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1 Garcia

Katherine Garcia

Mr. Ermert

Senior Literature

07 February 2019

Annotated Bibliography

Curtis, Marah A., et al. "Maternal Depression as a Risk Factor for Family Homelessness."

American Journal of Public Health​, vol. 104, no. 9, 2014, pp. 1664-70​. elibrary​,


In this article, Marah provides evidence of how homelessness is involved with mental

illness and health, it is predicted that they both are connected and they both lead to each other. A

form of mental health that is used in this prediction is called postpartum. Postpartum is he

aftermath of what a women goes through after she has given birth to her baby. The symptoms

can include depression, anxiety, and difficulty bonding with the baby. Most of this evidence is

based of studies in the 1980s and 1990s which state that these mental illnesses can lead to

homeless families or just that person alone. They compared mothers that suffered from this

mental illness and the mothers that didn’t. In the end the mothers who experienced depression

are more likely to be at risk for homelessness other than the other mothers who’ve never suffered

from postpartum after pregnancy.

Source #2

Lopas, Matthew. "For the Homeless, Heat is a Cruel Companion; Riverside's Fairmount

Park is One of the Few Places to Escape the Scorching Sun. the County has One More
2 Garcia

Shelter Planned."​Los Angeles Times,​ 13 Aug 2004​. elibrary​,


In this article Matthew Lopez informs people how drastically the sun can easily be one

of the things that affects the homeless that aren’t in shelters. Here in Riverside and San

Bernardino county’s, the temperature can go up pretty high and homeless are out

seaking shade anywhere they can find it. One emergency “shelter” that the homeless

think of in these hot summer days is Fairmount Park. Whenever police see them they

direct them to go to that location because there is more shade there. Standing in the hot

sun outside with no water can lead to death and to prevent that they are trying to make

an emergency shelter for these sunny days. The Path of Ministries is trying to create

that shelter for the homeless but they have to get the cooperation of the city. If they are

able to create this shelter for the homeless it would benefit both them and the park

because it wouldn’t be overcrowded with over dehydrated people.

Source #3

​ ​Lee, A. (2017, Nov 20). Riverside plans to do more than prevent homelessness by

ending it truth hurts, but footage of the texas church shooting should be available for

all to see california must put the brakes on new gas tax house of representatives

invests in stock market today.​ University Wire​ Retrieved from


​Homelessness is a big problem here in the Riverside County. It has increased within

just in a matter of a year. In 2016 the number of homeless was 2,165 and within a year went up

to 2,413. With these statistics of numbers growing just within a year shows how much worse it
3 Garcia

can get within the next couple of years. I’m sure that the numbers are higher right now since we

just walked into a new year. To prevent more homelessness Lee recommends we easier access to

affordable housing for the homeless people to be put in. Emilio Ramirez says that there is no

other way to solve this problem or make it better than by doing this. With providing more

housing for them they’d be able to get employment opportunities and a chance to build a steady

income. There is a low possibility for homeless to get hired anywhere because the majority of

them have low education skills and things like that. Riverside is currently trying to take it step by

step to help the homeless by providing more shelters or possibly trying to make housing more

affordable and provide the education that they’d need.

Source #4

Haberman, D. (2009, Mar 05). Homeless programs to get funds // `MORE RESOURCES'.​ The Press -

Enterprise​ Retrieved from


​We already know how big the problem is in the Riverside County of homelessness. Now that

we know what we’re dealing with we can start to see what we can do to improve and help the

homeless people. Also what kind of shelters need more donations or if we need to have more

shelters in the area where the homeless can go for help. My group and I decided that homeless

people are judged too quick and they have a story behind their journey showing how they got to

where they are in their situation and we’d like to incorporate those stories into our project in

videos if people are willing to share those stories with us.

Source #5

Sharma, A. (2018, May 21). City of riverside solves veteran homelessness.​ The Desert Sun​ Retrieved

from ​https://search.proquest.com/docview/2041533373?accountid=172748
4 Garcia

In this article Sharma uses a veteran, Bill Bruick, as an example of how even if your life is good

at one point doesn’t mean it can’t make a wrong turn. Many veterans suffer from abuse and

mental illnesses, which is more higher for them to be homeless stated in the other article. In the

United States there are about forty thousand homeless veterans and the percent has increased

since 2016. Riverside starting housing homeless veterans which improved by helping 400 of

them. Therefore everyone who is struggling to being homeless has a story behind them and I

think that it would be the right thing to give them the hand of helpig them get back up and be

5 Garcia