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Tallahassee Democrat SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2019

The magazine for Tallahassee’s
active boomer and senior community

Resources abound at the Active Living Expo
Active Living is a bi-Monthly publi-
cation of the Tallahassee Senior
Center, 1400 N Monroe St., Talla-
Interested in the pursuit of knowledge? Lifelong Learning offers a variety of classes at a variety of locations. Limited space is hassee, FL 32303. 850-891-4000.
available and classes fill up quickly. For more information or to register, email Maureen.Haberfeld@talgov.com or call 850-891- Sheila Salyer, Senior Services Man-
4033. You may also stop by the TSC and complete an application. Lifelong Learning programs are sponsored in part by Talla- ager, City of Tallahassee and Exec-
hassee Moose Lodge # 1075, the City of Tallahassee, Leon County, and the Tallahassee Senior Center & Foundation. utive Director, Tallahassee Senior
Public Opinion Polls: How and Why rewarding relationships. Shauna
They Work Smith, Instructor. $5 donation/class Audrey Byrne, Managing Editor
Mondays, Mar. 11, 18, 25, 10-11:30 (50+) / $7 (others) Martha Gruender, Coordinating
a.m., NE Branch Library 5513 Thom- Copy Editor
asville Road Historic Tour of St. John’s Episcopal
The results from public opinion polls Cemetery and Church The mission of Tallahassee Senior
are used in a number of ways and Fri., Apr. 5, 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., meet at Services is to offer programs, activ-
influence what Americans eat, the TSC ities, and opportunities designed to
products they purchase, and the tele- Tallahassee’s St. John’s Episcopal encourage active living, optimal
vision programs they watch. Now, Art of Storytelling celebrates both Church (est. 1829) is on the National aging, and social fitness for in-
polls play an important role in politics. camaraderie and stories created. Register of Historic Places. Take a dependent adults age 50+.
Join expert Dr. Suzanne Parker as she Front row (r to l), Instructor Linda walking tour, with church historians, Disclaimer of Endorsement: Refer-
examines several ideas expressed Schuyler-Ford, Judy Stricklin, Betty and Phil Ashler, of the St. John’s ence herein to any specific com-
about public opinion polls and ex- Roberta Carney, LifeLong Learning cemetery. Many well-known figures mercial products, process, or ser-
plains why properly designed polls can Coordinator Maureen Haberfeld, from Tallahassee’s early history are vice by trade name, trademark,
give a representative picture of the Addie Carol-Beal, Carol Boebinger, buried here. Tour the church and dis- manufacturer, or otherwise does
American public. $5 donation/class and, Werner Sachs. Back Row (r to l), cover its history, architecture, stained not necessarily constitute or imply
(50+) / $7 (others) Di Jacques, Chuck Finkel, Johanna glass windows, altar, and Fisk organ. its endorsement, recommendation
Rucker, Mae Cleveland, Rachael Participants have an opportunity to or favoring by Tallahassee Senior
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Webb, and, Michael Hutson. tour the bell tower and ring the bells. Services or the Tallahassee Senior
Tue., Mar. 26, 7 – 8:30 p.m. The tour concludes with lunch in St. Foundation.
Slainte! Everyone gets to be Irish in John’s Lively Café; lunch price is not
March. Don your green and join the a.m., NE Branch Library 5513 Thom- included. Space is limited. $10 fee for ABOUT THE SENIOR CENTER
Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers as they asville Road tour. Transportation from TSC.
For questions or more information on Talla-
perform different styles of soft and Instructor Tom Friedman will help hassee Senior Services, the Tallahassee
hard shoe. Director David Jones will participants gain a deeper under- Seacrest Wolf Preserve Tour Senior Center & Foundation, activities, and 15
share his knowledge of the origins and standing of the Chinese people, their Tue., Apr. 16, 8:45 a.m. – 4 p.m., meet neighborhood venues, contact 850-891-4000
varieties of Irish dance. Participants worldviews, culture, and social organi- at TSC or visit www.talgov.com/seniors and www.Tal-
lahasseeSeniorFoundation.org. “Like” us at
will have a chance to learn some steps zation. The first 2 sessions will ad- Travel to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve,
Facebook.com/TallahasseeSenior- Center.
themselves. Enjoy Irish themed appe- dress early Chinese history with an in Chipley, FL, a place where humans For Leon County Senior Outreach (a program
tizers and beverages (including Guin- emphasis on rituals. The final 2 classes and wolves connect in nature for edu- of the TSCF), read the LCSO Gazette, call
ness). Fee $17 will cover the great philosophies of cational purposes. The preserve’s goal 850-891-4065, or visit cms.leoncountyfl.gov.
Confucius, Tao, and Legalism with an is to build bridges of greater under- To receive the TSCF bi-weekly newsletter,
email Lisa.DollarCovert@talgov.com.
Gadsden Arts Center Norman Rock- emphasis on how they shape Chinese standing and respect for wolves in the
well Exhibit life today. $5 donation/class (50+) / $7 natural world. Spend 2 hours with the
Thu., Mar. 28, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Trans- (others) wolves, followed by a picnic lunch at
portation from TSC the preserve. Space is limited. Fee On the cover: Clockwise from top
Travel to the Gadsden Arts Center in “Don’t look at me with that tone of $65/person (includes lunch and trans- right: Presenting Sponsor
Quincy, FL to view the current exhibi- voice!” Nonverbal Communication portation). Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s
tion: Norman Rockwell in the 1960’s. Thursdays, Apr. 4, 11, 18, 25, 1:30-3 Memory Disorder Clinic Intern
This exhibit of prints and tearsheets p.m. TSC Bon Appetit! French Wine, Cheese, Camry Moore, Susan Poplin,
has been organized by the Norman Nonverbal cues (facial expressions, and Dessert Tasting Principal Planner,
Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, smells, gestures, sounds, use of time, Tue., Apr. 23, 6 – 8 p.m., TSC Audi- Tallahassee-Leon County Planning
Massachusetts. It focuses on illustra- colors, clothing, posture, use of space, torium Department, Kai, son of Amanda
tions the artist created during the voice tone, and eye contact) are pow- Amanda Morrison, sommelier from For Blake, Surterra’s Wellness
1960’s. Enjoy a tour of the exhibit and erful communication tools that com- the Table Hospitality will lead us on an Coordinator, enjoys a strawberry,
lunch catered by Damfino’s Café. $28 municate without words! These “cues” exploration of French wines and how North Florida Women’s Care
fee for class (includes museum admis- can either put people at ease, and they are best paired with food. There Jennifer Jenson, Nurse and
sion, lunch, and transportation). Space draw others towards you, or can of- will be an assortment of cheeses and Amanda Pierce, Mike Bristol, Lew
is limited. fend and undermine what you’re try- appetizers to enjoy with the wines. For Wilson, and Ken Franklin with the
ing to convey. Explore and gain a bet- the grand finale, Brandon Langworthy, Florida Veterans Foundation, and
Patterns that Shaped the Chinese ter understanding of nonverbal com- the chef from Mulligan Park, will make Sportsability’s Pernille Urban with
People munication, learn to connect better delicious flambés for everyone to Florida Disabled Outdoors
Mondays, Apr. 1, 8, 15, 22, 10 - 11:30 with others, and build stronger, more enjoy. Fee $20 /person Association.


TALL Class 11, front to back, right to left, Hella Spellman, TSC Program &
Services Director (LT 26), Donna Benz, Helen Burke, Hannah Bergau, Intern, Gigi
Foster, Barbara Boone, Executive Director, Leadership Tallahassee, Joan Tolliver,
Chair TALL Advisory Council (TALL 8), Teresa Wells, Bobbie Prine, Shauna Smith,
BJ Jarmon, Ruth Nickens, Martina Person, Gary Whittenberger, Peggy Mann, Jim
Healy, Chet Barclay, Richard Kane, Buddy Cunill, Kelvin Wallace, Terry Ryan, Jane
Healy, and (not pictured), Ivy Mitchell and Judy Shipman. Join the TSC for a TALL
Class 11 graduation Reception on Tue., Mar. 12, 5:30-7 p.m. Additional TALL
photos on pg. 5 & 8 and on Facebook at #TALLClass11.

