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EN U muinarionat university COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ‘SCHOOL OF BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING BACHELOR OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (HONOURS) ‘CEBBOI STRUCTURAL DESIGN OF FOUNDATIONS FINAL EXAMINATION SEMESTER 1/2018 YEAR IV DURATION OF EXAMINATION: THREE (3) HOURS PLUS 10 MINUTES READING TIME insiructions to Students: 01. You axe ollowed 10 minutes EXTRA reading time fo familiarize, evaluate anc study the requirements being asked in all the problems before starting fo write solutions. 02. Begin ech onswer on a fresh page, avoid foo many erasures and use both sides of the answer sheet 03, Wile your candidate number o} he top of each attached answer sheet. 04, Write cleary the number(s} of the question(s) attempted on the top of each sheet. insert all written foolscap, graph paper, drawing paper, etc. in their conect sequence and secure with sting, 06, Candidates are wamed not fo open any material during the exam. Any attemp! fo do so and was caught shall be subject fo academic disciplinary action Use block or blue boll pen in answering, penis are not allowed, except for drawing figures. | 08. Allquestions ore compulzory 08. Minimum Final Examination mark is 40% 10. Total number of pages=3 including question poper and formula sheet 'CEBBOI Structural Design of Foundations (Semester 1, 2018) Note: Attempt al the questions. Ne, Marks a. eerste the themes ne inreinforcement reir forthe combined rectansuir (20) ‘octingwhichssupporing two cokes Cand spaced at 3.5 m apart caring the ‘ellowing senice loads ‘eed artve lone af thecal C= £0018 an 200 kN Dead ad ve ane ofthe column C= E00 kN an 200 Sine ofthe olen = 400mm £00 mn steel naractent stength = 00 MPa Concrete characterise eng Allowable bearing praseue cf sot 250402, 2 OF ‘sesame 20-n7 dlamate sts! bce, cover for footing = 75 mm and UB Consider thee secon or bending at the + of footing trom column C2 side (0.2 Dein 3 retangularisate corn foting forthe folowing datas: eo column st 00 en x80, DL 050 LL = 35058 Stel characterise seergth = 400 Pa, Concrete chareteriste strength = 35 MP2 Aowable bearing presure of ol=280 KPa, Asrome 20 mi amter ste! bare, cover for foot sem, $20°F 2.3 Ferte fesovng rapes footing determine the the mension fer yard bs) Peet eseos-Seuctura asian of Foundations, Semester, 2018 2.4 Wat the help offesuing atch determine the settlement arb ing capacty ofthe [25] retfoundatin, Assume OCF = 048, REF x o-€, PULF 20% OT ae a a + Y venlfw! 3 Pus = 10 seem “tem LE ye zokdin® ee snot ealn” Te * -hom Lag Ga Been gs thsee Bee aE mm eft aS Deans square colinnfotingandsterminethedepth"@whegivon (20) ale im sce =350 om x25. Page?