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Job - activity on exchange for payment

-Short term perspective

-make money

Career - pursuit of lifelong hoal or ambition

-long term

-passion or ongoing professional pursuit

Confucius: "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day inyour life."


CHIP - Company Health Improvement Program

Building your career


-your key strength

-things you mostly enjoy

-where you can contribute the most

Growth Mindset

-feels need to learn

-embrace challenges

-sees effort as path of learning

-looks for the learning in criticism

-keep moving forward


-feels to look smart

-avoids challenges

-sees effort as pointless



- own your career

-create a development plan

70% experiential learning

20% social learning - find coaxh

10% educational learning

Lincoln: "the best way to predict the future is to create it."


-online education platform

-catering to chinese learners

- foreign teaching team

look for company where will gain exp

that will match your qualification


Where to look for job

-walk in application

-job fair

Company website

Job site

social media

G-PAL referral


Pagpasok mo palang ng building minomonitor ka na. A

E-trade information services llc.

Mastering Communication and Interview Questions

*Licence broker - educate and assist people how to invest on markets and stocks

Interview: Its purpose

For thw employer to find out if you are suitable for the position.

This is your chance to determine if this is a good job opportunity for you.

Do's and Don't


Follow the interviewer's lead

Concentrate on the questions being asked

Express confidence and enthusiasm

Maintain eye contact

Emphasize your strong points. They will try to find out your weakness, tell them how you overcome

Communicate fiture goals

Asks questions

Don't s

Situational/Behavioral Interview Qiestions

Describe the situation...

Describe the difficult problems...

Talk about: STAR

*Situation - there was a time

*Task - I was task to

*Action - i did...

*Result - we were able to


Know your rights

Exercise your rights

Read and have employment contract

Your employer will hire and fire you only, will also give you your salary

Complaints first to your immediate supervisor, to hr to higher ups, before you go outside(DOLE)

Types of employee




General Labor Standards


Employees compensation prog