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Georg Fischer Piping Systems


FOR EVERY FIGURE 1. The New Generation diaphragm valve

provides safety, efficiency and simplicity via a cen-
tral union nut that offers a non-corrosive connec-
tion, homogeneous temperature behavior, an even
surface pressure, and a high-pressure rating up to
240 psi (for water use only)

CPI applications demand that valves stand up to FIGURE 2. In these

compact pinch
harsh environments and prevent fugitive emissions. valves, the reduction
in cross section is
brought about by
Manufacturers discuss the latest products a plunger acting
on one side. Previ-
that can help ously, a sleeve sec-
tion made specially

to fit into the cross
et’s face it, valves may not be the • Energy-saving systems with opti- section had to be
most glamorous piece of equip- mized flow used for this. Now,
ment in a chemical process indus- To address corrosion protection and the the change in cross
section is achieved
tries (CPI) facility, but no plant other issues related to the CPI’s aggres-
by a new body
can function without them. In addition, sive processes, the new Generation design rather
multiple challenges and issues specific Diaphragm Valve from GF Piping than requir-
to the chemical processing industry af- Systems (Figure 1) offers non- ing a spe-
fect valves and valve performance. For corrosive connections. Instead of cially molded
sleeve. This
these reasons, selecting the right valve the commonly used four metal has resulted in
— one that will stand up to the rigors screws, the new diaphragm valve improvements in flow
Schubert & Salzer
and demands of the chemical process- has a central plastic housing nut. Control Systems coefficients
ing industry — is of the utmost im- This non-corrosive connection is char-
portance. Here, valve manufacturers acterized by homogeneous temperature tic is lighter than other materials.
discuss their latest offerings and how behavior, an even surface pressure, and Moreover, the outstanding chemical
improvements in design and materials high-pressure rating up to 240 psi (for resistance of plastic, especially when
can really make a difference. water use only). conveying highly aggressive or pure
“What’s the direct advantage of media, has a positive impact.”
Extreme conditions this?” asks Kussner. “The corrosion- Todd Haberkost from Ladish Valves
“The piping systems in chemical pro- free connection guarantees homoge- (Houston; www.ladishvalves.com) adds
duction are subjected to extreme con- neous expansion when exposed to tem- that the CPI must employ safe, reliable
ditions,” says Thomas Kussner, prod- perature variations, which eliminates valve products that will consistently
uct manager for diaphragm valves the need to retighten the screws.” perform in the service environment in
with Georg Fischer Piping Systems He adds that aggressive environ- which they are placed. “We like to say
(Schaffhausen, Switzerland; www. ments can be found everywhere in ‘the nastier the application, the better,’
gfps.com). “Aggressive substances the CPI, so it is important to know because our niche is delivering custom-
need to be transported and processed, that the right components have been ized products in exotic alloys for the
which places high demands on sys- built in. “The principle of the central most severe service environments,”
tem solutions.” thread eliminates completely the says Haberkost.
He adds that besides being very re- metal screws, and thus, eliminates the “In the stainless and exotic alloy
liable, valves for the CPI should offer risk of corrosion. Good flow and linear arena, material trace-ability and quality
the following: regulation characteristics are basic should be at the forefront of any manu-
• Maximum corrosion protection requirements for efficient and reliable facturer’s quality system. In-house abil-
• Suitable materials for outstanding processes in dosing, mixing, filling and ity to verify material chemistry through
chemical resistance bottling of chemicals. the use of an X-ray fluorescent gun or
• Safe and best practice-complete “The big advantage of plastics com- spectrometer is a necessity. Additionally,
solutions pared to metals is that there is no regular testing of material mechanical
• Reduced maintenance costs electrochemical corrosion,” Kussner properties should be performed to verify
• Simple, but high-quality installations continues. “In addition to this, plas- the vendor’s material test certificates.

