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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A low viscosity, non-solvent type, 100% volume solid epoxy polyamine
coating exhibiting excellent adhesion to most surfaces (steel, non-
ferrous, plastics, wood, concrete, glass etc.). Excellent water, chemical,
salt, oil resistance, underwater and low temperature curing capabilities.
Used in wrapping systems for excellent tensile strength.

POSSIBLE APPLICATIONS • Oil & Gas Upstream/Downstream facilities

• Infrastructure, including concrete
• Power stations
• Chemical zones
• Underwater applications
• Oily surfaces
• High temperature resistance up to 150o C
• Condensed surfaces
• Wet/Damp units
• Jetty piling
• Areas susceptible to chloride contamination
• GRE/FRP restoration and repair
• Storage tank internal and external
• Drinking/potable water tank lining
• Drinking/potable water pipe lining
• Fire rated Class I – does not allow flame spread (Self-extinguishing)

PRODUCT INFORMATION Colour All RAL, BS Colour or as per sample

Finish Glossy
Volume Solids 100%
Mixing Ratio 5:1 (Part A : Part B)
Pot Life 30 minutes at 30° C
Typical Film Thickness 300µ dry (Please consult Sea Horse for
dry film thickness depending on
Theoretical Coverage 3.3 m2/liter at 300µ DFT
Method of Application Airless spray, Roller, Brush
Touch Dry 2-3 hours at 30° C
Dry to Handle at 30° C 4-8 hours depending on thickness
Dry to handle 24-36 hours at 30° C depending on
Full Cure 7 Days depending on thickness

OVERCOATING Minimum Overcoating Interval 4 hours at 30° C

CONDITIONS Optimum Overcoating Interval 12 hours at 30° C
Maximum Overcoating Interval Unlimited*

* Surface should be clean and dry prior to overcoating. Chalking, if any, must be removed. If Aqua
Sealer has been exposed for long periods, fresh water washing should be conducted before application
of any coatings.

SYSTEMS AND Aqua Sealer may be used as a standalone coating system. Aqua Sealer
COMPATIBILITY maybe over coated with following products.

Aqua Sealer Aqua PU Aqua HD 16-04

For more product and system recommendations, please consult

Sea Horse Services Sdn. Bhd.

SURFACE PREPARATION Aqua Sealer is highly flexible coating in terms of surface preparation
requirements. Surface preparation may differ according to the final
exposure or application of Aqua Sealer. Refer to Sea Horse Services for
recommendation on required surface preparation.

MIXING Aqua Sealer is supplied in 2 parts, a liquid binder (Part A) and a liquid
binder (Part B). Always mix liquid (Part B) into the liquid (Part A) while
stirring. 75-100 RPM mixer is recommended. Material should be
screened prior to application.

THINNING DO NOT THIN. Use Xylele only for cleaning of equipment.

AIRLESS SPRAY Recommended.

Tip range: 0.17-0.21 mm (17-21 Thou)


BRUSH / ROLLER Recommended to use roller and brush.

NOTE ON CURING Aqua Sealer will cure in adverse conditions as well. However, curing time
may differ due to factors of application, temperature, thickness and

IDEAL AMBIENT Air Temperature 5-50° C

CONDITIONS Substrate Temperature 0-60° C
Relative Humidity 50% min.
95% max.

AVAILABILITY & PACKING Available worldwide through Sea Horse Services Sdn. Bhd. and their
SIZE authorized agents.

Packing Size = 16 liters

Smaller pack sizes may be available

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

IMPORTANT NOTE The information in this data sheet is not intended to be exhaustive. Any person using this
product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended either in this data sheet
or by authorized representatives of Sea Horse Services does so at their own risk. All advice
given or statement made about the product (whether in the data sheet or otherwise) is
correct to our knowledge, however, we have no control on the quality and condition of the
substrate being coated with this product and hence Sea Horse Services does not assume
any liability arising out of misuse of this product. All safety precautions must be taken while
handling of this product. Please refer to MSDS for more details.
Issue date: June 2016 | Version: 1.0

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