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Student Response and Assessment Tools

Lesson Idea Name: Area and Circumference of a Circle

Content Area: Mathematics
Grade Level(s): 7th Grade
Content Standard Addressed:
MGSE7.G.4; given the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle, use them to solve problems; give
an informal derivation of the relationship between the circumference and area of a circle.

Technology Standard Addressed:

ISTE Standards for Students: 1) Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in
choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.
1C) Students use technology to seek feedback that informs and improves their practice and to demonstrate
their learning in a variety of ways.

Selected Technology Tool:

☐ Socrative ☐ iRespond ☐ Quizlet ☐ Plickers ☒ Kahoot! ☐ Office365 Forms
☐ Other:
URL(s) to support the lesson (if applicable):
this is a link to the Kahoot lesson idea that was created.

Technology that student will use to respond to questions/prompts:

☒ Computer ☐ Hand-held student response system (like iRespond) ☐ Phone ☐ Tablet (such as iPad)
☐ Other wireless device (such as iPod Touch) (Any of these devices can be used for students to send in
responses from questions, but in this lesson idea computers will be used)
Type of session:
☐ Teacher-Paced ☒ Student-Paced
Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):
☒ Remembering ☒ Understanding ☒ Applying ☒ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☐ Creating

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Engagement: Regarding the engagement principle of universal design for learning, students will be able to
become interested and engaged with learning because they are using technology to practice becoming
proficient with math skills. Anytime that technology is used within the classroom, students become more
engaged within classroom activities. Using this Kahoot! software, students are able to practice mathematics in
an engaging way that keeps their attention the entire class period.
Representation: Regarding the representation principle of universal design for learning, content and
information is presented in a different way than the normal way for learning. When usually practicing math
problems within the classroom students usually practice with problems out of a textbook or workbook. Using
the Kahoot! software, is providing the practice of math skills in a way different than normal.
Action and Expression: Regarding the action and expression principle of universal design for learning, this
lesson idea allows students to show their understanding of content through an alternative way. Depending on
the way that they answer questions, they are able to show their understanding of content that was taught.
Even the short open-ended questions through the use of technology provide students with the opportunity to
show their understanding on content in an alternative way.

Spring 2018_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
Describe the instructional activities that will occur PRIOR to the SRT activity and how you will introduce
the SRT activity. Instructional activities that will occur prior to the SRT activity will include the introduction of
the mathematics concept of area and the circumference of a circle and the teaching of these concepts. The
SRT activity will be introduced as a review activity for students, so that they are able to continue to work
towards becoming proficient in this area of mathematics.

Describe the purpose of the SRT activity (check all that apply):
☒ Assess prior knowledge ☐ Anticipatory set (Create interest in a topic) ☒ To illuminate common
misconceptions ☒ Formative assessment of content knowledge (for purpose of differentiation and
mastery for ALL students) ☐ Summative assessment of content knowledge ☒ Test preparation
☐ Survey/Poll ☐ Discussion starter ☐ “Homework” collection ☐ Other (please explain):

Briefly describe what will happen DURING the SRT activity:

During this SRT activity, students will be answering questions that are multiple choice, multiple-select, and
true/false and sending their responses to the Kahoot! Software. Teachers will be supervising as students
answer these questions. They may also offer help to those students who need help learning how the software
works. Materials needed for this activity include a classroom set of laptops, scratch paper, and pencils. This
activity will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of time given on each Kahoot!

Type of questions/prompts used in this activity (check all that apply):

☒ Multiple choice ☒ Multiple select ☒ True/False ☐ Yes/No
☐ Short open-ended response or fill-in the blank ☐ Longer open-ended response

If you are unable to provide a working sample of your questions, please list them below (8-10):
1) What are the components of the formula for area of a circle?
2) What are the components of the formula for circumference of a circle? Select best two answers.
3) Using the image given, find the area of the circle. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
4) Using the image given, find the area of the circle. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
5) Using the image given, find the circumference of the circle. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
6) Using the image given, find the circumference of the circle. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.
7) Based on your understanding of area and its formula for circles, is the answer correct?
8) Apply your understanding of circumference and its formula for circles, are the answers correct?
9) Apply the formula for circumference to both of these circles. Round to the nearest tenth.

Right/Wrong answers: Will there be right/wrong answers to these questions?

☒ Yes ☐ No
☐ Mixed (Some will have correct answers, other will not.)
Immediate corrective feedback: Will you pre-select correct answers to some of the questions and display
correct response to the class after the SRT activity?
☒ Yes
☐ No
Why or why not?
Yes, I would pre-select correct answers to questions within the Kahoot! activity. This allows students to
understand how well they are doing during the review activity and it lets them have an idea on what they
may need to do if they are continuously getting questions wrong. In the end of the activity, all questions will
be reviewed and an explanation would be given on why certain answers are correct and incorrect.

Spring 2018_SJB
Student Response and Assessment Tools
Describe what will happen AFTER the SRT activity?
After the SRT activity, students will be able to understand what they need to continue working on within the
mathematic concept of area and circumference of a circle. They can continue to review with more Kahoot!
quizzes to become proficient with math skills. This can help in preparation for an upcoming exam on the

How will the data be used?

Data regarding students’ understanding of the mathematical concept of area and circumference of a circle
will be collected during this activity. This data will be used to determine whether further review of this
material is needed. The individual collected information can be shared with students and parents, so they can
have knowledge on how proficient students are in this area of mathematics. Also, to know what steps need to
be taken to further improve these skills. The overall class score on the activity will be to determine how
instruction may or may not need to be changed.
Describe your personal learning goal for this activity.
My personal learning goal for this activity is to have students improve on their mathematical skills, so that
they can continue to expand their knowledge on the subject as they move to higher levels of academics. Also,
hoping that the data from this activity gives a better understanding of students’ understanding on the content
that was taught, so that I can see whether or not instruction needs to be changed.

Reflective Practice:
The lesson idea created can heavily impact student learning because it gives students a review of material
that was taught and depending on how well they did or did not do determines whether they need to practice
more on the topic. The lesson idea created can’t be extended anymore because it is in the review stage, this is
the last stage before actual testing occurs. No other technology tools could be used to enhance this project.

Spring 2018_SJB