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e Serving the Slate Belt in Pennsylvania and Warren, Th ‘Sussex and Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey a Your Choice LEASE plus $1,050 rebate “TOW s Brosdway: Wind Gap. Meme uy gpa cn Tat pra ee i PHOTOS TAKEN BY THE PRESS Ear ih ONLINE AT Ben Argyl School District and the Sits Belt Regional Pol ¥ ae ne Ee b tus ociaoe = ing for the Belvidere and North Warren boys and girls SO) eer rrene river Rein, Bocr ag enh Mare oe 7 I | esses nese Reset taned mae ame ete eager iat Strnar ng Sone nny auch m boo fe tote Weir aga eae leis aederent tena age Ny Sato, Maas Pree yt Peete fri Rockets Vs: the Slate Belt D garwe on Fetrunry 1th Tve event wes hela Die ty) | forthe DARE program Main Street Market Weekly ad Abby Weaver. Photo by Dale Young/The PRESS Specials Slate Belt Heritage Center to Unveil a Digital Documentation of Pennsylvania’s Slate Lands fei Saree tee Grint aed acest ee (Bie Sap Bek Bey at remain sn ntl ties wee Coe wl fe ice gms ipa ey eer ee (ae ee oe Se ES be Foe ae eee Sera ee Sees Sree oe arene emer ee Harlem Rockets 10" at 2:00 PM. important for remedia- on display at their VS. Slate Belt Presenting will be Mr tion. Preservation and offices for public view- Dream Team Frank Matero, Profe:- reuse is the impetus ing. Dream Team Rea Mle Pole ee a is fee ad ee ‘School of Design/Uni- edinto three phases: Heritage Center is versity of Pennsylvania 1) Survey and invento- located at 30 North I= niel League Finals on February 16th, and lost Teripetene Dapayantmreme: frome 20am Slept aetey eat indepen” ofan go, Sue rem ef S02 Tea ly apie ane on fees aces me nthe el ser a eee ob ah eat ak ore He will be assisted by made up this regional sty 484-894-5661. score 2 of his game high 12. points. for the Teacher! photog” industry Bangor. Photo by Dale Young.The PRESS Pages 3 Wee Big eke ass 2 Arcane & ==ly- Panel Advances Webber, Bucco Bill Freeing Belvidere Vi North = 0 ye of een: Cat fine sie =ad Local Farmers Markets From Burdensome Warren Basketball | Sxthively on Lastone 3). Revtsamendations Regulations and industrial sites. for preservation state- The Assembly Agricul- “Requiring For example, a piece of et ‘Also, Mohn Hinch- gies in conjunction tue Commies ge ts weighing fer indvagual apple pe on ou a pte imam; Project Specialist wath an advanced proj- approval today te logis~ proguctrstlocal markets or'a loaf of tread iu fer tie Geie for Sten bsed on dns lon sponsored by aut and co uke dest rege ‘Achitetual” Conser- collected Goring Acsenblyaen Jay prohibit” "Suid aay hbeling for welt ation who developed summer. and fill of Webberand Anthony M. Webber” (R-Monis). Butence elles pus tat {he content and format 3015-2017, Bucea slimiing “This is an effet fo. pie under cellophane or forthe website ‘A website combining tunscessny ‘and coms makeitease for people th loaf of bead im a Tae Pennsylvania geology, SD. guar leproiucive "regu: to eam, eria, money paper aleve fo romete Page 5 Sle Belt ism arez of modo’ photos of tons imposed onbaers witout incaring sig? Taran and fess Faas — | Bieates mile The wotkers and machines Sling Ung goo at ant oweadl “cess tien ey mast ut ok Bangor Boys | Sit queies opened 3 llusnations "and. mer maces ‘while at the same fime that covered container i bu seni economic, The bil (A201) ensuring the goods ae prec weight abeing Letom! ig cant grow followed a caltral spate willbe allows ne prodoct, safeandsmiany™ or they are subject © f tbe ist decade of the Shown The entve web- Inning cake, cook” Crentiy, eles of fines for inck of compl 308 century when the site willbe turned over jes pies‘and fling to baked goods af farmers sace Lehigh Valley account- fo the Hentage Center be"sold in wrapped or mums ae ot reqred “Shoppers love farmers ed for 4 of the ste tobeused asaresouce covered container, to