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Name: Sebastian Rafael Ramos Mesa

ID (CI): 25.508.945

The Chapel: English Test

A) Write 20 lines summary

The story is about a young teenage girl who has many sisters, who were in love with Ravi, Ginnie is
a very young and inexperienced girl of life, belongs to a large family, she was in love with the
handsome French priest with blue eyes ( although he was Catholic and she was Hindus), she
preferred the Catholic religion, since Catholicism reminded her of peace, while the gods of the Hindu
religion were always in fights and tantrums, the Ginnie’s sisters have been in love with Ravi, one
day, prior to the marriage of Ravi with the girl of the Moorpalani’s family (which was an arranged
marriage since the family of both was of great prestige, Ravi's family is very important in Trinidad
and Tobago as they belong to the high diplomatic scale, while Sunita belongs to a family of
merchants of great prestige. One day, before Ravi's marriage, Ginnie screams to everyone that she
was pregnant with someone, he discovered that she was three months pregnant, she was
embarrassed and the mother wanted to find a solution for her Although the story did not mention
what the mother wanted to do, it is thought that the mother wanted to donate Ginnie's son to other
people, since a pregnant girl could not get a good husband in the future, but Ginnie did not want
this idea, she prefers to look for a husband and stay with the baby, the mother laughed, but she
proposes to look for Ravie, in a moment of rebelliousness he accepts (he detested the marriages
that have been arranged), they get married, he dies in an accident vehicular, while she has only had
injuries, she thinks that it must have been the priest of France, the priest who was in that chapel,
The police suspect that the murder of Ravie was provoked by Moorpalani's family, the gossip
expands, but as they did not find conclusive conclusions, the police did not arrest anyone and the
rumors stopped expanding in Trinidad and Tobago

B) Answer the following questions

1) Where (in what country) does the story take place?

The story takes place In Trinidad

2) Explain how and why did Ravi Kirjani die

For an accident of traffic, the Sunita’s brothers had invited to Ravie to going to villa in Mayaro, they
are going to in a Land Rover, the behind door had opened and Ravie tumbled out on the route,
although the story does not make it clear if it was really an accident.

3) What is the relationship between Ginnie and the priest?

She loves the Catholic religion, it is very to Hindus religion, but her relationship is not merely
religious, she looked to the priest and she thought he was handsome and she have had a baby to
4) Was Ginnie’s baby a consequence of the raped?

No, Ginnie’s baby is not consequence of the raped, the Ginnie’s baby probably is consequence of
the relationship with the priest, but in the story have not taken directly.

5) What are the main characters of the story?(describe their social context)
The Father Olivier: He is a Catholic priest from France and the probably father of the Ginnie’s baby
Ravi Kirjani: He is a person who was born in a good diplomatic family, he is rebel and he had raped
to Ginnie, but he has married to her
Sunita: She is a person who was born in a good merchant family, she had been about to get married
to Ravie, but he was married with Ginnie
Ginnie: She is main character of the story, she was born in a big family from Indie, but she has lived
in Trinidad.

C) Write twenty questions from the story

Whose is the Ginnie’s baby? How old are Ginnie? Where is the Rio Cristalino?

Where is the father Olivier? Why was not Ginnie in the Land Who diagnostic pregnancy of
Rover? Ginnie?
Why had he died?
Whose is the Baby? How many are main characters
Who did he marry? there?
Who is the Land Rover?
What car did he die? Is Sunita’s family rich or poor?
Where country is the Ginnie’s home?
Who did they die? How many times has she been
Who do Ginnie raped? pregnancy in the story?
Who is Sunita?
Is Moorphalani’s family merchants
Where was the Ginnie’s ancestors? or diplomatic?

D) Choose three sentences in simple present and rewrite them in all the tenses studied
through the semester

I does beg you I want to keep it I want it anyway

I did beg you I wanted to keep it I wanted it anyway

I have done beg you I have wanted to keep it I have wanted it anyway

I had done beg you I had wanted to keep it I had wanted it anyway

I will does beg you I will want to keep it I will want it anyway

I going to does beg you I going to want to keep it I going to want it anyway