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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Justice
Zamboanga City


represented by REYNALDO R. CABILIN,

- versus - - for –

NURFA N. HUSIN Violations of Section 8 (e) of

Respondent. R.A. No. 8041


This Judicial Affidavit of Mr. Frederick A. Macapili, one of the witnesses for the
Complainant, is being executed to serve as his direct testimony in the instant case.

The testimony of the witness is being offered for the following purposes:

1. To prove that Mrs. Nurfa N. Husin committed an “Tampered Water Meter”

in violation of Section (8) (e) of R.A. No. 8041;

2. To identify and authenticate photographs taken of date of apprehension on

March 19, 2012;

3. To corroborate the testimony of Mr. Saroly S. Sembrano; and

4. To prove all other related matters, facts and circumstances relevant and
material to this case.

This Judicial Affidavit was taken at the office of Atty. Vincent F. Fernandez at the
Legal Department, Zamboanga City Water District, Pilar Street, Zamboanga City at 1:00 P.M.
of February 04, 2019. Atty. Abad is also a Notary Public with a valid Notarial Commission.

Please raise your right hand and swear after me:

Question 1 (Q1): Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the

Answer Translated 1 (A-1): I do.

Q-2: Are you aware that you may face criminal prosecution for false
testimony or perjury if you will not tell the truth?

AT-2: Yes I am.

Q-3: Please state your name, age and address for the record.

A-3: I am Frederick A. Macapili, 46 years old and a resident of Barangay Divisoria,
Zamboanga City.

Q-4: Are you presently employed?

A-4: Yes Sir.

Q-5: Where do you work?

AT-5: I am working at the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD).

Q-6: For the record, will you please state what is your position at the

AT-6: I am a Senior Instrument Technician.

Q-7: Are you familiar with this case?

A-7: Yes.

Q-8: Why are you familiar with this case?

A-8: Because I was a member of the apprehending team during apprehension for
illegal water service connection of the respondent and I was the one who took
the photographs to be used as evidences for this case.

Q-10: What was her violation?

A-10: For “Tampered Water Meter”.

Q-11: Why did you take the pictures as photographer?

A-11: Because I was tasked to take the pictures relating to the violation committed to
serve as our evidence.

Q-12: What did you use to take the pictures?

A-12: I used a Sony Digital camera.

Q-13: After you took the pictures, what did you do next?

A-13: I printed them on bond papers and submitted them to the team leader Mr.
Saroly S. Sembrano for use as reference in his investigation report.

Q-14: How many pictures did you print for the apprehension?

A-14: Five (5) sir.

Q-15: If the pictures will be shown to you, will you be able to identify them?

A-15: Yes.

Q-16: I have here five (5) photographs which I will be showing to you, and
which we have previously marked as our Exhibit “B” to “B-4”. Look at
these pictures. Can you identify them?

A-16: Yes sir.

Q-17: When did you take these pictures?

A-17: The pictures were taken during the March 19, 2012 apprehension of the
respondent’s water service connection.

Q-18: What time did you take those pictures?

A-18: Around 2:45 in the afternoon sir.

Q-19: Can you describe the content and subject of this picture marked as
Annex “B”?

A-19: Yes.

Q-20: What does this particular picture show?

A-20: It shows the water meter of Mrs. Husin in as state prior to the time that we have
opened. Further, it shows that the glass of the water meter was already broken
and its body seal and angle valve seal were already missing.

Q-21: Now I will show you the second picture. Can you describe the content
and subject of this picture that we have marked as Annex “B-1”?

A-21: This photo shows the parts inside the water meter of Mrs. Husin. It shows
specifically the vane wheels where magnet of the vane wheel is already missing.

Q-22: I will show you a third picture. Can you describe the content and
subject of this picture that we have marked as Annex “B-2”?

A-22: This is also a picture of the vane wheel showing a magnet that is supposed to be
found on it.

Q-23: Now I will show you a fourth picture. Can you describe the content and
subject of this picture that we have marked as Annex “B-3”?

A-23: It shows the different parts of the water meter of Mrs. Husin.

Q-24: Now I will show you a fifth picture. Can you describe the content and
subject of this picture that we have marked as Annex “B-4”?

A-24: This is a picture of Mrs. Husin signing the Notice of Investigation after the ICIU
had explained its content to her its content.



Q-25: Are these pictures true representations of the condition of the water
connection at the time you took them.

A-25: Yes.

Q-26: Why do you say that these are true representations of the condition of
the water connection of Mrs. Nurfa N. Husin?

A-26: Because I was there and I was the one who have taken these pictures.

Q-27: Where were you when you took these pictures?

A-27: At the location and premises of the water meter of Mrs. Nurfa N. Husin.




I, ATTY. VINCENT F FERNANDEZ, of legal age, Filipino, after having duly sworn to in
accordance with law, do hereby depose and say:

1. That I am the co-counsel of record for the Plaintiff in the above-entitled case;

2. That I personally conducted the foregoing judicial affidavit of Frederick A.


3. That I hereby declare that I faithfully recorded the questions I asked and the
answer of the witness;

4. That I likewise certify that neither I nor any person then present had coached the
witness regarding the latter’s answer.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature on this _____ day of

_____________, 2019 in Zamboanga City.


Counsel for Complainant


SUBSCRIBE AND SWORN to before me, this _____ day of _____________, 2019,
in the City of Zamboanga, Philippines by affiants Frederick A. Macapili and Atty. Vincent F
Fernandez. This is to certify that I personally examined affiant Frederick A. Macapili and I am
satisfied that he voluntarily executed it and understood the contents thereof.

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