provide the profucl's maket becauee they froduced in the United inthe Site’ Belt. qiich promotes sania” weight when be goods Imow they ave’ geing Stses and eventealy Professor "| Matero ton, ‘witout’ being outin the open ctim'an fesh top” guy’ ods iheworid Today only sie, “preserving weighed” ‘icovered container Farm coninue on pp? PLL ey Pea Clue Ge pha ir “yo! J 1 senayor rating thay annverare tha tion served the first fast area amall Cub Pack Sunday of every snd Boy Scout Troop month. "Children's open to new members, Easton High School message & Sunday Meetings are Wednesday Class of 1969s holding school during worship. nights st Tpm, For more their 50th “Class For move smfrmation information, email Corie Reunion on October call 610-588-4673, vist xt scootmoms9Gig- Sth at Northampton FirstUMCBangor.com ail com Country Club at 6pm. Cost” $80ipp. Con faet Marianne for more ffo 610-863-7158 or or First UMC bangor on Facebook. Come 32 yor. 24g, all re welcome! “ite Faich Ques of ‘Moms In Prayer meet ings are taking place throughout our com- munities, For details ou the group nearest fo you ‘sit wonwamomsinpray- eco or call Fawn 610-362-0519. Tf you vould like to become involved ina commanity group, and make new friend: Please consider joining the Friends of the Bangor Public Library. The group conducts activities throughout fle year to financially and. promote Literacy for the Bangor Library. Some of their duifiiptd net The Slate Belt Heri- tage Center is in the the church from Ito pm. All proceeds are ven fo mission organi Estions Please enter the Pichre of the outside of their "Families Mall" to scan itand please send to the Heritage Center at sbhedifronter com. Or Send 2 photo to” SBHC 30 North Ist Soest, projects ate Two Bongo, 4 A: Kees Ftinmch withe Author” ewer. Thank you in presentations, 3 “Spring advance for eontabuting Book Sale" and 2 book sale at the “Blue Valley Farm Show’ sso, thie gat yer they ad 3 AWine Tasting Party”, “Breakfast w! Santa, 2 find aicer at the “Broad way Pub”, a bake sala Sed their famous "Dock Race” The Freade moet ‘he 4h Thursday of each smooch. inthe upeaire oom of the library. The Fiend: also support the “Ciildren's First United Method iat Church located at $5 No 3nd Street, in Bangor will hold heir Sanday "Worship Service every Sunday at Ulam with Pastor Chris Hardy. Commu- inf call 610-863-1474 Tnterested in Seout- ing? Cub Scout Pack 39, and Boy Scout Troop 39, Ieated a 5907 Sullivan ‘Teall in Nazareth Bele eee) cea ing the Slate Belt & Surrounding Areas in PA, | Karen Brewer at "Tanda Seeer Marton Cox | AEPRSESEL = angie canes donations forthe main- finance of the come tery. Donations can be Bole Tens Cemetary, CO "Carol Hommel, 136 Messinger re Please send your news ar ee jraphs, announcements and other i "oe Ipemao t |: thepressmail@gmail.com Mail:106 ine ‘St. Bangor, PA 18013 member of Northasap- Denne aero tes fee Coane ce eadline for submissions is noon on | T¥2 _ Thursdays prior to publication date, "| 232 fo the 2010-3000 Advertising inquiries can be sentto | Sm-pssiPesquunedty ‘thepressads@gmail.com 106 Kline St, Bangor, PA 610.599.1952 Mon: Sam-2pm; Tues-Fri: Sam-4pm www-thepressnewsonline.com scholarships | will be presented tothe wimers uring the zmaual Blue Valley Fama Show. in August. For more infor- maton contact Audrey: Like us on Facebook! Koes EA cof) The PRESS News Online “Slate Belt Chamber = GI TGIE EWR TSIGROA oven’ spplesson: businesses who advertise intis | for Scholarship seuspaper Shop Local | Achievement Award March Ist at the guid ance departments of | Vist our website fora list of dropof locations! Servis Hian Quamty Procucts ar A Peasonisble Price For Amost 100 Years! Homemade Raviol, Manicotti, Stuffed shells, Tortelini, & Gnocchi ‘Stop in To Taste The Difference! Tom Ahearn Electric ‘& Home improvement Residential/Commercial