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Sigils are the easiest form or magic.

I say this with 20 years of experience with sigil and paganism in general.

I would go as far as say they are the hardest to screw up and possibly the least likely to backfire
due to how they work so long at you pay close attention to your wording. You will get what you
ask for. If you don't ask wisely you may get the opposite of what you want. That is what makes
people leery of this art.

Write a statement of intent. Write it as positively as possible. Take notice of what time context
you make you sentance in(present or future).

Examples of how to write and how not to write your statement of intent.

Yes: I will find the house of my dream within my budget.

No: My dream house will not get away and it will not be to expensive.

The more specific you are the better. Specifics will help your sigil to hit the mark your aiming

Beware this is a type of thing its one of those be careful of what you wish for if you don't word it
correctly type of things. Take very special attention to your wording and never use languages
that you are not fluent in.

Step 1. Statement of intent. On scratch paper.

Step 2. Cross out all the letters that repeat.

Example: I will find the house of my dream within my budget.

Broken down so that all repeated letters are gone would look like this.


Step 3. Start doodling. Yes doodling that's what I said. Theae letters are how you create your
magic sigil. You turn your statement of intent into a beautiful picture. The more time you spend
on it the better. I've easily spent a hour on one sigil. Get into it let your self forget what its for
and just create.

After you have the basic design down then you can make it look more “magical” and artsy or just
more visually appealing.

There is a difference of opinion at this end part. Some say its best to make it and forget it. Others
sat make it and place it somewhere you'll see it often.

I personally prefer the make it and forget it method.

Step 4. Charge your sigil. Not to be a strange person but find ways to raise your energy. While
focusing the sigil in your mind.

Anything that raises your energy your heart beat makes you feel fully alive.
Examples: orgasm, dancing, meditation, shadow boxing.

Just make sure your focusing on your sigil when your energy peaks.

Once it's all done and finished you still need to work towards your desired outcome.

Magic will never solve your troubles especially if you wont fight to change them yourself. Magic
is a assistance. Not a everyday go-to. Not a toy.

I did a sigil for a job and then I went out and put in job application endlessly. I had a job offer
within a week. Was is the sigil? Was it my hard work? It doesn't matter. The outcome I desired
was fulfilled. I said my thanks and did my best to keep pushing.

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David Marini
Answered Sep 19, 2013 ∙ Author has 261 answers and 211.7k answer views
Making Sigils is a very tricky thing, when they are made the power of their idea is closely tied to
your emotional state when you are making them.

Since the function of the sigil is to redesign your consciousness so you can only perceive the
manifestation of the ideal you seek, it requires a maniacal commitment.

Its all about transferring energy into the substrate that is reality. If you proceed into getting
engaged with the work of sigil making, all that energy and processing power is being directed at
the symbol for transformation.

Creating instruction codes for reality that we unconsciously follow through on is rough work.
The rough work is after making the instruction sigil, you have to be able to release that energy.
The work for transformation has been done and now just sit back and watch the changes occur,
because those changes are occurring at a subconscious level.

You must design your ritual carefully. Then engage in it. Then release that intensity. Go about
your business. Watch for changes. first wave of experiences should be those coined by Jung
as Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. (From Vol. 8. of the Collected Works of C. G.
Jung) (New in Paper) (Bollingen Series XX: the Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Volume 8): C. G.
Jung, R. F.C. Hull, Sonu Shamdasani: 9780691150505: Amazon.com: Books.

1. Design a command statement in present tense. Example -"I have a thriving horticulture
2. Reduce the thought structure by removing unnecessary characters. Such as duplicate letters
or fuse letters that share the same line architecture.
3. Begin to overlap or connect the line forms. Let your intuition guide you in this process.
4. Your mind will tell you when you are in the "HOT SIGIL ZONE" (gut feeling).
5. Look at the new structure and abstract it as much as possible.
6. Stop when you have created a symbol with "meaning".

Below are examples of extreme fusing of sigils for dynamic change.

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Van Davis, Practicing, experimenting and seeking Results for the last 15 years.
Updated Mar 24, 2017
First, use the method suggested by David Marini, here. This is the most widely accepted way to
work a sigil.

If that doesn't produce results, try something else...make it up, if you like.

