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Cabay National High School

Tiaong, Quezon
Monthly Examinations
Personal Development
Grade 11- Senior High School
Name _______________________________ Score:
I. Multiple choice: read the following statements carefully, choose your answer on the blanks provided for before each

_____1. It is a se lf concept that deals with how we want to be.

A. Ideal self b. Actual self c. Physical self
______2. It is a self- concept that built on self-knowledge
A. Ideal self b. Actual self c. Physical self
______3. It means making use of all the personal resources- talents, skills, energy and time, to enable you to achieve
life goals.
A. Personal effectiveness b. Personal development c. Physical aspect

______4. It is required for setting goals, defining an action plan to achieve them and risk assessment.
a. Knowledge b. Determination c. Persistence
______5. This person watch the movie of their life
. A personal effectiveness b. Personal development c. Physical aspect
______6. It allows you to focus only on achieving on specific goal without being destructed by less important things
or spontaneous desires.
a .knowledge b. Determination c. Persistence
______7. This person watch the movie of their lifes
a . Moviegoer b. Scriptwriter c. Actor
8. This person does not watch only, doesn’t only act but he actually creates the entire movie from his mind.
a . Moviegoer b. Scriptwriter c. Actor
9. . It describe yourself
A . Sensual self b. Physical self c. Emotional self
_____10. It includes descriptions of your strengths and weaknesses
A . Interactionall self b. Contextual self c. Spiritual self
_____11. Refers to the areas of maintenance of your living environment
A . Interactionall self b. Contextual self c. Spiritual self
_____12. . He introduced pacquiao to his boxing career after he dropped out in school.
A. bob arum b. Sardo mejia c. Charlie mejia
_____ 13. What is age of pacquiao when he considered the most respected boxers.
A. 14 years old b. 37 years old c. 28 years old
_____ 14. . When was the time that dr. Rose was accompanied by her family to attend the 107 annual convention

hosted by philippine medical association?

A. 14 years old b. 37 years old c. 28 years old
_____15. Fullname of crowned miss universe at the 64th miss universe 2015 pageant.
A. Maegan alonzo young b. Pia alvarez wurtzbach c. Pia allonzo wurtzbach

II. True or false

Read the statements below. Write arb if the statements is right and encircle the word/phrases that makes
the statements wrong.
___16. A real winner is one who is able to discover and use opportunities to others best advantage.
___17. A real winner is one who is able to live in peace with difficult people and difficults situations.
___18. The mind is not the unitary entity it seems to us but consist of different parts.
___19. The “you” has the ability to decide which wolf it will feed.
___20. The study of personal development stages is essential to understanding how human learn, mature
and adapt.
___21. Living peacefully is like being an artist: you need the right tools to practice your craft, and you
need to constantly refine your technique to achieve your creative potentials.
___22. Encouragement is the key ingredients for improving your relationships with others.
___23. Most of us are skilled discouragers.
___24. The last step to becoming an encouraging person is to learn to distinguish encouragement from
___25. Being happy is not only to treasure the smile, but that you also reflect on the sadne

III. Matching type

Match the developmental task in column a with the stages of development in column b.
column a column b

___26. Achieving emotional independence of adult. A. Infancy and early childhood

___27. Learning to talk b. Middle childhood
___28. Building a wholesome attitude toeard oneself c. Adolescence
___29. Starting a family d. Early adulthood
___30. Selecting a mate e. Middle adulthood
___31. Satisfactory career achievement f. Later maturity
___32. Adjusting to death of spouse
___33. Meeting social and civic organizations
___34. Managing a home
___35. Achieving mature relations with both sexes.

IV. Identify the following passage of adulthood: the challenges of late adolescence.
Write wether it is physical, emotional, social or mental development.
_______________36. Becomes better able to set goals and think in terms of the future.
_______________37. Starts to have more intellectual interst.
_______________38. Most girls have completed the physical changes related to puberty by age 15
_______________39. May stress in school and test scores.
_______________40. The experience of ultimate partnership.
_______________41. Has a better understanding of complex problems and issues.
_______________42. Starts to have more intellectual interest.
_______________43. Start to develop moral ideals and to select role models.
_______________44. Seeks privacy and time alone.
_______________45. Is concerned about physical and sexual attractiveness.
_______________46. Friends become more important.
_______________47. Is more and more aware of social behaviors of friends.
_______________48. Explores romantic and sexual behaviors with others.
_______________49.seeks friends that share the same beliefs, values and interest.
_______________50. Tell the truth
_______________51. Surf the internet
_______________52. Play different sports
_______________53. Go dancing with friends
_______________54. Attend social gatherings
_______________55. Respect the rights of others
_______________56. Show your feelings in a positive way
_______________57. Say sorry when you have done wrong