Help honor community’s

Silver Stars, volunteers
The 18th annual Silver Stars celebra-
tion is Thursday, May 23. This event rec- Thu., May 23, 6 p.m., University Center
ognizes 8 “Silver Stars,” outstanding in- Tickets on sale now!
dividuals in the Big Bend area who
range in age from 60 to 99 and inspire www.TallahasseeSeniorFoundation.org
others to stay involved and live well. In LisaDollarCovert@talgov.com or 891-
addition, the TSC Foundation recogniz- 4003
es more than 400 volunteers who con-
tribute to the life of the Senior Center Your sponsorship is an investment in
and our many neighborhood programs. much more than this one evening. Fam-
We also thank our sponsors and our key ilies and friends of our honorees also
holders during this event for their con- celebrate this occasion and applaud the
tributions to the success of the Talla- lifetime achievements of these individ-
hassee Senior Center and Foundation. uals. Our Silver Stars motivate others to
We hope you will help us celebrate keep growing, doing, learning, and giv-
and honor our Silver Stars by becoming ing. They exemplify living a happy, full
a sponsor of this event. Capital Health and engaged life. We invite you to be a
Plan leads the way as our Presenting part of this wonderful celebration.
Sponsor and we have many wonderful Please contact Lori Swanson, Lo-
partners who support this event annu- ri.Swanson@Talgov.com for more infor-
ally. We welcome new and returning mation on Silver Stars sponsorships.
sponsors who help to make this event For ticket information, email Lisa.Dol-
affordable and accessible to seniors of larCovert@talgov.com or call 850-891-
all economic means. 4003.
COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY and much more. If your laptop is run-
ning Windows 10, bring it to class. $20
Interested in taking computer classes?
(50+) or $25 (non-Seniors)
Stop by Tallahassee Senior Center (TSC)
receptionist desk and complete an DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS
application to express your computer
Basic Digital Photography
course interests. Call 850-891-4008 or
Wed., Apr. 3, 6:30 – 9 p.m.
email Kristy.Carter@talgov.com to re-
Learn the basic functions of your digital
quest an application be sent to you or
camera: how to turn it on; locate the
to have your name added to the “in-
battery and memory card; use scene
terest roster.” A variety of classes are
modes; turn off the flash; and how to
offered and vary in donation.
get images onto your computer. Class
Mentor Up includes the topics of ISO, White Bal-
Wed, Mar. 27, Apr. 24, & May 22, 4:30 – ance, Exposure Value, Camera Metering
5:30 p.m. or 5:30-6:30 p.m. and others.
Join AARP and Leon High School Key
Advanced Digital Photography
Club students for one on one help with
Wed., Apr. 10, 6:30 – 9 p.m.
your technology device. To register call
This class continues, in depth, the top-
Leslie Spencer at 850-577-5165.
ics of ISO, White Balance, Exposure
Peggy Mann and Shauna Smith take their turn in a bucket truck during TALL
Microsoft Excel – Basic Value, Color Temperature, Program -
CLass 11 Public Safety Day!
Tue., Wed., and Thu., Apr. 16, 17, 18, 23, Aperture - Shutter modes, metering,
24 & 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (attend all 6 and other advanced functions. Also to
sessions) be discussed: lighting techniques, im-
mentals of image editing, photo resto- month (not on any 5th), 11-11:50 a.m.
Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel. age arrangement, time-of-day photog-
ration and other image manipulation This class focuses on fingerstyle play-
Bring a flash drive. $20 (50+) or $25 raphy tripod management, the ad-
techniques. ing, as well as instrumental melody/
(non-Seniors) for the entire course. vanced features on the digital single
chord arrangements. Basic music the-
Preregistration and payment required - lens reflex (DSLR) camera, and the ad- Photoshop Elements
ory is taught as we play a variety of
space is limited. vantages and disadvantages of various 1st & 3rd Mon., 6:30–8 p.m. $5 per class
pieces. Everyone is welcome, even if
lens configurations. The topics and Come join us to learn or improve your
Microsoft Word – Basic you think this level may be too ad-
issues discussed will carry forward to photo editing skills with the Photoshop
Tue., Wed., and Thu., May 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 vanced for you. $2 (50+), $3 (others).
the Travel Session. Elements software program. Partici-
& 16, 5:30-7:30 p.m. (attend all 6 ses-
pants will: view and discuss photo ed- SPECIAL EVENTS
Travel Photography
iting tutorials; member projects; and,
Learn the basics of Microsoft Word. Wed., May 1, 6:30 – 9 p.m. About Your Safety: Senior Self Defense
have ample question, answer, and shar-
Bring a flash drive. $20 (50+) or $25 Review many situations photographers Thu., Mar. 28, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Activ-
ing opportunities. Class meets twice a
(non-Seniors) for the entire course. come across when traveling. Discover ity Room
month in the early evening with a
Preregistration and payment required - different tricks and techniques, such as Do not become a victim! Learn the
planned agenda.
space is limited. shooting from a speeding car, catching a many ways to stay safe both inside your
Microsoft Basics and Beyond
rainbow, shooting in snow and taking MUSIC home and outside in the world, includ-
photos in dark areas such as churches. ing how to avoid risk, and physical self-
Tue. & Thu., Mar. 5, 7, 12 & 14, 9–11 a.m. GUITAR
This class includes previous content defense strategies to protect yourself
(attend all 4 dates) OR Tuesdays, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
from the Digital Single Lens Reflex or a loved one. Offered by Maria Mercu-
Tue. & Thu., Apr. 16, 18, 23 & 25, 9–11 Our guitar get-together is an opportu-
(DSLR) class and the Travel Photography. rio, Tallahassee Police Dept.
a.m. (attend all 4 dates) nity to dust off that old guitar and join
Beginners, focus is on navigating your Using Paint Shop Pro an ongoing group of beginning-to- About Your Safety: Active Shooter
computer, keyboard tips and shortcuts, Wed., May 8, 6:30 – 9 p.m. intermediate players. Enjoy an opportu- Preparedness
cut and paste, intro to word processing, The editing software, Paint Shop Pro, nity to share songs and exchange play- Wed.., Apr. 17, 10:30 a.m. to noon, Din-
access programs, and improve typing also known as PSP, should be loaded on ing techniques. There is limited in- ing Room
and editing skills. the laptop. It is desirable to have one of struction, so it’s helpful if you know a Active shooting events at work places
the PSP versions X10 through 2019. If few chords. The group will take time and public venues have increased in
Tech Help
you use Photoshop, Elements, Light- with beginners who would like to learn recent years. Such events can occur
Fri., Mar. 29, Apr. 5, 12, & 19, 10-12 p.m.
room or other advanced editing soft- to play. $2 (50+), $3 (others). anywhere without warning. There are
Need some assistance with a tech de-
ware, you will find these classes in- things you can do to protect yourself
vice? FSU students are here to assist UKULELE BEGINNING
formative and a good review. PSP is and the lives of others. Presented by
you. No registration required. 1st & 3rd Friday of each month, 10-
easy to use with an extremely short Inv. Charles Cockerham, Tactical Appre-
10:50 a.m.
Window 10 Operating System learning curve. hension and Control Team, TPD, this
This class provides information about
Tue. & Thu., Apr. 2, 4, 9 & 11, 9–11 a.m. For Beginners, Intermediate and Ad- training will address a variety of con-
the ukulele, and instruction on basic
(attend all 4 dates) vanced Users: Over the years, these cepts and response options for individ-
chords and strum patterns. Everyone is
Tue. & Thu., May 7, 9, 14 & 16, 9–11 a.m. classes have demonstrated that attend- uals faced with an active shooter in-
welcome! Must bring your own Uke. $2
(attend all 4 dates) ees at all three levels tend to help each cident. Receive information that will
(50+), $3 (others).
Struggling with the change to Windows other along with the instructor’s direc- assist in day to day situational aware-
10? Learn about the different features tion. This class covers most of the fea- FINGERSTYLE UKULELE CLASS ness. Everyone is encouraged to at-
including the Start Menu, setting app tures of Paint Shop Pro and the funda- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Friday of each tend.


