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Date: Feb 30,2019

Name of instructor: Getnet Aschale

Course title: Electrical machines II ; Code: EP3241

Lesson topic: Induction machines

Number of students: 20; Class year: 3rd

Lesson objectives:
At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
 indicate the importance of induction machines
 state the operation principles of induction machines
 determine the main operational differences between induction generator and induction motor
 state the basic constructional components of induction machines
 write the governing equations and use them for performance calculations
Teacher’s activity Time Student’s activity

 invite students to remind the  participate in reminding the

previous lesson , “AC machines” previous lesson
 following students answer, the  listen attentively and write the
teacher will introduce that the present lesson topic
lesson is “induction machines” and
remind them that it is one of the
common type of AC machines


 the teacher will explain the principles  Listen attentively

of operation and construction  Students will discuss about
 the teacher will let students discuss production of magnetic fields
about production of magnetic fields and explain it
and explain after students participation  Attentively follow teacher’s
 the teacher will explain on board lecture
about equivalent circuit of induction  Students will do class works
machine and do examples and then and give to the teacher for
give class works to students feedback
 the teacher will explain the tests  Students will do home works
conducted on induction machine and and present it in the class
let them do laboratory on separate
 the teacher will explain the starting
and speed control methods of
induction machines and let students
conduct laboratory tests on separate
 will give home works to students


 students will participate in brief

 the teacher will invite students to say 10’
explanation of what they
something about what they understand
understand about induction
about induction machines
 the teacher will summarize about the
working principles, equivalent circuit,
starting and speed control methods


 the teacher will follow up students’  Students are expected to

participation in their activities and take participate in asking and
feedback on their work. answering of regarding induction
 Oral questioning will be frequently machines
used to know if students are doing well.  Each student is expected to
 Homework that let each students complete the homework and
practice numerical calculation in fulfill the minimum level of
induction machines will be given performance criteria

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