Prepared by:
Mrs. Melody D. Landicho
Mapeh Teacher
Cabay National High School
Tiaong, Quezon
Monthly Examinations
Health Education
Grade 10
Name _______________________________ Score:
Identify the following:
1._______________________ is a government owned and controlled corporation created through the national health
insurance (nhi) act of 1995 or republic act 2. _______. It is the administrator of the national health insurance
program which was established to provide health insurance coverage for all filipinos and ensure3. _____________,
4.___________, 5._____________ and 6. _____________ health care services for all citizens of the philippines.
7. The national health insurance program is guided by _____________________________
8. ________________________- enrolled by their respective employers
9. ________________________ - applies for membership on their own
10. ________________________ - sponsors facilitate their enrollment
11. ________________________ - the department of social welfare and development is tasked by the national
government to facilitate their enrollment
12. ________________________- need to apply for membership to qualify under this category
13. _________________________ - need to apply for membership to qualify under this category
14.____________________________________ benefits for sickness or ailments that need confinement of not less than 24 hours.
15.____________________________________ day surgeries and treatment procedures done in accredited hospitals and free-
standing clinics that don’t require confinement

16._____________________________________ primary preventive services, diagnostic examinations, and drugs and

medicines, initially available to indigent/sponsored members, organized groups, and land-based migrant worker-members and
dependents. Recently expanded to the deped personnel. Availed through rural health units (rhus) and out patient department
(opd) of government hospitals.
17._____________________________________benefits designed for illnesses that are life-threatening and requires prolonged
hospitalization, extremely expensive therapies or other treatments that can deplete family’s financial resources, unless covered by
special health insurance policies.
18._____________________________________ benefits in line with 3 millennium development goals of reducing child
mortality, improving maternal health and combating hiv and other infectious diseases.

Give the meaning of the following acronym:

20.gocc ___________________________________________________________________________________
21.dsw d______________________________________________________________________________________
22.nhip ____________________________________________________________________________________

23-28 What are the philhealth membership programs?

29-32 who are the qualified dependents of philhealth members?

Vision statement: (33-35)


Prepared by:
Mrs. Melody D. Landicho
Mapeh Teacher
- Cabay National High School
Tiaong, Quezon
Monthly Examinations
Physical Educations
Mapeh Grade 10
Name _______________________________ Score:
I. Fill in the blanks. Read the following statements and choose your answer on the table below. Write the correct answer on the
blank provided for.
Health-related Weight loss Warm up Cardiovascular Skill-related Agility
components of endurance components of
physical fitness physical fitness
Intensity Physical fitness Lifestyle Active recreational Recreation activities Cardiovascular
tests activities endurance
Bmi Weight gain . Risk factors Weight maintenance Eating habits Rate of perceived

_________________1. The way in which an individual lives; includes the typical patterns of an individual’s behaviour like everyday
routine at home, in school, or at work; eating, sleeping, and exercise habits, and many others; are related to elevated or reduced health risk.
_________________2. Activities that require large body movements such as running, throwing, or jumping or those that are sports- specific.
_________________3. A rough measure of body composition that is useful for classifying the health risks of body weight; also based on the
concept that a person’s weight should be proportional to height; calculated by dividing your body weight (expressed in kilograms) by the
square of your height (expressed in meters).
_________________4. The ability of an individual to perform prolonged work continuously, where the work involves large muscle groups.
_________________5. Patterns of behavior with regards to eating like choosing available food, preparing it, deciding where to eat, which
rules to follow, and who to dine with
_________________6. Those components that contribute to the development of health and functional capacity of the body such as
cardiovascular strength, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition
_________________7. Tests that gauge your fitness level; may be health-related and skill-related
_________________8. Energy consumed equals energy expended (i.e. physical exertion is the same with food intake)
_________________9. Energy consumed is less than energy expended (i.e. more physical exertion but less food intake
_________________10. Variables in your lifestyle and genetics that may lead to certain diseases; include age, gender, nutrition, body weight,
physical activity, and health habits,
_________________11. Components that contribute to the development of skills; include agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time,
and speed
_________________12. Preliminary activity done to prepare the body for actual physical activity; can be general or sports-specific
_________________13. Energy consumed is greater than energy expended (i.e. more food intake but less physical exertion)

_________________14. Activities done during one’s leisure time both for relaxation and enjoyment; may require large body movements such
as running, throwing, or jumping or small body movements such as playing board games, doing arts and crafts, and many others
_________________15. Part of the fitt formula that refers to an individual’s level of effort, compared with their maximal effort, which is
usually expressed as a percentage.

