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Excerpts from the Minutes of the Archdiocese of xvxvxvx Clergy Meeting held last January 09, 2019 at St.

John Damascene Parish, Carmonara, Misamis del Norte


On the Presbyteral ordination of Rev. Juan Macedanio

Fr. Gargolo presented to the body the initial plan of the Bishop to ordain Rev. to the presbyterate come
March. The same asked any comments from the presbyterium.

Fr. Ikloy: Those who knew him, i.e., seminary, parish exposure should be asked input as to the
worthiness of the candidate.

Fr.Wartos; finish the pastoral exposure before preparation for ordination.


Fr. Frodo: No reservations, let him be ordained.

Fr. wjwjap: I and the Cathedral priests would say that we concur to the plan of ordaining him.

Fr. ar: Rev.aakk has potentials and I recommend him for ordination.

Fr. Hwksoy: I recommend him for ordination.

Fr. Cwklooa: I recommend him for ordination.

Majority of the Clergy agreed to have Rev. be ordained priest.

Fr. Jajkop said we still have to pray over it.

The body is reminded that at the end of the day, it is the Bishop and no other, will decide for this matter.

Msgr. hOOpp All comments voiced from this meeting are recorded and minutes therefrom be extracted
and be submitted to the Bishop. If you have serious objections, submit them in writing to the Bishop.

---nothing follows---

Attesting the veracity of the foregoing.

Fr.Doertyu Makaports