DANCE adults including poses, relaxation, and
mediation. Wear comfortable clothes
and bring yoga mat (if you have one).
Thursdays, 10:45 – 11:45 a.m.
Fee: $10 (50+), $12 others.
Learn basic ballet technique, while ex-
periencing the joy of expression and NEIGHBORHOOD FITNESS SITES
movement. No previous experience
Each class $3 (50+), $4 others, $5 yoga.
necessary! $2 (50+), $3 (others).
Allegro Inspired Senior Living, 4501
Shannon Lakes Dr. W.
Brain, Body, Balance with Kathy Gilbert,
Fridays, 5:30-7 p.m.
Wed., 2 - 3 p.m.
Dance lessons include Ballroom, Swing,
the Fox Trot, Tango, Waltz, and Cha Bradfordville Fitness, Northeast Branch
Cha. No partner needed. Meet people! Library, 5513 Thomasville Rd.
Have fun! $5. Note: Class size limited, before attend-
ing your first class, call instructor Llona
at 878-1685 or Ferdouse at 766-6001
Sat. 7:30–10:30 p.m.
Senior Fitness I (Beginner) with Fer-
Groove on Tallahassee’s largest dance
douse: Tue. & Fri., 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.
floor. Complimentary lessons at 6:30
Senior Fitness I (Beginner) with Llona:
p.m. Dances are smoke and alcohol free.
Tue. & Fri., 10:30-11:15 a.m.
Dance nights with paid entry: $8/USAB
Gary Whittenberger participates in a MILO Use of Force Simulation (how officers Senior Fitness II (Intermediate) with
Dance members, $14/non-members,
learn when to shoot) on TALL Class 11 Public Safety Day. Llona: Tue. & Fri., 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
and $5 for students with valid IDs. Mark
Senior Fitness (Afternoon) with Llona:
your calendars for the following dance
Tue. & Fri., 1-2 p.m.
April 26 – Laura Light & Friends with noon, is a NIA based yoga class. A gen- Yoga for Adults with Ferdouse: Mon.,
April 13 – Ballroom Boot Camp (work-
Caller JoLaine Jones-Pokorney (Gaine- tle, yoga-based, fitness class that fo- 1:30-2:30 p.m. and Wed., 4-5 p.m. $5
ville) cuses on increasing energy, reducing
May 18 – Jump, Jive and Wail – Casual Chaires-Capitola Dorothy C. Spence
May 10 – Runaway Biscuits with Caller falls, and maintaining flexibility. Taught
Community Center: 4768 Chaires Cross
CAPITAL TWIRLERS ROUND DANCE Vicki Morrison by Lori Roberts, certified NIA yoga in-
Mondays, 6 p.m. structor.
DANCING FOR FUN Senior Fitness with Judy Upchurch:
Come and enjoy modern, social, round
Fridays, 2–4 p.m. BRAIN-BODY-BALANCE, Mon., 1:30- Mon., Wed. & Fri., 8:30-9:30 a.m.
dancing which is choreographed and
A fun dance for any age group – it’s our 2:30 p.m. at the TSC, is an active-aging, Seated Fitness: Tue. & Thu., 9:30-10:30
cued ballroom dancing that progresses
love of dancing that keeps us young! All fall prevention program specifically a.m.
in a circular pattern.
types of ballroom dancing. Come with created to train and reverse many types
Fort Braden Community Center: 16387
CAPITAL TWIRLERS SQUARE DANCE or without a partner. $2 (50+), $3 (oth- of aging. Taught by Kathy Gilbert. See
Blountstown Hwy.
Mondays, 7 p.m. ers). Neighborhood Fitness Sites for other
Senior Fitness with Wendy Barber: Mon.
Mainstream and Plus Level Square times, listings and instructors.
BEGINNING LINE DANCE & Wed., 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Dancing every Monday from 8 – 9 p.m.
Thursdays, 12:30 p.m. CHAIR YOGA, Fri., 11 a.m.-noon, offers
Level adjusted to fit dancers’ skills. Lake Jackson Community Center: 3840
Lace up your shoes and let’s dance. a gentle yoga workout for increased
Non-member dancer donation: $5. N. Monroe St., Ste. 301
From country to pop music, let the beat mobility, bladder control, self-esteem,
Non-dancing visitors welcome to watch Mindful Movement with Lori Roberts,
move your feet! $2 (50+), $3 (others). and mental focus. Taught by Bridget
for free. Lessons given annually. Visit Thu., 1-2 p.m.
Welch, certified yoga instructor.
www.Facebook.com/Tallahasseetwir- LINE DANCE WITH GINA Gentle Mat Yoga with Lori Roberts,
lers or Libby at 850-566-2117. Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. LIFE EXERCISE, Tue. and Thu., 9:30- Wed., 2– 3 p.m. $5 requested
Learn to do the most popular line danc- 10:30 a.m., is a very popular and dy- Miccosukee Community Center: 13887
es: country, R & B, etc. $2 (50+), $3 namic workout consisting of aerobics, Moccasin Gap Rd.
(others). light weights, stretching, strengthening Senior Fitness with Judy Upchurch, Tue.
and balance exercises. This workout is & Thu., 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
suitable for everyone and you can par-
Jigs, reels, and all kinds of fun. Moves SENIOR CENTER Optimist Park, 1355 Indianhead Dr.
ticipate seated. Taught by Pomeroy
similar to square dance with a caller Brain-Body-Balance with Kathy Gilbert
Fitness classes are $3 (50+), $4 others, Brinkley.
instructing each dance before the mu- or Ferdouse Sultana, Tue. & Thu., 10-11
unless otherwise indicated. Fitness
sic begins. $10/adults, $9/seniors, $6/ TAI CHI: Wed. and Fri. 10-11 a.m. In- a.m.
cards can also be purchased -- $25 for
students, $0/under age 12. Wear com- structor provided by the Taoist Tai Chi SouthWood Community Center, 4675
10 classes ($5 discount). For more in-
fortable shoes and clothes. No partner Society. Grove Park Dr.
formation, call Ruth Nickens, RN, Health
or experience necessary. Newcomers Brain-Body-Balance with Wendy Barber,
& Wellness Program Coordinator at ZUMBA® GOLD: Thu., 5:30-6:30 p.m.,
should arrive by 7:15 p.m. Visit www.tal- Tue., 1-2 p.m., $5 requested
850-891-4042 or Ruth.Nickens@tal- Taught by Jacqueline Parra. $5 (50+) $7
lydancer.com for more information. Woodville Community Center: 8000 Old
gov.com or Henry Steele, Health Suite others.
March 22 – Fish Camp Cutups with Call- Woodville Rd.
Assistant at 850-891-4045 or visit our
er Vicki Morrison YOGA: Mon. and Wed., 5:30-7 p.m., Senior Fitness with Llona Geiger, Mon. &
website at Talgov.com/Seniors.
April 12 – In Cahoots with Caller Rachel taught by certified yoga instructor Wed., 8:30-9:30 a.m.
Flemming MINDFUL MOVEMENT, Tue., 11 a.m.- Pamela Hunter. Vigorous practice for


The listed presentations, massage, and LC Hill, student
classes at the Tallahassee Senior Center in the Lively March 11 – 17 is
are $2 unless otherwise indicated. For Tech Barbering
more information on programs, regis- Program and National Multiple
tration or donations, email Ruth.Nick- Warren Bishop Sclerosis Awareness
ens@talgov.com or call 850-891-4042 with a fresh
or 891-4045. haircut! Week
UPSLIDE Friends Connection: A The programs below address this
Friendly Chat Group Just for You unpredictable, and often disabling
Mondays, 3 – 4:30 p.m., TSC Auditori- disease:
um, 1400 N. Monroe St. OR MS: Monday Mornings at the
Thursdays, 1 – 2:30 p.m., TSC Conf. Rm. Movies, Mon., Mar. 18 & Mon.,
3A, 1400 N. Monroe St. Mar. 25, 11 a.m. - noon, Dining
Feeling alone can impact health and Room. Learn about the causes of
impair successful aging. This weekly MS, who is impacted, how it is
program aims to help you meet new diagnosed/treated, and how to
people, share ideas, practice communi- maintain an active lifestyle. Two
cation skills, engage in meaningful con- mornings of movies, popcorn, and
Conf Rm 1A how moving better can impact feeling
versation, and have fun! For more in- conversation about MS.
This program, designed by former better. A few exercises and stretches
formation, email Melanie.Lachman@tal-
smokers, is developed for people who that are helpful for increasing and Walk with Ease: Wed, Thu., & Fri.,
gov.com or call 891-4066. We encour-
want to become non-smokers. Attend maintaining spinal mobility will be dem- Mar. 27 – May 3, 8:15 –9 a.m.,
age you to take that first step and join
one of these highly effective class/ onstrated following the talk. Auditorium. Developed by the
UPSLIDE at the TSC or at one of our
support groups if you are ready to quit. Arthritis Foundation, for anyone
outreach sites: Shave and a Haircut: The Barbers are
Nicotine patches provided at no charge. who wants to walk and talk, while
Lincoln Neighborhood Center, 438 W. Offered by Big Bend AHEC. Call 224- enjoying the benefits of regular
Thu., Apr. 11 & May 9, 10 a.m. – noon,
Brevard St., 3rd Tuesday of the month, 1177 to register. (indoor) exercise. Facilitated by
Activity Room
10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Area Agency on Aging. Call Henry
Move Better: Feel Better Lively Barber School brings students to
Miccosukee Community Center, 13887 Wed., Apr. 3, 11 a.m. to noon, Dining make you feel like a million bucks. Hair- at 891-4045 to register.
Moccasin Gap Road, 2nd Tuesday of the Room cuts and shaves for men and simple Intro to Anti-Inflammatory Diet:
month, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.; light lunch Our new partner, Dr. Benjamin Lunn, will trims for women. Donations appreciat- Wed., Apr. 24, 11 a.m. - noon,
provided. give a brief lecture on the benefits that ed. Dining Room. Learn more about
chiropractic care can have on overall how an anti-inflammatory diet can
Tools to Quit: A Smoking Cessation Podiatry Screening & Foot Care
health and wellbeing. Focus is on spinal help reduce the symptoms of
Workshop Thu., Jun. 6, 12:30 - 2:30 p.m., Health
mobility and movement patterns, and many chronic diseases. Presented
Mon., Apr 1 & May 6, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., Suite
Dr. Gary McCoy, Podiatrist & foot spe- in a small round-table format by
cialist cuts toenails and assesses and Audrey Locy, Intern, FSU College
treats foot problems. Doctor accepts of Exercise Science.
Medicare, Medicaid, and secondary
insurance, which may cover costs.
Offered one Tuesday each Month in
Tallahassee Senior Center Health Suite,
conjunction with Reiki, these encoun-
unless otherwise noted.
ters introduce you to the secrets of the
Blood Pressure, Wed. & Thu., 10 a.m. –
timeless art of meditation. Feel calmer,
more focused and balanced. Taught by
Glucose, Every Wed., 10 a.m. – noon
Leslie Hanks, Yoga Unlimited.
Vision Screenings, Wed., Mar. 13, 10
a.m. – noon, offered by FSU College on Massage, Tue., Mar. 19, 10 a.m. - noon,
Medicine Norma Reesor, LMT.
Pulse Oximetry, Thu., Apr. 4 & May 2,
Energy Healing through Sound and
10 a.m. – noon
Hearing, Wed., April 10, 10 a.m. – noon,
Tue. Mar. 12 & May 7, 10 a.m. – 12:30
offered by Audibel
p.m., Health Suite
MASSAGE, MEDITATION, Climb onto the massage table, close
AND REIKI your eyes and experience a special
morning of Reiki & energy healing. Of-
Reiki, Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. - noon,
fered by Reiki practitioners Michelle
Susie Howell, Reiki Master, and Friends
Chason and Leisa McCullion. 20-minute
Meditation and Mindfulness Guide- sessions. Sign up in the Health Suite. $3
lines, Tue., Apr. 2 & May 14, 10:30 - requested donation.


