________
8. Probiotics can help your immune system.
Your immune system ___________________________________________________________
9. We may not like to eat them so much.
We may not enjoy _____________________________________________________________
10. Our digestive health may be affected if we don’t eat them.
Unless _____________________________________________________________________
11. Skaters were transporting goods across frozen waterways.
Goods _____________________________________________________________________
12. The International Skating Union was founded. Six years later, the first official event was celebrated.
Six years after ______________________________________________________________
13. As judges deduct points, a balanced programme is important.
If judges didn’t ______________________________________________________________
14. Ice dancing consists of three sections.
There are __________________________________________________________________
15. Phelps says, “I can eat pretty much whatever I want.”
Phelps said that ______________________________________________________________
16. Phelps could improve his diet by including some fruit or salad.
Phelps could improve his diet if ___________________________________________________
17. Contrary to the copious breakfasts eaten by Phelps….
Contrary to the copious breakfasts which ___________________________________________
18. Maybe he met Michael Phelps there.
He may ____________________________________________________________________
19. Don't leave tempting shoes, clothing, or children's toys within reach of your dog.
The writer advises us ______________________________________________________
20. His appetite may not be good.
Perhaps ________________________________________________
21. The poverty shocked me.
I _________________________________________________________________________
22. Nick and his family live in a two-roomed house.
The house __________________________________________________________________
23. He needed a work permit in order to stay, which he did not have.
He couldn’t _________________________________________________________________
24. He was fined 500 dollars when he blamed the hotel.
As a result of _____________________________________________________________________
25. Let us give you one practical example.
Why don’t we ________________________________________________________________
26. Young people are asked to find books in the library.
It is suggested that young people should ____________________________________________
27. Widows and widowers get more financial protection from the law than live-in partners.
The law gives ________________________________________________________________
28. It may be the twenty-first century, but it is still women who earn less.
Women still _________________________________________________________________
29. White people took away the Indians’ land through treaties, war or threat.
The Indians’ land _____________________________________________________________
30. The newcomers were greeted with hostility and prejudice. Therefore, they formed their own ethnic
If the newcomers _____________________________________________________________
31. The more you see the less you remember.
If you _____________________________________________________________________
32. Pictures haven been used more to affect than to instruct.
People have used pictures more to _________________________________________________
33. It is useful to listen to your advice.
Listening ___________________________________________________________________
34. I love Ireland even though it rains a lot.
In spite of __________________________________________________________________
35. We rarely bother to think about the wonders of modern science until something goes wrong.
It is not until ________________________________________________________________
36. People couldn’t leave their homes for fear of being robbed in the dark streets.
People were so afraid __________________________________________________________
37. No doubt you’ve had advice from parents and teachers.
Parents and teachers __________________________________________________________
38. My friend gave me this advice: “Pack a rug in case there’s a stain on the carpet.”
My friend advised me __________________________________________________________
39. They use samples from the collection in order to study the minerals.
Samples from the collection _________________________________________________
40. We advise you to see the beautiful animated film.
They said to us: ________________________________________________
41. Jack stole the money.
The money______________________
42. She got a bad mark because she didn’t work hard.
43. When you put ice in heat it melts and becomes water.
If __________________________
44. I met the man. The man applied for the job.
I met the man______________________
45. She won’t find a job if she doesn’t try.
46. Paul will have written five books by the end of this year.
Five books___________
47. Mike regretted that he told his sister off because she had broken into his room.
If ____________________________
48. I was late for work because I hadn’t set up the alarm clock.
If only__________________________
49. I met my friend. His father is a policeman.
I met my friend_________________________
50. Mum will be cooking lunch.
51. The teacher said to me: “Have you done your homework?”
The teacher asked me______________________________
52. The man said: “Some burglars stole the bank.”
The man said _______________________________
53. I want you to finish the exercise now.
I want the exercise_____________________
54. I didn’t finish my university studies.
I wish_______________________
55. Jack can’t help Sudan because he doesn’t have enough money.
If ______________
56. Teachers are expected to be suitable role models.
We expect __________________________________________________________________
57. “If you are unhappy with your husband, you should get a divorce,” he said to her.
He advised her _______________________________________________________________
58. Women will tolerate less than they used to
Women will not _______________________________________________________________
59. One of the main reasons for divorce is unreasonable or cruel behaviour.
Women often get a divorce because of ______________________________________________
60. I wish I hadn’t invented it.
I regret ____________________________________________________________________
61. The game was so good that millions of people bought it.
It was such _________________________________________________________________
62. It took us 45 minutes to invent the rules.
In 45 minutes ________________________________________________________________
63. The correct answer is not chocolate or cocoa but… sugar!
Sugar, not __________________________________________________________________
64. The father’s power over the children did not end when they became adults.
When the children became adults, the father still _____________________________________
65. The system allowed little opportunity for change, and lasted over a thousand years.
The system, which allowed ______________________________________________________
66. A plebeian could be arrested and executed by a patrician without a trial.
A patrician __________________________________________________________________
67. The system was inflexible and didn’t allow any change.
The system was too ___________________________________________________________
68. Afghanistan’s cultural treasures were stolen by vandals.
Vandals ____________________________________________________________________
69. The French have a long history of archaeological work in Afghanistan.
The French have been doing _____________________________________________________
70. She invented games to keep herself occupied.
She invented games because she _________________________________________________
71. At the age of 24, she married Archie Christie.
When she was _______________________________________________________________
72. He didn’t tell us where we were going, so I was excited.
I was excited because I ________________________________________________________
73. The house seemed strange without his grandmother in it.
If his grandmother had been ____________________________________________________
74. He had no criminal record but he was suspected of stealing the car.
Although _______________________________________________________________
75. Video games cannot be separated from other forms of entertainment.
You cannot ________________________________________________