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FIGURE 3. The Xomox XLB lined ball valve offers smaller
actuators for reduced costs and space and weight savings. It allows
installation in space-restricted areas in parallel piping systems and is
fully lined with permeation-resistant PFA material as a barrier to corrosion

resulting in minimum pressure drop compliant seals for hygienic applica-

across the valve. Gate valves are bi- tions, working pressures up to 6 bar,
Crane ChemPharma & Energy
directional and can be used for flow in FDA-compliant sleeve materials made
either direction. from NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber )
Ongoing corrosion testing based on pub- Ladish’s globe and gate products or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene
lished industry standards is also some- are manufactured as full port, with monomer), and sleeves with reinforced
thing chemical processors must consider threaded, socket-weld, flanged and woven fabric to increase service life.
when selecting valves for aggressive en- butt-weld ends. Pressure classes in- Together with a collet and union nut,
vironments,” notes Haberkost. clude 150 through 1500, available in a new type of fastener provides a fast,
To meet the needs of harsh environ- a variety of materials to suit aggres- secure and permanently drop-tight
ments, Ladish offers a complete line sive environments. connection between the pinch valve
of corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel, Also designing to deal with chal- and optional connections with female
and exotic-alloy gate and globe valves. lenging applications, Schubert & thread welding ends, Tri-Clamp or
The globe valves are used for throttling Salzer Control Systems (Ingolstadt, even adhesive sockets.
flow control. Shut off is accomplished Germany; www.schubert-salzer.com)
by moving the disc against the flow re-engineered its pinch and pinch con- Fugitive emissions
stream rather than across it, as in the trol valves (Figure 2) to reliably shut Leaks from pressurized process equip-
case with a gate valve. The company’s off and control fluids with granular ment in the chemical processing in-
gate valves are suited for water, oil and abrasive particles, as well as vis- dustry generally occur through valves,
and gas service, as well as a variety cous, pasty and aggressive media. pipe connections, mechanical seals or
of other fluids. They are intended for The new 7078 pinch and 7079 pinch related equipment. “Due to the huge
on-off flow control and should only be control valves offer compact construc- number of potential leak sources at
used in the fully open or fully closed tion with a rotating piston actuator, all large chemical facilities and the dif-
position. When fully opened, fluid flow wetted metal parts made from 1.4435 ficulties in detecting and repairing
through the valves is in a straight line, 1.4408 stainless-steel body, FDA- some leaks, fugitive emissions can


Ingenious Overpressure
Protection for Oil & Gas

bursting disc
✔ Unparalleled
cycling capability
✔ 98% operating ratio
✔ Torque independent
✔ Leak tight metal
to metal sealing


✔ Optimized sealing
Modular assembly
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✔ Maximized corrosion
✔ Low operational cost

Breather Valve System for

low Pressure Applications

✸✸✸ ✸✸✸

Gallbergweg 21
59929 Brilon/Germany
T + 49 (0) 29 61 74 05 - 0
F + 49 (0) 29 61 - 5 07 14

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Newsfront FIGURE 4. Type 3241-7

pneumatic control valve
with Type 3730-6 electro-
pneumatic positioner offers a
modular design, as well as
be significant,” notes Vijay Malik, di- tions, they provide positive shut off, maintenance-free, self-adjusting
rector of global engineering at Crane effective fugitive control, low main- PTFE V-ring packaging as stan-
ChemPharma & Energy (Cincinnati, tenance and long service life. But dard. The patented, zero-
Ohio; www.cranechempharma.com). perhaps the innovation that will emission, multi-layered
bellows technology
To assist with this challenge, most help chemical processors guarantees a minimum of
Crane’s Xomox and WTA metallic avoid fugitive emission issues 100,000 full cycles, and
valves are available in a variety of is the stem sealing system avail- the straight-threaded seat
materials, configurations and multi- able on the XLB lined ball valve, part design requires no gaskets,
cage or other seals
port models. In most difficult applica- of the Xomox product line (Figure 3).
These lined ball valves with lower
torque and smaller actuators are fully
lined with permeation-resistant PFA
(perfluoroalkoxy) material as a bar-
rier to corrosion and are also avail-
able in stainless-steel construction to
maximize cleanliness and minimize
areas where contamination could
occur. But it is the innovative sealing
system that assists with avoiding fu-
gitive emissions. The sealing system
includes the following:
• A latching device that minimizes the
possibility of accidental operation
• The body of the joint, which ensures
that no parts of the lining can be
crushed or deformed because of the