Lunch & Learns (L&L) offer lively and
engaging programs for adults 50+. All
Lunch & Learns are 10:30 a.m.-12:30
p.m. Each L&L includes exhibitors,
health screenings, and lunch, $6. These
events are a program of the Tallahassee
Senior Center & Foundation, funded by
the Leon County Board of County Com-
missioners. For information on Leon
County Senior Outreach events, field
trips, outdoor pursuits, and classes,
e-mail Susan.Davis@talgov.com or call
850-891-4065. Note: LifeLong Learning
classes, fitness classes and art work-
shops are offered at multiple locations.
See pg. 2 for LifeLong Learning classes, Friends Connection: Mar. 12, Apr. 9,
pg. 5 for fitness classes, pg. 6 for May 14, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. Light lunch Marghi Bunck-McClearn presents “Ageless Grace” at a Healthy for Life Class at
Friends Connection (UPSLIDE), pg. 8 for provided. Oak Ridge Elementary.
Outdoor Pursuits, and pg. 16 for art Woodville, Woodville Community Cen-
workshops. ter, 8000 Old Woodville Rd.
Bradfordville, Wildwood Presbyterian Lunch & Learns: Mar. 14 (CRMC Health pist with TMH, as she presents on “Bal- Begins Apr. 10 (Wednesdays), 11 a.m. –
Fellowship Hall, 100 Ox Bottom Rd. Fair), Apr. 11 & May 9 ance for Older Adults.” 1 p.m.: This 8-week series of classes
Lunch & Learns: Mar. 13 & Apr. 10 & May Apr. 9: Julie Woods, Research and includes lunch, health screenings, in-
8 (Field trip, call 891-4065 to register) Training Specialist with the Division of centives, and more…all geared toward
Chaires-Capitola, Dorothy C. Spence Food Safety, FL Dept. of Agriculture and building health in the community. Plan
Community Center, 4768 Chaires WELLNESS CIRCLES Consumer Services, will present on to attend all classes. $2 suggested
Crossroad Join neighbors, make new friends and “Food Safety.” Learn how food safety at donation per each class. Space is lim-
Lunch & Learns: Mar. 26 & Apr. 23 discuss important health topics at home is just as important as in restau- ited; must be registered to attend. For
Fort Braden, Fort Braden Community these once-a-month gatherings. Light rants. more information or to register, email
Center, 16387 Blountstown Hwy. refreshments, incentives, and health Jake Gaither Community Center, 801 Wendy.Barber@talgov.com or call 850-
Lunch & Learns: Mar. 19 & Apr. 16 screenings are available. $2 donation. Bragg Dr., (850) 891-3940 891-4052; dates and speakers below:
Lake Jackson, Lake Jackson Communi- For more information, e-mail Wen- Wellness Circle, 3rd Wed. of each Apr. 10: Sandra Stoutamire, TSC Re-
ty Center, 3840 North Monroe St., Ste. 301 dy.Barber@talgov.com or call (850) month, 11 a.m. – noon. source Coordinator, “Community Re-
Lunch & Learns: Mar. 21 & Apr. 18 891-4052. Mar. 18: “Balance for Older Adults” sources Available to You”
Canasta, Cards and Games: Tuesdays, Jack McLean Community Center, 700 (description above) Apr. 17: Floya Fisher, Nutritionist, UF
1-4 p.m., $1 per class Paul Russell Rd., (850) 891-2505 Apr. 15: “Food Safety” (description IFAS, “Family Nutrition: Healthy Eating”
Miccosukee, Miccosukee Community Wellness Circle, 2nd Tue. of each above) May 1 and May 8: Fajr Hassan, PharmD,
Center, 13887 Moccasin Gap Rd. month, 11 a.m. – noon. Director of Pharmacy, Encompass
Lunch & Learns: Apr. 4 & May 2 Mar. 12: Falls are the leading cause of Health Rehabilitation Hospital, “Living
Jack McLean Community Center, 700
Bus Trip to Walmart: Apr. 5 & May 3, 10 fatal and non-fatal injuries among sen- with Diabetes and Other Chronic Ill-
Paul Russell Road, (850) 891-2505
a.m. – 12:30 p.m. iors. Join Teresa Hunter, Physical Thera- nesses”

Longtime GaP Complimentary lunch provided for

participants grandparents and other relative care-
Gene and givers.
Louise Lewis
NEW! GaP Evening Support Group!
enjoy getting
together with Mon., Mar. 11 & Apr. 8, 6-7:30 p.m.
Sue McCollum Community Center in
Lafayette Park, 501 Ingleside Ave.
raising their
grandchildren Join other grandparents raising their
Remember these Dates
at GaP events. grandchildren to discuss your unique
GaP Support Lunch situation and then share dinner with
other grand-families. Reservations are
Wed., Mar. 27 & Apr. 24, noon – 1:30 p.m.
required for all events. For questions or
Leon County Public Library, 200 W. Park to RSVP, email Karen.Boebinger@tal-
Ave, Program Room A. gov.com or call 850-891-4027.


TALL Class 11 engages in community leadership
Tallahassee Active LifeLong Leaders
(TALL) is an 8-week program for indi-
viduals age 50+, provided in partnership
with the Greater Tallahassee Chamber
of Commerce, Leadership Tallahassee
Program and sponsored by AARP. Appli-
TALL Class 11 learns about public cations to the program are generally re-
safety from Walt McNeil, Leon County leased in early October. Acceptance to
Sheriff, Chief Chad Abrams, Leon Co. the program is competitive.
Emergency Services, Interim CDA Class 11 participants come from a va-
Director Steve Harrelson, Major Steve riety of backgrounds and professions.
Outlaw, TPD, and (not pictured) Chief This diverse group of individuals bring
Jerome Gaines, TFD. their unique perspectives to interactive
activities and exercises as they meet
with local professionals and leaders in:
arts & culture; public safety; media &
justice; age friendly communities;
health & human services; and business
& economic development.
Thanks to all the local community
leaders who generously shared their
time and insight. A graduation ceremo-
ny for TALL Class 11 will be held on Tue.,
Mar. 12 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., in the TSC
auditorium. For more information on the
TALL Class 11 tours Railroad Square as part of Arts & Culture Day. From left, program, the next TALL open house, and
Dr. BJ Jarmon and Chet Barclay Harry Smith of Harry Smith Outdoors, Dr. BJ Jarmon, TALL 11, Lilian Finn, application opportunity, email
participate in an introduction exercise Railroad Square Property Manager, Martina Person, TALL 11, Bill Tice, Athena’s Hella.Spellman@talgov.com or call 850-
on Orientation Day. Garden and Lauren Baker, Director of the 621Gallery. 891-4007. Photo credits: Hannah Bergau

Donna Benz,
Helen Burke,
Jim Healy
work on
“Which Rights
to Keep and
Which to
Loose” on
Media &
Justice Day.

Kim Kelling
(LT 28),
Content and
takes TALL
Class 11 on a
TV Studio
Tour of WFSU
on Media &
Justice Day.