Electric Light Carpentry - Painting - Home Repairs 610-588-6790 ‘e Ae-015-1154 The PRESS theprestmail@gmaiLcom or The PRESS a February 21, 2019 ‘Broadway, Bangor High School, Bea Aray High School Faith Christian Career Tustirnte | of TTeehmology. One schal- asship fo 2 senior fom ich of the four atex Schools: Banger, Pen Argyl, Faith Christian & (Career Institute of Tech ology. Applicants must ‘ede in the Slate Belt fo apply. The scholarships wll be presented to the Students based upon the following cuiteia, seadsmnie accomplish ment, demonstrated {emvce to school andor community, demonstra fion of leadership capa bblities and future woes tional plans, Please note: AY ceparate award, The Frederick R. Curcio, Ir Scholarship Award, may also be applied for a thes Gime. Te qualify a senior sanct been enrlled im 3 ‘computer science related couse or plaming. to attend a” Technical ‘School of thei choice or United Methodist (Chureh). This is just ‘© sant tothe Frelinghuysen ‘Town Hall, one block off of RE SIS! Toesday ‘Night Bible Study. 7pm, ‘wall be held st Race Cafe i & Creamery, 155 NIB, Blatsows, ‘Knowlton Seniors ie seeking new members Sor alder from Knowlton Township, ‘They offer muliple tips to different sights each ‘year They meet the frst Enday of each month at fie Knowlton United Methodist Chatch on Ri. 9€ at 1-30pm with few exceptions. For more information, eal Sue at 908-196-4740. ‘North Warren Knit. Wier needs new mem: bere to crochet oF knit iteime to be donated to rious charities, nurs ing homes, hospice and the needy throughout & Warren. County. They mest “every Tuesday From 9:30am to noon at fhe” Catherine Dickson Hofman Library, located on Lambeit Road in Bhisiows For more 3 information, call Anne at 908-159-0853. Dona- tons of yam are always speeded. For more infor: mation call Ame at “Hardwick residents over the age of 55 are most ‘welcome to attend and Join if they, wish. Call their President, “Laura Randazzo at 508 562 350 fr mere mie “Friends & Neighbors ie a club of almost 100 ladies in ‘Warren Co. ‘tho sect for Innch the Bret Wed. of exch mst be recened by Apnl 15,2019. To honor he, recipients, parents and frends, 3. Seholar- Ship Award: Dimer i planned for May I7th at TTasearors Inn. For more information contact the 908-159-0453. ‘guidance department or Blairstown North the chamber office at Warren Senior's A ‘510-588-1000. welcomes all Warren County Seniors, 58 or lder to join their lub. ‘They meet the Ist Thus day of each month at 130 at the Lieay in Binistown Many progam: of interest play bingo, contest’: and see a few play's with a Iimcheon Refreshments served at each meeting For more info. Call Gladys 908-459-9210 or 362-290-2693) Star-Licht Small Animal Rezene é look ing for volunteers to Leip with transport and cline tasks, and for fostersiadopters. Visit ‘Teens aud adults are invited fo learn about the prevention of child exaal areault at free raining sessions on Wednesdays, February 13a ‘and. 20¢h, from the fide of child cena zesmult. but advance fegusation is required, Toregister, to find out smote about the Enoazh Abuse campaign, call Project Self Suficiancy. 975-940-3500 Wisawa Seymborska Eaty Fietion: Curious: George Builds 2 Home ‘by Monica Perez: Tell Me Agam About the ‘The Killer Collective by or Bany Bisler, Tae Gulia fhe Glass Box by Jame: Grippando: “The ‘Lost Man by Jame Harper The Loze Girls of Paris by Pam Teno The Wedding Guart by Jona ‘fan Kellerman; 1 Owe Night T Was Born by Jamia Custis; The Rough, Pateh ty Bram Lies; A Big Mooncake for Little Star by Grace Lin; Julian 2 Mermaid safe 31 908-496-4130, You One by Sophie by Jessica Love; ‘Join Abundant Life Kinsella: Counectons Dreamers by Yuyi ‘At Their New Location! in Death by J.D. Robb: Morales. Princere Services will be at A Delite Touch by Puffybottom.. and Stuart Woods 10:30am, at 