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Assessment One – Individual Essay

This is an individual written essaydue for submission:

Distribution Date: Wednesday 13th February 2019

Submission Date: Friday 29th March 2019 – 5pm

Feedback and Grade: Approximately 15 Working Days

Assignment One (50%) Individual Assignment - Essay(2,500 words)

This assignment consists of an individual self-reflection upon the residential experience of

2,500 words.

This assignment will helps students to identify their skills and personal attributes via self-
audits and constructive feedback from others.

The reflective piece of work will also indicate the potential areas for the students’ further

The individual reflection will contribute to 50% of the overall module grade.


Based on an activity (a chosen situation/“critical incident”) from the residential weekend

(as recorded in your Reflective Log) reflect upon your residential experience.

You are required to provide a deep reflection-on-action (think about incorporating reflective
analysis of your motives/ behaviour and feelings i.e., why you did something, how you felt,
how other people made you feel etc.) and identify and critically appraise your own personal
development needs in areas of leadership, team working, effective social interaction and

Please remember – the Reflective Log (see the template) should be used during the residential
to record your experiences/emotions etc. Entries in this log will help you to write your self-
reflection as well as to identify the skills and personal attributes where you already perform
well and have evidence. It will also indicate the potential areas for your further development.
Your essay should:
 Be an individual piece of work in an essay format (no headings or bullet points)
 Not exceed 2,500 words
 Use your Personal Data Tests as evidence
 Use an academic reflective model as the basis for your discussion
 Use academic theory and credible sources that supports your Personal Data Tests
 Use Jenny Moon’s Reflective Writing paper as a guide to writing a Dialogic
 Be fully referenced and sourced

Marking Criteria:
1. An ability to provide a high quality reflection-on-action (on your own experience
during the residential weekend, based on a chosen entry from your Reflective Log)
incorporating the following stages: description, analysis, self-awareness evaluation and
2. An ability to analyse and identify your skills and competencies in areas of leadership,
team working, effective social interaction and communication based on your performance
during the chosen activity.
3. An ability to support your reflective account with the relevant links from the literature
(please be sure to avoid the use of descriptive writing/descriptive reflective writing such as
definitions/explanations etc. and use the theory exclusively to support your interpretations of
actions/behaviours/motives etc.)
4. An ability to identify potential areas for your personal development.
5. An appropriate presentation/format/style/ referencing.

Practising Reflective Writing:

1. Be aware of the purpose of your reflective writing and state if it is appropriate

2. Reflective writing requires practice and constant standing back from oneself.
3. Practice reflecting writing on the same event /incident through different people’s
viewpoints and disciplines
4. Deepen your reflection / reflective writing with the help of others through discussing
issues with individuals and groups, getting the points of others.
5. Always reflect on what you have learnt from an incident, and how you would do
something differently another time.
6. Try to develop your reflective writing to include the ethical, moral, historical and
socio-political contexts where these are relevant.

Submission of Assignment

You are required to self-submit your own assignment on Turnitin and you will be given
access to the Originality Report arising from your submission.
An example of a Reflective Log of an Event


What happened? Give an account of what happened.

Reflections on Experience
Looking back, why did the event or situation turn out that way?

What did you do?

What did others do?

How did you feel?

How do you feel now?

Learning from the Experience

What have you learnt from this experience regarding your use of leadership/ team working/ effective
social interaction/communication skills and personal attributes?

What would you do differently in the future?

Action Plans
What actions (if any) do you need to take as a result of this experience to continue the learning?