Games coordinator debuts as three-sport athlete
Nick Gandy “You play, you talk for a while and then start another
game,” he said. “For the majority of people, playing is
Earlier this week, Joseph Aracri picked up his table more of a social thing than competition, until it comes
tennis and pickleball paddles at Jack McLean Park and to tournaments.”
carried his bag of golf clubs on to Hilaman Golf Course, Aracri has no problem switching gears from social
making his debut as an athlete in Capital City Senior to competitive having won a few gold medals in dou-
Games competition. bles competition in Thomasville, Lake City and Ala-
A Tallahassee business owner, and a Thomasville chua County.
resident, Aracri is no stranger to the Games as he has When it comes to which is a favorite, he admits, be-
been part of the Table Tennis sport director team since ing a table tennis player for 25 years, the action on the
2002. He turns 50 in May, but is eligible to compete like green table is his best. But the most enjoyable to him is
all others who turn 50 by end of the calendar year. when he steps out on the golf course, where depending
Aracri competed in Table Tennis, Pickleball and on whether he is “playing smart or just playing,” he
Golf and took a spot on the medal stand, just like the shoots between 75 and 95.
athletes he has directed to the stand over the years at His administrative duties at the Florida Senior
the Florida Senior Games. Games and Sunshine State Games curtailed his com-
“I play anything with a ball,” he said. “I’ve always petitive table tennis in the late 1990s and he has been a
been competing and knowing about the Senior Games mainstay at the registration table directing fellow
helped in becoming involved. Through the years, ev- players to their destination.
eryone asked me about the Games so once I became He admits there is no shortage of quality table ten-
eligible, I was in.” nis players in Tallahassee at a variety of clubs. At the
From an ambassador for living a healthy and active height of his playing days he played at 1600 and 1700
lifestyle after 50 to an athlete, besides the three sports level while the top players in Florida are playing in the
Aracri is playing in the Capital City Senior Games, he 2100 and 2200 levels. “I was among the second and
can also be found at the bowling alley, on the softball third tier of players in the state.”
field or on the basketball courts. He also dabbles in While Aracri embraces the fitness, competitive and
disc golf. social nature Senior Games competitions provide, it’s
His leap into the Capital City Senior Games comes the variety of athletes he sees while playing table ten-
as no surprise to Florida Senior Games Table Tennis nis that’s most impressive.
Director, Brad Woodington, who referred to Aracri as “At Table Tennis competitions you see all different
“my right arm,” during the annual Games. kinds of athletes from all different walks of life coming
“He’s a sports enthusiast all the way around,” said together for sport,” he said. “There are people in
Woodington. “He loves golf and is extremely good. Joseph Aracri on the Pickleball Court. wheelchairs, people with different kinds of injuries
He’s not only out there competing, but he’s got a buck- and health problems and all races, colors and creeds.
et list of sports events he wants to see. We went to a Everyone blends in together.”
World Series game when the Marlins played the Yan- YMCA. Athletes of all skill levels are encouraged to join ath-
kees in Miami and he got us tickets to the Bay Hill Golf “I got done playing basketball one day and looked letes like Joseph Aracri and the hundreds of others
Tournament in Orlando to see Tiger Woods.” over at the pickleball courts,” he said. The curiosity of a who compete annually at the Capital City Senior
It was a post-basketball game curiosity that led him “smaller court” led him into a group play game that of- Games. Visit www.talgov.com/seniorgames for more
into becoming a Pickleball player at the Thomasville fers an enjoyable social atmosphere. information.

LIFELONG OUTDOOR PURSUITS and set-up camp; Basic knot tying; Outdoor Games;
and Cooking outdoors. Bring a portable chair, water
Outdoor “Back to Basics” Clinic: bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and hat. Reg-
Hiking, Cooking, and More… istration required! (850) 891-4065
or Susan.Davis@talgov.com.
Are you 50+ and interested in new outdoor adven- The Lifelong Outdoor Pursuits
tures? Join us for this fun and informative workshop! (LOP) program is offered by the Tal-
Monday, March 25, 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m., Ochlockonee lahassee Senior Center and Foun-
River State Park, 429 State Park Rd. off Hwy 319 South, dation and sponsored in part by Le-
Sopchoppy, FL. $30 Per Person. Limit 20 people. In- on County Government, which also
cludes park admission, snacks, lunch, dinner and funds senior programs at six coun-
s’mores. Optional transportation available from the ty-owned community centers. Join
Tallahassee Senior Center (limited availability). Van future pursuits!
leaves TSC at 8:30 a.m. and returns at 7 p.m. For more information, call 891-4065 or email Su-
Topics include: Ranger led hike on Pine Trail with san.Davis@Talgov.com, or visit Talgov.com/Seniors. Noreen Beattie, TALL Class 10 grad, is all smiles on a
plant identification; Leave No Trace: 7 Principles of the Like us on Facebook (Facebook.com/TallahasseeSe- January Lifelong Outdoor Pursuits hike at the JR
Outdoors; Wilderness First Aid; How to pitch a tent niorCenter). Alford Greenway.
Gold Sponsor Culley's MeadowWood Funeral
Homes’ Ed Bradenburg.

Presenting Sponsor Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s Vicky Rose, Memory Disorder Clinic Coordinator, center.

Gold Sponsor Magnolia Place’s Brande
Strickland, Executive Director.
Over 800 people attended the Active Living Expo! The two-day
exhibition, held in late January, featured 100 community agen-
cies, businesses, and other local resources to help adults age 50+
stay well, independent and active. This year included hands-on
demonstrations and workshops that highlighted Age Friendly
Thanks to Presenting Sponsor Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Ruby
Sponsors Accessibility Solutions and the Tallahassee Democrat, City of
Tallahassee, AARP Florida, www.TallahasseeSeniorFoundation.org, and
other generous sponsors (see pg. 19), volunteers, and participants! Enjoy
the photos! Like us on Facebook (Facebook.com/TallahasseeSeniorCenter)
to view additional fun photos. Photo credits: Karla Brandt & Audrey Byrne
Gold Sponsor Eye Associates of Tallahassee’s
Rachele Crow, Community Outreach Right: Gold Sponsor Neptune Society’s Sheila Williams, Funeral Director
Coordinator, right. Manager.
Gold Sponsor
Health Plans’

Gold Sponsor Capital City Builders’ Larry Wayne Strickland and

Gloria Strickland.

ES Gold Sponsor AAA Auto Club’s Neandra Meeks, Life

Insurance Agent and Tom Rice, Auto & Home Insurance
TIES Gold Sponsor Surterra Wellness’ Amanda Blake, Coordinator. Agent.

Gold Sponsor MASA Medical Transport

Solutions Vanessa Vaporis, Sales
Agent chats with Edward Keeney,
Centre Pointe.

Left: Gold Sponsor Tapestry Senior

Living Walden of Tallahassee’s Caitlin
Gold Sponsor Bath Fitter’s Ashley Morgan, Brand Ambassador Hoyt, Sales Counselor.

Debbi Clifford of Gulf Specimen Marine Lab describes sea creatures on a recent
LifeLong Learning guided exploration beach walk along the “Wilderness Coast.”


Tours are open to all trav-
elers and benefit the Talla-
hassee Senior Foundation.
Email Kristy.Carter@tal-
gov.com or call (850) 891-
4008 for more information or visit www.funseas.com/tsc.
Travel partners include: Holiday, Cruises & Tours & Collette. Book early to reserve
your spot. Mention that you heard about travel opportunities through the Senior
Center and travel partner, Holiday, Cruises & Tours, will make a donation back to
Dr. Alexander D. Brickler III, MD (not pictured) shares the history of the
the center. The Senior Center requests that you complete a participation form
Tuskegee Airmen on a LifeLong Learning field trip to “Rise Above: Traveling
prior to taking a tour.


The truth about hospice: common myths explained
Kimberly Everett Big Bend Hospice inspires hope by Z. Dozier Hospice House, the only in-patient Hospice
Big Bend Hospice center in the Big Bend.
positively impacting the way our MYTH: Hospice care will speed up death.
At Big Bend Hospice, we often hear from patients community experiences serious illness TRUTH: A large body of research shows that Hos-
and families who say they wish they would have called pice does not hasten death. In fact, with pain and
Hospice sooner. or grief — one family at a time. We symptom management, some patients live longer and
Several common myths about Hospice often pre- experience better quality of life. We also have some pa-
vent people from accessing care. These patients and
offer compassionate end-of-life care tients who stabilize and are discharged from Hospice.
families sadly go without excellent medical care and and emotional support to patients and MYTH: I can’t afford Hospice.
compassionate support that can ease the challenges of TRUTH: Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance
coping with a serious illness. families in Leon, Jefferson, Taylor, plans cover Hospice care. Big Bend Hospice has a slid-
The goal of Hospice is for every patient and family Madison, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin ing fee scale for uninsured patients, but no one is
to enjoy life to the fullest extent possible. That’s why turned away for inability to pay.
it’s so important to know the facts. Here are 10 com- and Wakulla counties. MYTH: Only a physician can refer a patient to Big
mon myths about Hospice explained: Bend Hospice.
MYTH: Hospice is for patients who only have days TRUTH: Anyone can contact Big Bend Hospice to
to live. request services. Call the referral office at 850-878-
TRUTH: Hospice is available after a physician has 5310 or 800-772-5862. You can also complete the “Is
determined that life expectancy is six months or less. TRUTH: The gift of Hospice is helping families dis- Hospice Right for Me?” form at bigbendhospice.org,
The earlier a patient or family member calls, the more cover all the ways in which hope still exists. Hospice and a certified clinician will assist you.
access they have to a dedicated Hospice Care Team helps patients and families live as comfortably as pos- Big Bend Hospice inspires hope by positively im-
that includes physicians, nurses, aides, social work- sible by managing pain and providing compassionate pacting the way our community experiences serious
ers, music therapists, art therapists, grief counselors, care. We support patients and families as they define illness or grief — one family at a time. We offer com-
spiritual care counselors and volunteers. Hospice pa- what gives life hope and meaning. passionate end-of-life care and emotional support to
tients can even continue to work, attend school or take MYTH: Hospice is a place. patients and families in Leon, Jefferson, Taylor, Madi-
vacations as their health permits. There’s so much TRUTH: Patients receive care wherever they live – son, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin and Wakulla counties.
Hospice can do before the final days. in their own home, in a nursing home or in an assisted Please call 850-878-5310 or visit www.bigbendhospi-
MYTH: Hospice means we’re giving up hope. living facility. Big Bend Hospice also has the Margaret ce.org for more information.