The key to any sigil is to create something (anything) that represents the results you are
looking for, but does it in an abstracted way that "tricks" your conscious mind into not paying
attention to it any longer. You could write a poem, hiding the words of your intent in the verses.
You could draw a picture of someone who looks like you, experiencing what you want to happen.
You could write a piece of music while focusing on what you want to occur.
The key is to work yourself up while you do this...concentrate on your desire as much as you
possibly can, picture yourself building up a "charge" of energy and projecting it INTO this
creation you have made.

Then, forget it. Do your best not to think about what you want, anymore. This is why a sigil is
best when it obfuscates what your desire was to begin with...it reminds your unconscious
(because it won't forget what the desire was) but it leaves your forgetful, conscious mind out of
the loop, and keeps you out of your own way.

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Armanos Arman, My reality changes when I change.

Answered Dec 13, 2016 ∙ Author has 1.2k answers and 864k answer views
Firstly you must observe the principles of intention. If you don’t then it doesn’t matter what
technique you use, nothing will manifest. Sigils work like all other magick, once the principles
are observed with the ritual then it will work. You can use turds and make magick manifest as
long as you observe the principles.

1. Correctly formulated intention/desire.

2. Banishing of the self (temporarily suspending your disbelief and all your beliefs,
your emotions and your thoughts).
3. Summoning the Magickal Self (all the characteristics that would make the ritual
successful whatever those may be.)
4. Summoning your place of power.
5. Summoning your intention inside your place of power and stepping into your
6. Create the sigil inside your place of power, let the unconscious guide you, the
magical self, whilst directing and focusing your conscious mind on the desire as this
creates association (the conscious mind directs intent, the subconscious resolves
intent, The law of Creation, The principle of Mental Gender, the kybalion).
7. When the sigil is complete simple destroy it uttering I cast you out of my conscious
mind, or i set you free etc.
8. Step outside of your place of power and close it, place it in your pocket.
9. Utter that this ritual has been completed successful.
10. Do a funny dance to indicate to your conscious mind that the ritual is done and
must be placed outside of the conscious mind. This will help the subconscious resolve
your intent without hindrance from your conscious mind (conscious mind directs
intent, subconscious mind resolves intent).
11. Forget the ritual and return to your normal everyday life. Let the subconscious
peacefully resolve your intent.
A few rules to correctly formulate intention:

“You get what you ask for, but what you asked for is not what you want”

Understand what you truly want and ask for that. If you want more money then state that you
want earn more money. Don’t ask for a better job or to win the lottery. Ask for what you want
not what you think will bring you what you want, this is the conscious mind playing connect the
dots, the conscious directs intent, the subconscious must connect the dots and resolve the
Stay away from abstract terms:

Don’t use abstract words as they have many meanings. Words like wealth or health mean many
different things. You could be wealthy in knowledge or your could have a healthy heart. Another
bad one is to say I want to loose weight. Weight is an abstract term and also breaks the next rule.

Don’t use negative statements:

I’m am not poor or I want to loose weight or I am not nervous are negative statements. You have
to observe the operative words. It has nothing to do with the word no, not, cannot or don’t etc. If
you are asked not to think of a donkey then you think of a donkey! So its not the word NOT, it’s
the word donkey. Likewise it’s the word poor, weight, nervous. These words bring forth the
negative state that you don’t desire and therefore manifest nothing but to serve to reinforce what
you don’t want. Ask for what you want. I receive lots of money easy and effortlessly, I want to be
thin, I am calm and relax. These words bring the positive states you desire. Try to observe how
you use this type of language in your everyday life, we’d be very surprised.

Hope this helps.

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Jason Louv, Author of 7 books on magick +: Generation Hex, etc. Teach magick at Magick.Me
Answered Dec 11, 2015
Sigils are awesome and very, very easy to create. They're also easy to misunderstand—the really
important part, once you've created the sigil, is to enter a sufficiently altered state of
consciousness to properly embed the sigil in your deep mind.

It's also important to understand what sigils actually ARE, and take away all the mystification:
They're a way of talking to the non-linguistic parts of your brain. Language processing occupies
a fairly small part of the brain, and is very limited. Thinking language and reason represent the
whole of your brain's ability is like buying a $6000 computer and then using it to play solitaire.
Sigils are one method of tapping the rest of your brain's ability.