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Technology and Livelihood Education

Grade 9 – ICT- CHS 2018-2019

______1. The following are the socio- economic benefits of entrepreneurship except for:
a. Entrepreneurship employs people
b. Entrepreneurship improves people’s standard of living
c. Entrepreneurship contributes o economic growth and development
d. Entrepreneurship creates bad effects in the economy
______2. When majority of the people in a given community are engaged in __________ activities, there is
an economic development.
a. Entrepreneur b. entrepreneurial c. entrepreneurship d. none of the above
______3.A personal Entrepreneurial competency that requires a strong faith in your ability despite the
problems that you will encounter along the way.
a. Goal setting b. persistence c. information seeking d. self-confidence
______4. The following are the characteristics possess by successful entrepreneurs except for:
a. Skills in decision making
b. Creativity
c. Commitment and determination
d. Selfish and envious
______5. When an entrepreneur is always look ahead and anticipates the needs and wants of the future he is
a. Pro- active
b. Leadership Ability
c. learns lesson from past failure
d. all of the above
______6. It is the tool used to study the different aspects of the business like financial standing, facilities,
market situation, production processes, etc.
a. SWOT analysis b. TWOS analysis c. SOWT analysis d all of the above
_____7. The following are the determinants of strengths in business except for:
a. Continuous supply of cheap raw materials
b. Skilled workers
c. Technical expertise
d. Poor management
_____8. An entrepreneur is one who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty, for the
purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying opportunities, and assembles the necessary resources
to capitalize on those opportunities.
a. True b. False
_____9. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the typical entrepreneur?
a. confidence, in their ability to succeed
b. value of money over achievement
c. desire for immediate feedback
d. a future orientation
_____10. The primary cause of small business failures is,
a. lack of capital
b. management incompetence
c. poor location
d. improper inventory control
_____11.. The business plan has two essential functions: it helps the entrepreneur determine if the business
will succeed, and it helps recruit management talent to run the new company.
a. True b. False
_____12. What PECs must she possess if there are customers who complain about the quality of her product?
a. Patience b. Hardworking c. Versatile d. none of the above
_____13. The following are examples of peoples’ basic needs, except:
a. food b. Shelter c. Clothing d. Recreation