Purple Craze OLLI trips mark recognition
party supports
Alzheimer’s Project of Black History Month
Fran Conway
Debbie Moroney OLLI’s Marketing and Communications Committee
CEO of Alzheimer's Project, Inc.
In recognition of Black History Month, celebrated in
It’s time to put on purple for the Alzheimer's Pro- Feb., 40 members of the Osher Lifelong Learning In-
ject’s seventh annual Purple Craze Party on Satur- stitute (OLLI) at FSU visited historic sites in Tuskegee
day, April 27, at The Moon. and Montgomery. Alabama.
Purple Craze will feature Southern Satisfaction, The tour included the Tuskegee Airmen’s Museum,
one of Tallahassee’s most popular bands. Southern George Washington Carver Museum and the Booker T.
Satisfaction plays a variety of “Funk, Rock, Soul, Washington home, The Oaks, in Tuskegee. In Montgo-
Country, & Pop — what makes you Dance!” mery members visited the Legacy Museum and Na-
In addition to great music, taste some delicious tional Memorial for Peace and Justice, Civil Rights
food! Signature dishes from the area’s leading sen- Museum and Monument, Dexter Avenue Parsonage,
ior residences will be presented at the “Battle of the the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and
Chef 's,” a big hit at last year’s Purple Craze. Bid on the Rosa Parks Museum. The itinerary also included
vacations, art, and other unique and interesting the show “Nina Simone: Four Women,” a production of
items at both a silent and a bidding auction. You will the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, which celebrates
be surprised to see plenty of crazy outfits in the how Nina Simone helped define the sound of the Civil
competition for the Best Purple Costume, and if you Rights Movement.
like to shake a leg, be sure to sign up for the Dance The travelers also saw “Four Little Girls,” about the
Competition. September 15, 1963, murder of four African-American
The best thing about Purple Craze is that you’ll be girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Bir-
supporting the Alzheimer’s Project, a non-profit or- mingham, Alabama.
ganization founded on the principle of local citizens The tour was a project of OLLI’s Inclusivity Com-
helping local people in need. Tickets to Purple Craze mittee, which promotes recruitment and retention of
are $30. For more information or to purchase your OLLI members from all sectors of the Tallahassee
tickets, call Betsy at 386-2778 or go to www. Alz- community.
heimersproject.org. Inclusivity Committee Chair Carroll Bewley said, “I
believe all of us came away with a better understand-
Volunteer training ing of the unbelievable challenges African Americans
endured and overcame in the struggle for equality. And
One of the Project’s most important services is knowing there is still work to be done, perhaps we will OLLI members gather in front of a tribute to Dr.
the Social Club Respite Program. Offered on a week- be more motivated to speak out and work against in- Martin Luther King, Jr., at the Civil Rights Memorial
ly basis at churches and other locations, the Social justice whenever we encounter it.” Center, sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law
Club provides engagement activities such as arts “This was an unforgettable trip to Montgomery and Center. CINDY FOSTER
and crafts, music therapy, pet therapy, and games Tuskegee--very moving; emotionally draining, power-
for people living with dementia. ful and unforgettable,” added OLLI members George
The Alzheimer’s Project needs volunteers to help and Harriet Waas. important element of OLLI’s approach to lifelong
with the Day Respite Social Club. This is a vital, re- Looking forward to continuing the learning begun learning.
warding volunteer opportunity. Volunteer training during the trip, members of OLLI’s Inclusivity Com- Classes, however, are OLLI’s main event. Want a
will be conducted on Friday, March 29 at St. Paul’s mittee said, “Hopefully, the more we learn of our histo- sampling? Try Maymester, a three-week term that of-
United Methodist Church. For more information ry, the better we will be in preventing its harsh realities fers, among other options, a sketching class, a course
call Mindy at 850-386-2778. in the future.” on the making of the TV show, MASH, a jazz class with
According to member Nancy O’Farrell, “OLLI mem- FSU Music Professor Leon Anderson, and a film series
Support Groups bers, who are eternally curious, continue to learn his- on Winston Churchill with FSU History Professor
tory that we have not been taught in hopes of under- Emeritus Jim Jones. Registration for Maymester
Caregiver Support Groups are one of the vital standing both our past and our present in America. opens April 22 at olli.fsu.edu. Classes run from May 6-
services provided by the Alzheimer’s Project. Tak- This trip will be extraordinarily helpful in moving to- 24.
ing care of a loved one is a difficult and sometimes ward that learning goal. Simply the courtesy and kind- OLLI membership is open to all area residents.
lonely job. Support groups enable caregivers to ness of the African-American docents, guides and se- Classes and activities are tailored for adults over 50
meet people with the same challenges and then curity personnel alone – working in places soaked in who love to learn. There are no education prerequi-
share ideas and solutions. Caregiver Support the awful price their ancestors have paid and their sites. The organization is committed to reflecting the
Groups meet each Tuesday in Tallahassee. For family members continue to pay – is pretty remark- community and supports diversity of race, ethnicity,
times and locations go to Alzheimersproject.org or able.” gender and ability. For more information on OLLI
call 386-2778. OLLI member Sylvia Byrd took a lead role in orga- membership and offerings, see olli.fsu.edu or call 850-
nizing the trip. Travel, from local to international, is an 644-3520.




IN 2019
Capital City Senior Games, Mar.
10 (Cycling/Tennis/Water Aero-
bics), Mar.11, 9 a.m., Golf, Tal-
CCSG Celebration of Athletes,
Mon., Mar. 11, 5:30 p.m.
TALL Class 11 Graduation Recep-
tion, Tue., Mar. 12, 5:30 p.m.
FL Senior Day at the Capitol,
Wed., Mar. 27
Art Reception, Tue., Apr. 16, 6-8
Silver Stars, Thu., May 23, 6 p.m.
Art Reception, Tue., Jul. 16, 6-8
Choose Tallahassee Red Carpet
Reception, Tue., Jun. 11, 5:30-7
Capitol City Band of TCC Patri-
otic Concert, Mon., Jun. 17, 7-
8:15 p.m.
Ice Cream Social, Mon., Jul. 15,
12:30 p.m.
L3X Launch Parties, Aug. 5 & 6
Membership Week, Aug 19-23
L3X (A Month of LifeLong Learn-
ing!) – September!
Art Reception, Tue., Sept. 17, 6-8
L3X Closing Luncheon, Fri., Sept.
Leslie Puckett, TSC Art Program Coordinator, instructs visiting 6th Graders at North Florida Christian on observing art.
Leslie has had 11 wonderful years growing the TSC Art Program. Now, Leslie is ready to retire and create art of her own and TALL Preview Reception, Tue.,
declutter! In lieu of gifts, Leslie requests donations to the TSCF Art Endowment Fund. To make a donation, to RSVP or for Oct. 15, 5:30-7 p.m.
more information. Call 850-891-4003, email Lisa.DollarCovert@talgov.com, or Visit online Choose Tallahassee Red Carpet
www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/give. Reception, Tue., Oct. 29, 5:30-7