220 Main ‘Adult Non Fiction: St, Dark Moon Ra), Jobasonburg, NJ 07838 Raising Adopted Chil. (at the Johmconbarg dren by Loi Ruskai CE “Full Service Shop - Transmissions and moro” Daryl by Susaa Niel. genFemlind: 1 Wished fr You by Marame February 21, 2019 The PRESS Page 3 Pen Argyl School District and Slate Belt Regional Police Presents: NJ Agriculture Day (Bill AJR40) Advances Recognizing farming’s state's vast agriculture healthy and satisfying 25 significant impact, the industy and its contribu. locally sourced, freshly Assembly Agnculture tons to New Jersey's nd harvested produce. New Commitee today our nation's econemies,” Jersey grows the very avanced 2 resolution said Dancer (R-Ocean). best so our residents and designating Marci 20 2: “Nothing identifies our people around the comtry New Jersey Agriculture state more than its famas, andthe world have acces: Day. The bill AIRWO, ie orchards and vineyards) fo mutations foo sponsored by two That's why we're called Space (R long-time members ofthe the Garden Stato” Moats). “F commites, Assembly. Dancer noted that New harvest an abundance of men Ron Dancer and Jersey stop 10 produe- crops, mcludig our Parker Space cf of I] different crops, famous Jersey tomatoes ‘More than 9000 farms and one of only three and com bucberies harvest food fom States that provides cranbemiez peppers, and 715,000 feria acres, and school breakfast and soybeans. ft would’t be agricultwe is the site's Iunchprograms.The arm summer without them.” rdlrgest musty. to school progam is a A previow: version of W's appropnate that we model followed by other the bill passed the Assem- ase one day each state. bly in December 2017 by More Photos from the event can be found online at year to secognze our “There's nothing as 63-0 vote ‘www:thepressphotos.fototime.com FARMING fia “atine win sonlos io comply wl shops aa oc Cont'd from pg. 1. ams win sell stra) wil other spice Bing! Pet Sh Se Seca ee URES Bing Ree SL. Se sees ee aint fee ae es ee Souldnot get caught up is essing problems at oid ‘market differently ‘a ipd pe crete Uy local fry main: "Sach a epltny Thre re mre ha 35 “Goal Posts to Socks, & re ese, eae en ee es a ae EVERYTHING in Between!” Removing this equie- are ning or sbuting expiuned Webber “We accordmg to. the New a: ‘uld encourage sees Jersey Farmers Direct a Fa Because There's] °f,jtttet soods it Marketing Asociation res No Place LikeHome} eromote sanitation and ty passed am identical ‘Sereen Printing & Embroidery Services Our ented corgi is eet) SP) Visca No G4)0) os 20 ee) a Peerenriroarensene ner) em soso sey a P Meal Sepetion Leeedenniprmenenrirmand | Mercer ~° (ictickatia] | Newbaker Funeral Home sah «Traditional Funeral Services email: dukessports@fast.net cee -Preneed Funeral Planning P: 610.588.2958 F: 610-588-8464 | |jarseueonnny peers + Coeomation Seryeer « Mowat sl 200 Route 94, Bsistown, NJ 908-362-6341 CoB eemdnton EOE. 1 Glenn Caprario Manager NJ cone No 2982 \ Fiore Funeral Home ‘hha he Gea Joka A. Fiore, Funeral Director |] Caring Service In Your Time of Need } | BLUE VALLEY FARM St SHOW | AUDITORIUM Pride of Arable Hung fondu 62a old lc |, Rental Dates Available For , ay iene HaneceppedDisate Indl Need of Acoessbie Hows “Wedding Receptions «Parties Boned mee U0 Coe a raed ‘Bon uets *Craft Shows “Etc. Indiviuaied Pre Need Planning By Appointment aa at oad eee ‘Occasion ‘Compare My Prices And Services Only One Facility To Maintain TD | | ino 4H Various Caterers Available Various Caterers Available Y Hondicepped Acceeste | Courtesy Limousine Conveniently located off Route 512) Pos Lage on-sreet Parking Lat Ree APPLY AT: between Bangor: ‘Argyl | 684 AMERICAN BANGOR ROAD, i Peeramtcey i 230 Maket Street BANGOR, PA 18013 For reservation, prices, arailty or other) Bangor, Peasyvania 18013 610.588.2; OR CALL: 610-863-7626 Ne dove : OPTION 2