_____14. Which of the following should be considered first by a prospective entrepreneur in choosing the right
location for his/her store?
a. Types of merchandise
b. Access of the target customers
c. The attractiveness of the store layout
d. The prevailing prices of goods in the area
_____15. Thong plans to put a “digi-print” studio in their locality. Which of the following will help him determine
a successful plan for setting up of his business?
a. Survey of consumer associations
b. Checking for similar business to avoid competition
c. Getting feedback on the quality of service
d. Conduct a SWOT analysis
_____16. Ceasar studies the population in his immediate community. He is doing this to
a. identify his would be “suki”.
b. predict his biggest buyer.
c. select his favorite costumers.
d. determine whom to sell his product or service.
_____17. Which of the following questions should be in the marketing strategy section of the business plan
a. Who are my target customers?
b. How many potential customers are in my company's trading area?
c. What should be the basis for differentiating my business from its competitors in my customers' minds?
d. All of the above.
_____18. Before an entrepreneur can build a successful strategy, they must establish a clear mission, goals,
and objectives in order to have appropriate targets at which to aim their strategy.
a. True b. False
_____19. They are computers designed to provide services to client machines in a computer network.
a. servers b. supercomputers c. microcomputers d. Laptop
______20. Type of computer that is similar in operation to desktop. These computers are miniaturized and
optimized for mobile use.
a. servers b. supercomputers c. microcomputers d. Laptop
______21. It is a handheld computer and popularly known as a palmtop. It has a touch screen and a memory card
for storage of data.
a. Tablet computers b. desktop computers c. Netbook computers d. PDAs
______22. It is the most important program that runs on a computer
a. Hardware parts b. Software c. Firmware d. Operating system.
______23. The main part of a microcomputer, sometimes called the chassis. It includes the following parts:
Motherboard, Microprocessor, Memory Chips, Buses, Ports, Expansion Slots and Cards.
a. Power supply b. Motherboard c. System Unit d. CPU
______24. It is the main “brain” or “heart” of a computer system. It performs all of the instructions and
calculations that are needed and manages the flow of information through a computer.
a. Power supply b. Motherboard c. System Unit d. CPU
______25.It is a magnetic storage device that is installed inside the computer. It is used as permanent storage for
data. In a Windows computer, it is usually configured as the C: drive and contains the operating system and
a. HDD b. Motherboard c. System Unit d. CPU
______26.This should never be worn when working with high voltage equipment such as monitors.
a. Anti-static bag
b. Anti-static mat
c. Anti-static spray
d. Anti-static wrist strap
_______27. It provides power to the device connected to it for a period of time in the event of power loss for long
enough to gracefully shutdown the computer and avoid data loss.
e. AVR b. ESD c. PSU d. UPS
______28. It is a planned system of working to prevent illness and injury where you work by recognizing and identifying
hazards and risks.
a. First Aid b. OSH c. PPE d. Safety First
______29. The following are different types of workplace safety procedure and instruction EXCEPT
a. Electrical equipment b. handling chemicals c. housekeeping d. poor work methods
______30.A small, relatively inexpensive computer with processor designed for general usage like entertainment,
education and work purposes.
a. Mainframe computers
b. Microcomputers
c. Minicomputers
d. Super computers
______31. Which of the following is the primary input device of a computer?
f. Keyboard b. Mouse c. Scanner d. Webcam
______32.It lets you move the cursor or pointer around the screen and the “click” to start a program.
Keyboard b. Mouse c. Scanner d. Webcam
______33. The following are examples of output devices EXCEPT
a. Monitor b. Projector c. Printer d. Scanner
______34.It is a small, simple, inexpensive device that joins multiple computers together.
a. Hub b. Ethernet switch c. Router d. Bridge
______35. is a device that gathers the signals from devices that are connected to it, and then
regenerates a new copy of each signal.
a. Hub b. Ethernet switch c. Router d. Bridge
______36. It is a device filters data traffic at a network boundary. Bridges reduce the amount of traffic on a LAN
by dividing it into two segments.
a. Hub b. Ethernet switch c. Router d. Bridge
______37. These are small physical devices that join multiple networks together.
a. Hub b. Ethernet switch c. Routers d. Bridge
______38. A type of network that connect larger geographic areas, such as Florida, the United States, or
the world.
______39. They translate digital signals from a computer into analog signals that can travel across
conventional phone lines .It serves as modulator and demodulator.
a. Network interface b. modem c. bridge d. router
______40. A type of network that is confined to a relatively small area.
______41. It is a network interface card. This is a computer circuit board or card that is installed in a
computer so that it can be connected to a network.
a. Server b, LAN card c. port hub d. Modem
______42. It is used for holding, bending and stretching the lead of electronics component or connecting
a. Long nose fliers b. flat screw driver c. soldering iron d. desoldering iron
______43. It is used to join two or more metal conductors with the support of soldering lead melted
around it.
a. Long nose fliers b. flat screw driver c. soldering iron d. desoldering iron
______44. It is used to unsolder unwanted parts or component in the circuit with the support of soldering
a. Long nose fliers b. flat screw driver c. soldering iron d. desoldering iron
______45. This ergonomic tester is designed to test most network cable wiring. You can either conduct
an auto or manual test. It has port for RJ11, 12 and 45.
a. LAN tester b. UTP c. soldering iron d. desoldering iron
_____46. It is a popular type of cable used in computer networking that consists of two shielded wires
twisted around each.
a. LAN tester b. UTP c. soldering iron d. desoldering iron
_____47.Which of the following internal cable is the 20 +4 ATX pin connector?

a. b. c.

_____48. Which of the following is an example of IDE(Integrated Drive Electronics) cable ?

a. PATA – Parallel Advance Technology Attachment
b. Molex
c. Berg Connector
d. Case Fan Connector
_____49. The following are the cables that can be used to connect the monitor to the system unit EXCEPT for:
a. HDMI- High Definition Multimedia Interface
b. VGA- Video Graphic Array
c. DVI- Digital Visula Interface
d. Serial cable
_____50. Which of the following PS2 cable is used to connect the keyboard to the system unit?
a. PS2 cable green b. PS2 cable violet c. USB cable d. Optical cable