TSC ART EXHIBITIONS ite, Favorite Landscape and Best Tech- TSC Auditorium, 2nd floor. Art Reception, Tue., Nov. 17, 6-8
nique went to Duke Kraai, Favorite Use p.m.
Personal Expressions in of Color to Karol Selvaggio and Most Call for Big Bend Artists Deck the Halls - Gala, Martinis,
Watercolor Creative to Carol Little-Wilson. On dis- Silent Auction! Fri., Dec. 6, 6:30
play through Mar. 22. Juried exhibition for Seniors age 50 p.m.
TSC Artists and friends celebrated a and older living within Tallahassee/
beautiful exhibit of watercolor painting Art Potpourri and Leslie Puckett’s North Florida Region. Senior Artist
with an award ceremony Feb. 1. Amanda Retirement Reception Showcase Exhibition Aug. – Sept. 2019
Karioth Thompson chose the following: with art reception Sept. 17 at the Talla-
First Place – Duke Kraai, Second Place - Exhibition of drawings, pastels, col- hassee Senior Center. Entry form with
Karol D. Selvaggio, Third Place – Carol lage, etc., by TSC Artists, Apr. 1 – May 18. $15 fee due to TSC May 22. Call TSC Art
Little-Wilson, Honorable Mentions – Art Reception with Awards Ceremony Program coordinator at 891-4016 or
Cathy Neel, Kay Kuhne, and Vicki Lutz. as well as a farewell retirement recep- email Joankana03@yahoo.com; or call
People Choice Winners: Overall Favor- tion for Leslie Puckett, Apr. 16, 6-8 p.m. 668-1390 for prospectus/application.
Tallahassee Senior Center professional watercolorist. Days with an
for the Arts instructor are $10; days without an
instructor are considered a lab and $4.
Art workshops require pre-registration Watercolor, Advanced Level, Linda Pelc
and pre-payment; most are held at the Tuesday afternoon, 1 – 4 p.m.
Tallahassee Senior Center unless other- Develop skills with watercolor. Not for
wise indicated. Call 850-891-4016 or beginners, new students may need to
email Leslie.Puckett@talgov.com for present a portfolio to be approved for
more information with supply list and this class. No class month of May.
registration form for these workshops.
Oil and Acrylic Painting, Intermediate
Artistic Color Pencil with Robin Gray Level, Debbie Gaedtke
Wednesdays, Mar. 20 - May 1, 9:30 a.m. Wednesdays, 1 - 4 p.m.
– noon, TSC Clay Studio Work at your own pace on your own
Use color pencils like an artist. For be- Veteran and TSC artist Duke Kraai won first place and multiple people choice projects with feedback. This class is
ginners and guided practice for con- awards in Personal Expressions. His paintings will be on display at the NOT for beginners.
tinuing students. $70 (50+), $84 (oth- Tallahassee National Cemetery.
Draw With Your Eyes, Paint with your
ers). Register by Mar. 13.
Heart, Mark Fletcher, Bradfordville NE
Engage With the Page, Mary Liz Tip- Leon County Library, Wednesdays,
Through class discussion develop ideas Painting with Oils & Acrylics, Fran Buie,
pin-Moody 1:30-4 p.m.
for artworks. Any medium. $80 (50+), Fort Braden Community Center
Tuesdays, Mar. 26 – Apr. 30, 1 – 3:30 Pen & Ink with a little watercolor. Begin-
$96 (others). Register by Apr. 11. Thursdays, May 16 – Jun. 27, 2 - 4:30
p.m., TSC Clay Studio. ners welcome.
Create images on paper with a variety Watercolor - Continuing Beginners,
Learn and develop basics in painting. Pastel Landscapes, Wendy Devarieux
of media and processes – a creative Diane Ogorzaly
Beginners and intermediates. $70 Wed., 9 – noon.
playtime for beginners and continuing Fridays, Apr. 26 – Jun. 14, 1 - 3:30 p.m.,
(50+), $84 (others). Register by May 9. Pastels can be a challenging medium.
students. $60 (seniors 50+), $72 (oth- TSC Clay Studio.
Drawing or painting experience pre-
ers). Register by Mar. 19. Developing basics with watercolor. Painting with Oils & Acrylics at Chaires
ferred. Visit the class and get a supply
Good for beginners & continuing begin- Community Center, with Fran Buie
Clay Creations – Mark Fletcher list before deciding to take the class.
ners. $80 (50+), $96 (others). Register Fridays, May 24 – Jun. 28, 1- 3:30 p.m.
Mondays, Apr. 15 – May 20, 9 a.m. – No class on 3rd Wednesday each
by Apr. 19. Learn and develop basics in painting.
noon, TSC Clay Studio, All skill levels. month.
Beginners and intermediates. $60
Create in clay sculptural handbuilt func- Zentangle®, Midori Okasako, CZT
(50+), $72 (others). Register by May 15. Drawing Etc., Beginners & Intermedi-
tional objects. $60 (seniors 50+), $72 Wednesdays, Jun. 5- 19, 1:30 – 4:30
ates, Maria Balingit
(others). Register by Apr. 8. p.m., TSC Clay Studio. Weekly On-Going Studio Classes
Thursdays, 1-4 p.m.
Zentangle, a relaxing easy-to-learn
Zentangle® - Continuing – Renais- On-going studio classes meet on a Drawing with various drawing media,
process, drawing designs with ink. $30
sance, Midori Okasako, CZT weekly basis and do not require pre- with focus on portraits and still life.
(Seniors age 50+), $36 (others). Regis-
Wednesdays, May 8 - 29, 1:30 – 4:30 registration. Pay the days you attend. It
ter by May 29. Drawing Together, Michael Harrell
p.m., TSC Clay Studio. is recommended that you visit the class
Fridays, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Explore chiaroscuro with hint of color Neighborhood Locations and talk with the instructor before join-
Develop basics with pencil, pen & ink.
on tan. Class fee $40 (seniors 50+), $48 ing the class; the instructor will provide
Acrylic Painting, Debbie Gaedtke, Beginners welcome.
(others). Prerequisite Intro to Zentan- you with a supply list. Studio Artists
gle. Register by May 1. have the opportunity to exhibit work in Oil Painting, Advanced Level, Eluster
Wednesdays, Apr. 17 – June 6, 6-8 p.m.,
the center’s gallery spaces. All classes Richardson Fridays, 9 a.m. – noon.
Zentangle® - Continuing – On Black Southwood Community Center.
are located at the Senior Center Art Develop skills with oil painting. Not for
Tiles, Midori Okasako, CZT Learn basic painting skills and develop
Studio unless otherwise noted. $10 per beginners. New students may need to
Wednesdays, May 8 - 29, 6 – 8:30 p.m., techniques. Beginners and continuing
class Seniors (age 50+), $12 Others (age present a portfolio to be approved for
TSC Clay Studio. artists. $80 (Seniors 50+), $96 (others).
18-49). Or buy an art card that gives this class.
Express tangles with white ink on black Register by Apr. 10.
you eight classes for the price of seven.
tiles. Prerequisite Intro to Zentangle. Acrylic Painting, Debbie Gaedtke
Beginning Watercolor Part 3, Gail Bau- Call 850-891-4016 or email Leslie.Puck-
Class fee. $40 (Seniors age 50+), $48 Fridays, 12:30 – 3 p.m.
man, Lake Jackson Library ett@talgov.com for more information.
(others). Register by May 1. Learn and develop basic painting skills.
Monday, Apr. 15 – May 20, 1 – 3:30 p.m.
Drawing Like Durer & Friends - Pen & For beginners, as well as continuing
Acrylic Painting for Pleasure with Rob- Learn and develop basic watercolor
Ink, Mark Fletcher students.
in Gray techniques. Beginners and continuing
Mondays, 12:30 – 3 p.m., TSC Clay Stu-
Thursdays, Apr. 18 – May 23, 9:30 - beginners. $60 (50+), $72 (others). On-Going Studio Labs
noon. TSC Clay Studio. Register by Apr. 8. (No Instructor)
Drawing with pencil, pen & ink. Begin-
For beginners, acrylic painting and
Watercolor Intermediate, Eluster Rich- ning students and continuing artists. Portrait Studio Lab, Mon., 9 – noon, $5
some mixed-media $60 (50+), $72 (oth-
ardson, NE Library Bradfordville
ers). Register by Apr. 10. Watercolor Studio, Intermediate Level Ceramics, Tue. & Wed., 9 – noon, $2 lab
Thursdays, May 9 - June 27, 1:30 – 4
Tuesday mornings, Linda Pelc, 9 – noon fee, plus cost of materials and firing fee.
Life Stories: Artistic Expression, Mar- p.m.
(No instructor month of May) Use mold-made bisque items to paint
iann Kearsley Develop skills and insight with water-
Thursday mornings, Rosemary Fergu- or glaze. Lead by helpful volunteers.
Thursdays, Apr. 18 – Jun, 6, 1-3:30 p.m., color. Intermediate Level. $80 (age
son, 9 - noon. Perfect for beginners.
TSC Clay Studio. 50+), $96 (others). Register by May 1.
Projects, techniques and feedback from
Take Control Of Your Energy, Gold Sponsor
Water & Sewer Costs Area Agency on HELPLINES and
Aging for North
Set your air-conditioning thermostat:
Florida’s HOTLINES
Summer: Recommended indoor tem-
Medicaid Abuse Hotline: 800-962-2873 or
perature is 78 degrees, or your highest
Benefits 800-96ABUSE
comfortable level. Winter: Recommend-
Counselor Stacy
ed indoor temperature is 68 degrees, or Area Agency on Aging, Elder
Wills chats with
your lowest comfortable temperature. Helpline: 800-963-5337
TSC Board
Set the “Fan” selection on central air-
Member Linda Consumer Hotline: 800-435-7352
conditioning thermostats: Summer or
winter, always select AUTO. A clogged Medicare Hotline: 800-633-4227
air filter increases your cooling costs.
Make sure it’s clean. If the filter is 2-1-1 Big Bend: 617-6333 or 211
clogged, AC costs rise.
Manage sunlight at windows. Sum-
mer: close your shades to block and
Tallahassee Urban League, tallahas-
reflect the sun’s heat outward. Winter:
Limited utility bill assistance for house- power for their medically essential seeurbanleague.org, 850-222-6111
let sun in, but close window coverings
holds with income (for bills overdue and equipment. Provides home repairs and modifica-
at night.
household is in hardship) tions for low-income home owners.
Turn off lights and ceiling fans when Natural Gas Pilot Lighting Service -
you leave a room. Lights and fans (warm City of Tallahassee Utilities, talgov- available for Natural Gas Utility custom- Ability 1st Ramp Program, ability1st.info,
motor) add heat. Turn off lights and .com., 850-891-4968 ers who would like to have their appli- 850-5759621
ceiling fans when you leave. Energy audits, low interest loans for ance lit for a fee. Builds wheelchair ramps and minor
Switch to LED lamps for your most- weatherization, energy credits, utility home modifications for low-income
Neighborhood REACH - is an energy-
used lighting fixtures. bill due date extension requests persons with disabilities.
saving program designed to help utility
Try to use water carefully and effi-
City Sewer Program, talgov.com., 850- customers in Tallahassee's older neigh- American Red Cross, redcross.org/
ciently. The biggest savings are in your
891-4968 borhoods. local/florida/north-florida, 850-878-
good habits.
Low or no-interest loans for converting 6080
Don’t let water leaks go unrepaired. HOME REPAIRS
from septic tank to city sewer system Work in partnership with other agencies
The most common water leak: A silently
Home Rehabilitation, talgov.com, 850- and organizations that provide services
leaking toilet, sending water down the Talquin Electric Cooperative, talquine-
891-6566 to disaster victims.
drain. lectric.com., 850-627-7651
This program removes potentially dan-
Sewer charges are based on metered Killearn Lakes United Methodist
Emergency Home Energy Assistance gerous health and/or safety hazards
water use, but sewer rates (per gallon Church, kumconline.org, 850-893-1116
for the Elderly Program (EHEAP), from homes owned by very low income
of metered water use) are more than 3 Provide labor for minor repairs and yard work
www.elderaffairs.state.fl.us/doea/ persons as their primary residence.
times higher than water rates (based on the availability of volunteers).
eheap.php, 1-800-963-5337
If you have energy questions, call: Code Enforcement Rehabilitation,
Any household that has at least one SENIOR RESOURCES
City of Tallahassee energy auditor at talgov.com, 850-891-6566
member over 60 years of age, who is
891-4YOU (4968), extension routing 4, Assists income-eligible owners of The Tallahassee Senior Resource Center
facing a crisis, and who meets income
2. Or check out energy information at homes that are owner-occupied, who has a variety of senior resources avail-
guidelines may qualify for financial
talgov.com. have received notice of code violations, able and assists seniors, caregivers, and
assistance for paying their energy bills.
Talquin’s Energy Services for an Energy to make the necessary repairs to bring professionals with senior information
Analysis at 850-627-7651 or visit tal- COT - LIMITED UTILITY BILL their home into compliance. and referral assistance when possible.
quinelectric.com for energy and water ASSISTANCE AND ENERGY Tallahassee Senior Services is a pro-
Emergency Home Repair, talgov.com,
efficiency tips. AUDITS gram of the City of Tallahassee Parks,
Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs
UTILITY ASSISTANCE www.talgov.com/you/you-products- Funding for homeowners to improve
Department and supported by the Tal-
home-index.aspx the living conditions of low-income
Elder Care Services, ecsbigbend.org, lahassee Senior Citizens Foundation.
homeowners by removing health and
850-921-5554 Budget Billing – allows you to have a We are located at 1400 N. Monroe
safety hazards and/or architectural
One seasonal utility bill assistance, level amount in your monthly utility bill. Street. Call Sandra Stoutamire at 891-
barriers from their homes.
heaters, fans 4043 or email (Sandra.Stoutamire@tal-
Free Home Energy Audits - are avail-
Leon County Housing Programs, 850- gov.com) for more information.
Capital Area Community Action Agen- able to any of our electric customers
606-1900 leoncountyfl.gov/HHS/re-
cy, capitalareacommunityactionagency- who would like to have their homes NOTE: This information is not be all-
.com, 850-222-2043 evaluated for energy and water effi- inclusive and does not imply endorse-
Funding for home down-payments,
Utility bill and weatherization assistance ciency. ment of any persons, offices or agen-
closing costs and home rehabilitations.
Salvation Army, salvationarmyflori- Medical Alert - is a program that pro- cies by Tallahassee Senior Services. This
Tallahassee Fuller Center, tfch.org, Resource Card is a service of Tallahas-
da.org., 850-222-0304 vides customers that require the use of
850-509-5438 see Senior Center & Foundation. For
Limited utility bill assistance to avoid life-sustaining medical equipment with
Funding through the Greater Blessing more information, call 850-891-4043,
shut-off or restore service reasonable notice before intentional
Box for repairing and rehabilitating email Sandra.Stoutamire@talgov.com
disruption of service which, in turn,
Catholic Charities, ccnwfl.org., owner-occupied homes. or visit Talgov.com/Seniors.
allows them time to secure backup



