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Questions for Miss Mandaluyong

1. Which have it easier in life: man or woman?

2. If you believe that God made everyone perfect and a reflection of His image, would
He approve of a contest like beauty pageants, which basically is an admission that
we are essentially unequal, and should be ranked by looks?

3. Do you agree with the proposition of the House to lower the age of criminal liability?

4. Would you have considered competing for Miss Mandaluyong and eventually Bb.
Pilipinas if there were no cash prizes, modeling contracts, constant press presence
and zero publicity?

5. Drug abuse continues to be one of the world's most serious social problems. What
do you think is the best way to handle this issue?

6. What do you think is the advantage of passing the Bangsamoro Organic Law?

7. We now live in an age where women are world leaders and trailblazers. Given that,
how do you think judging women on the basis of looks and a single question
contributes to the women's movement?

8. If an alien race were to arrive and see this pageant first thing, what can they
conclude about humanity?

9. Would you advise women who are genetically incapable of looking as "perfect" as
you to get plastic surgery to approximate your looks, since any contestant here is
seen as the ultimate gold standard in beauty?

10. If you believe that God made everyone perfect and a reflection of His image, would
He approve of a contest like Miss Universe, which basically is an admission that we
are essentially unequal, and should be ranked by looks?

11. If you were given the chance to be beautiful but not so smart or very smart but not
so beautiful, which would you prefer?

12. The end justifies the means. Do you agree?

13. What will be your contribution to mitigate global warming?

14. What can you do to help minimize the flooding in Mandaluyong?

15. Someone commented that the beauty industry makes billions in revenues by telling
people "you're not good enough." How would you defend this contest in the face of
this criticism?

16. Do you think we should admit refugees in our country?

17. If I give you a pen, how would you convince me to buy it?

18. How do you think will we achieve complete peace with the armed groups like the
19. What would be the best way to air our grievances to the government?

20. What do you think is the bad effect of social media in our society today?

21. At what age should a child learn to use electronic devices?

22. Explain to me the meaning of “carpe diem” or “seize the day”.

23. Should the Philippines enforce our right to the Scarborough Shoal?

24. A high percentage of students are being bullied in schools everyday. What is your
message to the bullies and their parents?

25. Death penalty has been a big issue concerning the Philippines in the recent months.
Are you for or against death penalty?

26. Many countries have already legalized same-sex marriage. Do you think the
Philippines should follow? Why or why not?

27. The House of Representatives is taking the first steps towards legalizing marijuana.
Do you think that's a good idea, and why?

28. Do you agree with transgenders joining beauty pageants like Miss Mandaluyong?

29. If Miss Mandaluyong were to become pregnant during her reign, should she be
allowed to continue as Miss Mandaluyong and to represent the city in Bb. Pilipinas?

30. The making of a beauty queen is about transformations. What are the most
significant transformations you have gone through in your pursuit to become a
beauty queen?

31. How would you describe your own personality?

32. In what ways do beauty contests help the women?

33. What is the relevance of a beauty pageant in a society?

34. What edge do you have over other contestants?

35. If you will be winning the crown tonight, what will be the very first thing you will

36. Tell me what you dislike most about yourself.

37. If given the opportunity to send a contestant home, who would that be?

38. Other than you, who should we pick for this title?

39. What is your biggest regret?

40. What would you tell a girl who’s suffering from low self-esteem to make her feel
better about herself?

41. What part of your body would you like to change?

42. What was the one big mistake in your life, and what would you do to make it right?

43. How do you see yourself fifteen years from now?

44. Who is the most influential person in your life?

45. Let’s assume you won 1 million pesos in the lottery, what would you do with it?

46. If you had to live your life all over again, what part of your life would you change?

47. If you were given the chance to change something from the past, what would it be?

48. If God should grant you one wish, what would it be?

49. What can be your greatest contribution to the community?

50. What is your philosophy or value that you hold dearest in life?

51. What would your present self tell your 10-year-old self?

52. What do you think is the role of the youth in our society?

53. Is it right for parents to demand support from children in exchange for raising them?

54. What activity perceived to be male-oriented can you do as well, if not better, than

55. What fear do you have that you would like to conquer, and why?

56. What problems do you see in Mandaluyong? How would you solve them?

57. Many kids and teenagers are bullied worldwide for having "imperfect looks" -- buck
teeth, large ears, and overweight issues. What is your message to these young

58. What act of kindness have you done in the past month?