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Community Involvement Programme for Scholars

1. Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and fro the
designated reporting location.

2. Meals will not be provided for students, unless otherwise stated by the staff/student-in-

3. Students should report to the in-charge when they arrive and/or leave the Voluntary
Welfare Organisation (VWO).

4. Students participating in activities should report to the in-charge when they arrive at the
designated reporting location.

5. Prior to the service or activity, students will be briefed by the VWO or student-in-charge
on the Do’s and Don’ts.

6. During the service or activity, all students are expected to follow the routine set out by
the VWO and/or student-in-charge.

7. The VWO and/or student-in-charge reserve the right to terminate the service of a student
with immediate effect and without prior notification if the student acts in a manner that is
detrimental to or not conducive for the community involvement to be continued.

8. Students are responsible for maintaining their personal community involvement

programme time log.

Updated October 2014
Community Involvement Programme – Time Log

Full Name: Akankshita Dash

Matriculation No.: A0132788U
Contact No.: 84010419
Name of Scholarship: Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarship

Name of Name of Date Time In Time Out Total no. of Verification

Organisation/ Activity hours by I/C of
Organiser completed organisation
and Stamp)
NUS PEACE Therapy Dogs 2nd Feb ’15- -- -- 30 hours
Programme 24th Apr’15
NUS iCare Facilitator for 4th Aug 2015 12:00 pm 6:00 pm 6 hours
City Tour,Bugis

NUS Volunteer NAC @ NUH 28th Sep’15- Tue,3:00 pm Tue,5:00pm 10 hours Certificate
Action Committee 13th Nov’15 (2 hours
every week)
NUS Enactus 34 hours

NUS International Peer Advising

Relations Office Leader

Updated October 2014
Community Involvement Programme – Evaluation
(To be submitted after completion of 80 hours)

PART I: Rating the Impact of the Experience

Please indicate the level of impact this community involvement experience has had on you in
the areas listed below. Please rate using a scale of 1-6, with 1 being not at all helpful and 6
being extremely helpful.

Not Somewhat Very

The experience from the Community Involvement Programme 1 2 3 4 5 6

has helped me:
1. Achieve a higher level of awareness of needs/ problems found in
the community.

2. Have a better understanding of the factors that create those

problems and needs.

3. Learn how to communicate better with people.

4. Learn to work cooperatively in a team.

5. Become more aware of the resources my community needs.

6. Become more aware of the resources I can provide to the


7. Realise I can make a difference by giving back to the community.

Updated October 2014
PART II: Self Reflection

1. What have you learnt from this experience?

2. Would you consider volunteering on a regular basis? Please elaborate.

Updated October 2014