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Surya Consultants & Advisors (SCA)is founded by Mr.S.Suryanarayanan, who is backed by a rich
experience gained over a period of around 20 years in various audits viz., Internal Audit, Statutory
Audit, Management Audit, Inventory Audit, Stock Audit, Banking and Finance sector Audit, Facility
Audit, Documentary audit etc., SCA was born with wish to put forth the experience and the multifarious
exposure the founder had, into best use and eager to see the results working towards the success and
growth of the organisation.
The Internal Audit (IA) will function independently verifying, inter-alia, the accounting processes and
functions. In brief nutshell the functions of the Internal Audit will be as follows:
I. Basic voucher aspects: Checking the approvals of the vouchers, correctness of the
vouchers, segregating unsigned, unapproved vouchers are few to name with.
II. Verification of the loan agreements, DPN, sanction papers as to their correctness and
III. Verification of the documents that are available in support of the loan sanctioned viz.,
collateral property documents & deeds, Individual and Corporate guarantees, etc.,
IV. Correctness of classification of loans and advances into PSL and others agri and non-agri
V. Verification of adherence to the organisation’s policies regarding sanction, disbursal and
stage release conditions etc.,
VI. Correctness of classification of loans and advances as per the Prudential Norms specified
by RBI, as applicable.
VII. Verification of the provisioning required as per RBI norms.
VIII. Verification of customer outstanding and adequacy of follow-up measures taken and
suggestions to improve the same.
IX. Verification of the safe custody of the securities available against the loans & advances
including valuables.
X. Verification of the finance obtained by the organisation from Banks as to its adequacy vis-
a-vis its optimal deployment towards loans to clients.
XI. Ensuring the BRS preparation by the Accounts is timely and obtains the clarifications form
Banks and Financial Institutions.
XII. Setting up Internal Control processes viz., control policies, devising hierarchical approval
structure, department wise internal control procedures, identifying areas for pre-audit, if
any, framing the broader outline of IA department and discuss with the management to
identify and add more areas as required by them.
XIII. Ensuring the Accounts department complies with all statutory requirements – be it GST,
TDS, PF/ESI, Professional tax etc., by evolving a step by step process that culminates with
the filing of relevant copies with IA department also to ensure proper control.
XIV. Identification of risk and fraud prone areas and mitigation measures.
XV. Evolving an overall solution and remedial in case of deviations of any of the above.
XVI. Ensuring timely preparation of all financial statements by Accounts.
XVII. Conducting of periodical Orientation, Knowledge updation and motivation classes to staff.
XVIII. Any other functions as may be decided by the management.
Mentor & strategist
Surya Consultants & Advisors
Contact details: 8610511075 mail: sunsarvaas@gmail.com