Gold Sponsor Caring Connections Senior Care’s Jennifer Cross, and Owners
Steve Gagne, Advisory Council Member, and spouse Mary Gagne.

Ann Cleare is
generously giving
her 80th birthday
celebration to the
Tallahassee Senior
Center and
Foundation, in
support of programs
Joan Keen (left) seeks advice from Debbie Gaetkes, and services for
instructor, Oil and Acrylics studio. Keen, new Advisory active adults in Leon
Council member and Life Exercise participant. Keen had a County. To honor
39-year career in public education; among her many Ann and celebrate
roles, she served as a principal at Astoria Park. Always active aging, visit
seeking fun and adventure, Keen recently went on a www.Tallahassee
cruise to Cuba with her siblings and finds pursuing her SeniorFoundation.
interests at the Senior Center “brings a lot of joy,” in org or call 891-4003.
addition to her two sons, Damon (Tallahassee) and
Warren (Savannah) Cooey.


TSCF appreciates
the following FOUNDATION BOARD
2019 Active Living Expo Sponsors!
Doug Carlson, President
Thank you for helping adults age 50+
Carol Thompson-Riley, Vice-Presi-
Stay well, independent and active! dent

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Presenting Sponsor Ajay Chadha, Treasurer

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Edna Owens, Secretary

Join the Tallahassee Senior Foundation today. Your contribution pays for pro- Ruby Sponsors Scott Harrell, Immediate Past Presi-
grams and enhances services. Mail or drop off your annual membership contri- dent
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Membership/ for more information or to join online.
Tallahassee Democrat Jim Davis, CPA
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Membership Eleanor Dietrich, Ed & Alberta Duffee,
AAA Auto Club Maicel Green
Jr., Judi Duffy, Mary Joyce Eibeck, Mark
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Diane Gordon, Mary Granger, Linda
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Brian & Cindy Jacobson, Thomas & Me- Caring Connections Senior Care
Ruby $1,500 Gregory Turner, Ed.D.
lissa Jacoby, Barbara James, Barbara
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Kemp, Jill Klein, Salle Kreisel, Kyrene, Bryan Desloge, Emeritus
Silver $540 Homes
Donna Light, Susan Lindgren, Clarine
Bronze $240 AJ McMullian, Emeritus
Lizana, Edward & Frances Mack, Jr., Eye Associates of Tallahassee
Friend $120
Anne Marie Marquardt, Darla McCray, Sheila Salyer, Executive Director
Thank you for being a key to active Magnolia Place
Shirley McFadden, Earl Ray & Donna
aging! Send your contribution to: Talla-
hassee Senior Center, 1400 N. Monroe
McKenzie, Peggy Messer, Ted Monica, MASA Medical Transport Solu- SENIOR SERVICES
Larry Novey, Patricia Novey, Lillian tions
St., Tallahassee FL 32303
Plank, Gene & Dianne Presley, Joyce ADVISORY COUNCIL
Thank you for being a key to active Neptune Society
Raichelson, Dale Reecy, Cynthia Richb- Jill Sandler, Chair
erg, Linda Robin, Rae Roeder, Werner North Florida Women’s Care
Gold Key Holder Sachs, Lawrence Sack & Eleanor Rosen- Steve Gagne, Vice Chair
Pacifica Senior Living/Woodmont
berg, Booker Saddler, Gloria Sanchez, Abi Moon, Secretary
Emily Millett Assisted Living
Stephen & Mary Sandler, Wayne
Silver Key Holders Schroeder, Elizabeth Sellers, Laszlo Right at Home Steve Blumsack
Sipos, Blaine & Altemese Smith, Robert E. Ann Cleare
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& Meredith Smith, Linda Stalvey, Gary
Bronze Key Holders Stollman, Donald & Anne Stone, Jan Tapestry Senior Living Nancy Godette
Stralow, Toni Tardo, Viola Taylor, Mar- Joan Keen
Virginia Glass, Earl & Beth Lines, Elda WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
ianne Trussell, Gail Wallace, Kelvin &
Martinko, Anne & Steven Menard, Philip Toni Kilgore
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Gloria Whitaker, Bill & Colleen Wiley, Regina McQueen
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Adrienne Amiss, Ellen Baxter, Shirley John Fruin, Ana Garcia-Quevedo, Den- Antonio Terracciano, Ph.D., Geriatrics
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Beaupied, Darlene Bivins, Ann Booth, nis Gingell & Nancy Maudlin, Albert &
By: Patricia Novey Edward M. Vertuno
Shirley Bouie, Zilpah Boyd, Jane Bright- Faith Hazelip, Emory & Ann Hingst, Ken-
In memory of: Ari McNickens
bill, Kenneth & Sharon Brock, Donna neth & Laura Morris, Carmen Nelson,
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Brown, Deb Carretta, Phyllis Causseaux, Rosalind Parlor, Charles Pierce, Jane
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In memory of: Cooper Mingledorff
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dith DeLaBruyere, Ginny Densmore, Wagers, Yvonne Weems