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1. Tangent 45 degrees is equal to what number?

2. Three sides of a polygon having lengths of 3, 4 and x. If x

is the hypotenuse, find x.
3. Cos2x + sin2x is equal to what number?
4. A triangle having sides A,B and C. A is equal to 300, B is
equal to 400, and C is equal to 500.
Find the angle between A and C.
5. A flag pole casts a shadow of 10 meters. If the flag pole is
7.5 meters, how far is the tip of the pole to the far tip of
the shadow?
sin 45⁰ sin 60⁰
6. = . Find x .
10 x
7. is equal to what trigonometric function?

8. Simplify: 3Cos2x = 3

9. The two legs of a triangle are 300 and 150 m each,

respectively. The angle opposite the 150 m side is 266̊
. What
is the third side?

10. A man finds the angle of elevation of a top of a tower

to be 306̊
. He walks 85 m nearer the tower and find its angle
to be 606̊
. What is the height of the tower?

11. Solve for the value of "A" when sin(A)=3.5x and


12. If sec2(A)=5/2, the quantity of 1-sin2(A) is equivalent

to __________.

13. If tan x = 1/2, tan y = 1/3, what is the value of

tan (x + y)?

14. Solve for x in the given equation:

tan-1(2x) + tan-1(x) =

15. The sides of a triangle are 8, 15, and 17 units. If

each side is doubled, how many square units will the area of
the new triangle be?

16. Two triangles have equal bases. The altitude of one

triangle is 3 units more than its base and the altitude of
the other triangle is 3 units less than its base. Find the
altitudes, if the areas of the triangles differ by 21 square

17. A pole cast a shadow 15 m long when the angle of

elevation of the sun is 616̊
. If the pole is leaned 156̊from
the vertical directly towards the sun, determine the length
of the pole.

18. Prove that: tan(x) + cot(x) = sec(x)csc(x).

cos x
19. Prove that: sec x +tan x=
1−sin x
20. Verify the identity: cot x 1−sin x
1+ csc x sin x

sinx siny
21. If x+y = 90°, then is equal to:

22. The sides of a right triangle is in arithmetic

progression whose common difference is 6 cm. its area is:

23. If the bearing of A from B is S 40o W, then the bearing

of B from A is?

24. Two sides of a triangle measures 6 cm, and 8 cm. and

their included angle is 40°. Find the third side.

25. The sides of a triangle are 8, 15 and 17 units. If each

side is doubled, how many square units will the area of the
new triangle be?

26. Points A and B are 100 m apart and are of the same
elevation as the foot of a building. The angles of elevation
of the top of the building from points A and B are 21o and
32o respectively. How far is A from the building in meters?

27. If cosA = x, what is cscA?

28. What is the simplified equivalent expression of (cot2A)

(sin2A) + 1/csc2A.

29. Sin (B-A) is equal to ______, when B is equal to 270

degrees and A is an acute angle.
30. The sides of a triangle are 195, 157 and 210. What is
the area of the triangle.