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IES Libertas. Torrevieja.

Departamento de Inglés

adverbs of manner
1. Form adverbs of manner from the following adjectives.
bad / high / careful / fast / slow / easy / quick / hard / good / quiet
adjectives adverbs
bad badly

2. Which is right?
Ex.: Don’t eat so quick / quickly. It’s not good for you. quickly is right
a. Can you speak slow / slowly, please?
b. Bill is a very careful / carefully driver.
c. Jane studies very hard / hardly.
d. Please, be quiet / quietly. You are in a library.
e. Jackie swims very good / well.
f. Why do you walk so quick / quickly?
g. This exam is very easy / easily.
h. That monkey can jump high / highly.
i. Fernando Alonso can drive very fast / fastly.
j. John plays tennis very bad / badly.
3. Fill in with the adverbs:
Claudia does a lot of things. She is clever and often finishes her work quickly
(quick). She isn’t worried about passing her exams. In the afternoons she works at
the drama club. She acts (wonderful) and sings
(good). She loves swimming and she swims
(beautiful). Last year she won a swimming competition (easy).

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