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1. 16000+

STAFF (ANALYSIS) The details of our employee composition as at 31st March, 2018 is as follows:

Sr. No. Particulars Number

1 Total number of permanent 16,558
2 Total number of temporary 6,306
/casual employees
3 Total number of women 5,845
4 Total number of employees To eliminate any possibility of
with disability discrimination, the Company
does not record any
information regarding
employee disabilities

70% of workforce are millennials with an average age of 33 years and a gender diversity ratio of

Also, Number of complaints relating to sexual harassment have increased from 1 in 2017 to 3 in


In order to enhance positive Employer Brand and become an ‘Employer of Choice’ the company
initiated the Speak Up- Employee Engagement survey for the first time at Jet Airways . Based on
the feedback, it identified certain key focus areas such as learning & development, recognition and

The company has been conducting Action Planning workshops with specific department Heads to
arrive at the list of department specific plans based on the engagement scores and insights received.
Department engagement scores and action plans will then be linked to leader’s performance
scorecards for driving engagement.

3. Recognition

Jet Airways has recently launched ‘Founder’s Fifty’ - annual Rewards and Recognition program. This
program puts the employees in charge of helping Jet Airways identify the top 50 employees of Jet
Airways. These fifty employees will be recognized network-wide and their achievements will be
celebrated across the organization.
Company has made significant investments in training its Cabin, Cockpit, Engineering and Ground
Services staff to continue to deliver exceptional levels of service and set higher safety standards.
These programs help the company to uphold its service standards. Jet Airways also initiated
programs targeted at the development of our Mid and Senior level leaders.

The ‘Emerging Leaders Program’ aims to develop the Leadership Capability to positively impact the
growth, readiness and effectiveness of Leaders. The target employees for this program are Mid-
Senior management executives identified as future leaders successors to key roles.

Through ‘Managerial Development Program’, company intends to drive a higher focus on employee
Learning and Development for Key People Managers. The objective of the program is to build the
right skills, abilities and knowledge enabling managers to not only perform well in their current role
but also be future - ready, thus allowing them to be catalyst for leading cultural transformation. The
target employees for this program are Key People Managers across grades E1 to M2.

The company has partnered with EdX & Skillsoft to introduce Online Learning to high potential-high
performing employees. Skillsoft is a leading global provider of high-quality, innovative, cloud-based
learning and performance support resources and are the leaders of eLearning. Founded by Harvard
and MIT, edX is the world’s premier non-profit online learning destination which offers many
courses online in subject areas like humanities, technology, business, digital marketing amongst


To enhance organizational productivity and employee experience, Jet Airways launched the Leave,
Time and Attendance modules of MyTime, our Attendance and Leave system. While on one hand
this will help capture attendance, it will also help streamline and standardize Time Management,
thereby lending transparency to the system. Moving the ‘Leave Management’ process online is part
of larger transformation journey of Jet Airways of automating critical processes and employee touch

Being a geographically widespread organization in which 40% of critical workforce does not operate
out of fixed workstations, it was the topmost priority to ensure that our employees feel connected
and engaged at work. A significant step towards building an open and inclusive culture has been the
introduction of ‘Workplace’, an online unified social collaboration platform by Facebook, to
disseminate critical information and help employees connect, communicate and collaborate at work.
Since launch, majority of our employees regularly engage with teams across locations through
multiple active groups.
1. Safety and well-being of women

The Company is committed to the safety of its women employees. Facilities such as maternal leave is
extended to enable young mothers during/post pregnancy.

2. Defined Contribution Plans: The Company makes contributions towards provident fund to a
defined contribution retirement benefit plan for qualifying employees. Under the plan, the Company
is required to contribute a specified percentage of payroll cost to the appropriate government
authorities. Expenses recognised for defined contribution plans are summarised below:

Particulars for the year ended 31 March for the year ended 31 March
2018 2017
Contribution to Provident 4982 7654
Contribution to F.P.F. 2019 3140
Contribution to EDLI 115 113
Contribution to Employees' 270 333
State Insurance Scheme
Total 7386 11140