Think you know forces within the piping system

• A design that will maintain total seal
even under extreme thermal cycling

the DWCP? • A pressure-assisted SX seal device

that provides the protection against
fugitive emissions

Think again. • The ability to retain positive control

and minimize the danger of stem/
ball failures due to liner damage at
wear points
The Directory of World Chemical • The ability to resist shrinkage and col-
lapse, and permit vacuum applications
Producers II is coming soon: • Greater pressure stability at higher
> Completely redesigned, easier-to-use interface temperatures than conventional PTFE
“When valves are closed under pres-
> Better search results filtering
sure, the ball is able to float with the
> Better producer and chemical info line pressure and pressurize the down-
> Community ratings and reviews stream seat to further enhance the in-
> News, chat and mail features line seal,” says Malik. “However, the
stem will tend to tilt and can side load
conventional packing, leading to poten-
tial wear and eventual leakage. The SX
Visit us at CPhI Worldwide 2013 in October and seal in the XLB valve moves in con-
junction with the spherical portion of
receive 25% off of DWCP when you mention this ad. the stem, maintaining a constant seal.
“The body assembly has a metal-to-
metal connection that offers resistance
Subscribe. Source. Sell. Save. against forces that may be created in
sales@chemicalinfo.com the pipe work,” he continues. “This
+1 (214) 432-2148 feature is designed to alleviate defor-
mation and damage to the lining, even
under pressure-induced stresses. Also,
the body joint sealing is provided with
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including aggressive environments,
tape lining overlap, which is especially chemical industry,” he continues. “The-
effective under high internal pressurefugitive emissions, materials compat- oretically, three billion different valve
and temperature variations.” ibility, safety, and reliability, Markus configurations are possible thanks to
In addition to the valve itself, Guntner, senior product manager the modular design of our valves to
Haberkost with Ladish says the valve with control valves and applications provide the ideal solution for any spe-
packings are equally important. “One at Samson AG (Frankfurt am Main, cific control task.” (Figure 4)
of the most serious technical issues Germany; www.samson.de), says a Guntner also reminds chemical pro-
facing the industry today is the con- modular valve design is key to satis- cessors that it’s not only the actual
fying a variety of chemical processing
trol of plant-wide fugitive emissions,” valve that’s important. “Digital posi-
he says. “For this reason, we provide needs. “There are countless types of tioners with diagnostic functions are
low-fugitive-emission graphite pack- processes and process media in the increasingly moving to the forefront,”
ing. With in-house fugitive emission chemical industry that call for a va- he says. “They facilitate start up, moni-
testing, Ladish has the capability to riety of different valves,” he explains. tor the valve in process, and allow for
test packing using either methane or “Our modular valves can be made predictive maintenance. These are all
helium. Graphite packing brands used from over 20 different materials. As a factors that increase plant availability.”
by Ladish have been tested to API 622.result, we can offer valves suitable for Nowadays, control valves are complex
Further, our ability to manufacture a variety of process media, as well as modular units in the process control
pressure and temperature ranges. The
valves to specific customer packing and loop, which are integrated into process
gasket requirements and test valves incontrol requirements find compliance control systems. According to Guntner,
house allows our company to provide using variable Cv coefficients, and this means that to provide the best con-
optimal fugitive emission solutions.” various seat and plug designs with- trol solution, valve suppliers not only
stand critical flow conditions, such as need expert knowledge in the fields of
Mixed bag flashing and cavitations. control and valve technology, but also
Because the chemical processing in- “Our Series 240 globe valves cover in electronics and software. ■
CIC-10307 halfp
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to consider so many3/25/07 6:19 PM90%
issues, almost Pageof 1applications in the Joy LePree


Collins plastic control valves are
highly responsive control valves
designed for use with corrosive
media and/or corrosive atmos-
Collins valves feature all-plastic
construction with bodies in PVDF,
PP, PVC and Halar in various body
styles from 1/2" - 2" with Globe,
Angle or Corner configurations and
many trim sizes and materials.
Valves may be furnished without
positioner for ON-OFF applications.
Call for more information on our
plastic control valves.

P.O. Box 938 • Angleton, TX 77516

Tel. (979) 849-8266 • www.collinsinst.com

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