II. Identify the following benefits of active participation in sports and recreational activities. Write on the blank before each
number wether it is health , physical, mental and emotional, social.
__________________16. Reducing risks of depression, anxiety, psychological distress, and emotional disturbance
__________________17. Strengthen social networks and community identity
__________________18. Release of stress from demands of everyday living
__________________19. Road map to good health and longevity
__________________20. Lower blood pressure, reduced arthritis pain, weight loss and lowered risk of diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis
and cardiovascular disease
__________________21. Improvement of skills specific to a particular activity
__________________22. Greater personal confidence and self-esteem
__________________23. Bonding with family and friends
__________________24. Greater personal confidence and self-esteem
__________________25. Opportunity to make new friends and acquaintances.
III. Compute the body mass index (26-30)
Weigth= 35 likos
Height= 135 cm

Prepared by:
Mrs. Melody D. Landicho
Mapeh Teacher
Cabay National High School
Tiaong, Quezon
Monthly Examinations
Art Education
Grade 10
Name _______________________________ Score:
Read The Words Written On The Box… Write The Names/ Words On The Specific Tables Below. Make Sure To
Write The Correct Art Forms And Artist Of The Different Art Sample.

Three Musicians The City Impressionism

Salvador Dali Pablo Picasso Abstractionism
Roberto Villanueva Sid Gomez Hildawa Expressionism
Persistence Of Memory Guernica Contemporary Art Form
Pablo Picasso Fernand Leger Abstract Expressionism
Jackson Pollock Lee Krasner
Impression Sunrise Starry Night
Cordillera Labyrinth Go To Room 117
Claude Monet Vincent Van Gogh
Autumn Rhythm Abstract No. 2

2oth Century Art Movement Name Of Artworks Artist

26. What Is Impressionisms Art? (26-31)


31-35. Give The Distinct Characteristics Of Impressionisms Art.

Prepared by:
Mrs. Melody D. Landicho
Mapeh Teacher
Cabay National High School
Tiaong, Quezon
Monthly Examinations
Music Education
Grade 10
Name _______________________________ Score:
I. Matching Type: Match The Name Of The Following 20th Century Music Artist In Column A With
Their Achievements In Column B
Column A column b
____1. Debussy a. Father of american jazz
____2. Ravel b. Minimalist and avant garde composer
____3. Schoenberg c. Famous with his six string quartet
____4. Stravinsky d. He was successful in his piano music
____5. Bartok e. He is a member of les six
____6. Prokofief f. He uses 12 tone scale and a tonality
____7. Poulenc g. An expressionist and neo classical composer
____8. Gerswhin h. His compositions for the stage and his music lectures for young people.
____9. Berstein i. He is known for claire de lune
____10. Glas j. He was a perfectionist and every bit a musical craftsman.

II. Fill in the blanks. Write you answer on the blank provided for. Choose your answer on the table below.
Impressionism Neo classicism Modern Bolero George auric
Expressionism Avant garde Primitivsm Germaine Summer time

_____________________11. She is the only female in the les six group.

_____________________12. From porgy and bess created by george geshwin.
_____________________13. Made use of the whole tone scale.
_____________________14. Maurice ravel were known for this compositions.
_____________________15. Revealed the composer’s mind, instead of presenting an impression of the environment.
_____________________16. It was a partial return to a classical form of writing music with carefully modulated
______________________17. It is a style associated with electronic music.
______________________18. Was a looser form of the 20th century music development.
______________________19. He wrote music for the movies and rhythmic with lots of energy.
______________________20. It is link to exoticism through the use of materials from other cultures.
III. Enumerations:
Impressionism artist

Musical styles of 20th century music


Prepared by:
Mrs. Melody D. Landicho
Mapeh Teacher