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UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music Performance and Production

The Preparation Project: Unit 7 NOTES

Unit 7 Preparation for Specialist Study in Music Performance and
Hand Out Date: w/c 12 th March 2019
Hand In Date: w/c 22 nd March 2019

Notes on the Brief:

This project asks you to consider the previous tasks undertaken this year,
and present work relating to this investigation. The purpose of this is to
allow you to determine the specialism for the final project.

Tasks this year have included:

• Podcasts relating to musical genres or decades of pop history

• Song recreation and remixes
• Music for short film clips
• Visiting ‘Music for Multimedia’ exhibits
• Music in context (Xmas advert)
• Radio play (audio book)
• Desert Island Discs
• E.P.


As well as reflecting on previous tasks you must investigate TW O more

1. Sound and Music for FILM: In your group film and edit 2-3 minutes
of interesting footage, then add all sound effects, dialogue and
music. (This quick assignment should be well planned, but no script
is required).

2. Industry Specialism: On your own, research the roles and

responsibilities of another area of music production (case studies,
primary/secondary research, your own interpretation). This might
include one of the following:

• Music for Video Games

• Adverts, jingles and Television theme music
• Music Therapy
• Sound Art
• W orld Music

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