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.. she IiIYs. "We're • very int.rKt. d I with stress. heal

truth over wit h= t he is determined by our life.tylu and the actiy. communrty lind t h.t helps - we them,elves, ilvold dl.eue lind view
'L lIIgelng process kicks
in lilt around 30. and
ev.ryday ehoi,•• w. make. It follows
that If we optimise- our 'if.styl.... we
me.t friends to play tennis or 80 for
II hike rath.r than go to a bar or
th.ir world yi.lds t h.m more good
years of lif.... he SilYa.. "Their culture5
there's no _y to stop can maximise our lif. expectanci.,." retttaunlnt. I thinle t hat'. wn.t giy.,. have evolved this wi,dom over time.
it aven If you do Itill buy your cloth" The four Blue Zone ••r. BlIIrbagi.. me the energy to look afte r my four To lelllrn from them. we need only be
ri Topshop and have iI y ar', ,upply in S.rdinia, Okin.wa in J.plI ,Lom. childr.n [aged from Sill to u l and do ope n and ready to lilten."
of Boob N07's Proted & Perfed . Lind. in Cillifomill llftd the Nicoya lome yoluntary work at our loc.l You don't haye to move to a Blue
Buttke good new5 I, that according to Peniruula, Costa Rica. Here, not only children's hospital. I alao d rlnlc seven Zo ne to live younger for tonger - mOlt
a book that'fo flying off US shelve5, do people live significantly lo ng.r. glane. of water a d.y, ..nd never ellt of t heir inhabitanh' , ecreb un be
you can slow that pro, e u down. getting f.wer serious iIInesse. than m.al. We belie.... health is your wealth elllily adaptttd for city living. Vou don't
Longevity researcher Dliln Buettn.r In most western counlrie •• but they - be fit oiInd you can do ilnythi"l." eYen hlilY. to do them lilli, says BueUner.
BY' he', cracked the sec:reb of 'The also look younger for longer. Th. good news is t hat ilccording to "Pick and choose the mOlt lIppe.aling
Blue Zone,' - the four reu of e Many Blu Zooers, like SMil .. Bu.ttn.r's re..arch, it's not gen.l. it.ms. Whilteve.. you choo.e. chlilnea.
orld when•• people liy the longe.t, I-Iodal<in, a m rri.1tge th.nlpiat from climate or environment tn.t k.eps the lIIr. you'll be lIIddina months or ye rl
nd are fit weUlhto the ir 1S0 5 lind 90s. Lam. Linda in California. look 10 ye.N Blue Zone people young. but t heir to your life." he liIYS. Here are the
"Scientifi, .tudie• • uu• .t that only younger than th.ir ,....I a&•. "I'm 47, day-la-day hlilbita. "'t'l no coincid. nce Blue Zone lecreb - lind how
~ of how long we Ii is dictated by although people tend to thinle I'm in tn.t th way th... people e.t. to make th.m work for you.

The average (the production The average natural yoghurt smoothie.

life expectancy of free radicals) 60-year-old
Nicoyans eat the
lor a woman to the DNA. inhabitant of
biggest meal at midday. in the evenin~
from Okinawa. the Nicoyan
they lake the pressure off their
a group of Peni nsula has
All Okinawans have a 'moai, a digestive system by eating light.
islands in the Pacific. is 86 (average twice the chance of reaching 90 as a
close circle of friends with
British female life expectancy is 79.9). 60-year-old in the US or I=rance Nicoyans have
whom they meet every day.
and h!!'r risk of getting bread cancer high levels of vitamin D due
Studies show thai those with
is a quarter of that of the average NieoYlln bellltb secrets 10 their exposure to
a strong network of friends
British woman. sunlight. Deficiency of
have lower stress levels and so
Sex is so vitamin D has been linked
are more likely to li\le longer.
Okinllll)lIn bellltb secrets Important for Nicoyans, they turn to several cancer types
Soya a bl ind eye to discreet extra-marital so top up by taking a
The basis of the beans. a big form at protein for affairs. Research suggests thai regular lunchtime walk.
Okinawan diet, they're high in vitamins Okinawans, is II phytoestrogen, sex protects your hea lth by keeping
A and C and frbre. which ads like a nalurall-lRT and blood pressure low .
Like much of UK lap
lowers cholesterol.
Okinawans water. Nlcoya n ~20 is
say this before every meal. and it Okinawans have Nicoyclns eat huge quan tities hard and has the
means 'eat unti l yo u are 80% full : a strong sense of their purpose in life of papaya. mango, pi neapple, country's highest
Studies show that slightly under-eating - they ca ll it 'ikigai·. It can come from bananas and oranges. packed full calcium content which
may extend lifespan, possibly by a job or a hobby, keeps the brain of antioxidants that fight disease, might explain the low
reducing damage from oxidative stress young and slaves off memory loss. Start your day with a fruit and levels of heart disease.

The US city compared to Living past qualities that reduce the risk of hearl
of lorna linda tnose who aren' t. 100 isn't disease and Alzheimer's.
is home toa unusual
Lorna It's not unusua
community of in the
lindans get an for three generations of Sardin'ans t
Seventh Day mou ntainous
instant support live in the same home, Strong Family
Adventiru. They have the longest liFe Barbagia region of Sardinia, home
network when links are said to boost
expectancy of all Americans - women to one of the world's longest· lived
they go to self'esteem, reduce
live six years longer than average (until populations. inhabitants of this
church. which is depression and
they're 86) - and lower rates of cancer hilly sheep·Farming community
thought to boost the give a sense
and heart disease. still stride up mountains in their 70s.
immune system. You can of purpose.
get the same benefits by setting up a
LDtnIl Lindon bellltb secrets book club or joining a dass. SlIrdinilln bellltb secrets
Seventh Lama Lindanslove Sardinians only
Day Adventists can't go to work or healthy Tats, and studies have shown that Sardinian shepherdS burn off 490 eat meat on Sundays; the resl of
st udy on Saturdays, so Ihey have the fibre and healthy monounsaturates calories an hour walking Lip and down the week its vegetables and fava bean
guaranteed downtime every seven Found in nuts have a positive impact on hills. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes on your Studies show vegetarians live longer
days that keeps stress levels at bay. health and life expectancy. treadmi ll s 'up' program to challenge than meat eaters.
your cardiovascular system .
Mos! Most Loma Cannonau red
Lorna Lindans drink at least Five or six Lindans do some kind of volunteering. Goats' cheese, wine is a Sardinian staple; it has high
glasses of water a day. Research has which helps stave off depression (a risk which conlalns 13% mo re calCium than numbers of powerful antioxidants
found thai keen ~20 guzzlers have a factor for life-shortening heart disease) caws', is a staple of the Sardinian diet that fight damaging free radicals. Ma ~
70% reduction in heart attack risk and gives life a sense of purpose. it's thought to have anti-inflammatory sure you slick to one or two glasses.

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