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Dragon ball Z Daizenshuu 7 Powerlevels: Dragon Ball Z encyclopedia Daizenshuu 7 Power Levels http://tenshinhanpowerlevel s.blogspot.com/2007/10/dragon-ball-z-encyclopedia-daizenshuu-7.


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Dragon Ball Z encyclopedia Daizenshuu 7 Power Levels

Dragon Ball Z Real Fans.


Freeza 64 (41%)
Cell 34 (22%)
We have to warn you about two fansites, KRILIN FANSITES: my favorite games-MFG(Mega
Fat buu 4 (2%)
Fucking Goofy web site), and pojo site who disregard Daizenshuu 7 approved and written
Super Buu 12 (7%)
by Akira Toriyama and edited by Toei Animation and Shueisha.Well they lie about
Kid Buu 9 (5%)
everything related with Tenshinhan,because they can't stand the fact that the Triclop was in
Super 17 18 (11%)
General Rildo 2 (1%) the millions,specially unsupported fan sites like MFG(Mega Fucking Goofy web site).If you
want to see a good lie about daizenshuu or dbz,well visit that dumb fansite,lol.
Vegeta baby 8 (5%)
Yi Xing Long 1-Star Dragon 3 (1%) These fucking retards also try to make their dumb assumptions as dbz facts disregarding
official information provided by DBZ staff in Daizenshuu under Toriyama supervision and
Voturi până acum: 154 revision who helps the fans to understand dbz series a lot better.
Sondaj înche iat Pojo forum is full of retards who can't even understand basic mathematics,those maggots
fanboys are pathetic and make real persons puke.
In fact all of them have a very low I.Q..

IS TE NS H I NH AN A P U R E ALI EN OR A They always make dumb and fanatic statements,they are sites without any credibility.
Alien 13 (100%)
Hybrid 0 (0%)
Voturi până acum: 13
N DBZ 4-Shueisha/Toei Animation/Bandai /AB productions and Official Dragon Ball/GT magazine
THEY ARE JUST STUPID FANBOYS.Here you have REAL sources and references.
80.000.0 00
1 (6%)
above 120.000.000
0 (0%)
above 500.00 0.000
15 (93%) English:Here you can find some of the real power levels(i mixed with some made by myself)
made by Akira Toriyama and his team in Dragon Encyclopedia Daizenshuu 7 the only book
Voturi până acum: 16
Sondaj înche iat supervised and approved by akira toriyama:

Português:Aqui vocês podem encontrar as verdadeiras forças de combate Dragon Ball/Z tiradas
da grande enciclopédia Dragon Ball Z Daizenshuu 7 aprovada e supervisionada por Akira

Kaiohken x 20
25 (36%) Toriyama.
Kaiohken x 50
11 (15%)
Kaiohken x 100
33 (47%) French:Ici vous pouvez rencontrer le septième dictionnaire encyclopédique de ''Dragon Ball''
Le livre septième officiel a été le seul approuvé , supervisé et écrit par Akira Toriyama .
Voturi până acum: 69
Sondaj înche iat
Español:Aquí pueden encontrar el séptimo diccionario enciclopédico ' de ' Dragón Ball '' el único
libro oficial con la aprobación, supervision y escrito por Akira Toriyama.

Início da série/Beginning of the series
Loadi ng...

Kid Goku (pequeno): 10

INSC REVER-S E Ozharu Big Ape/Goku (gorila): 100
21º Budokai Tenkaichi
Jackie Chun: 139
SEG UI DORES Krillin:97
Google Friend Connect Songoku:124
Membros (3)

Red Ribbon Saga/Saga da legião vermelha

Já é um membro? Fazer login

After the training in karin tower /depois de treinar com karin na torre sagrada
karin: 169
Songohan (goku´s grandfather/avô de goku) 156
Tao pai pai 144
22º Budokai Tenkaichi

Goku: 180
Jackie Chun: 139-165
Tenshinhan: 180 daizenshuu 7
► 2010 (6) Manwolf/homem lobo:19
► 2009 (9) Panputte:56

► 2008 (14) Yamcha:146

Garça Genial/Crane hermit:120
▼ 2007 (4)
▼ Outubro (3) Luta contra Piccolo Daimaoh/Fight against Piccolo Daimaoh
Dragon Ball Z encyclopedia Daizenshuu 7
Goku (depois de beber água sagrada/after the magic water): 260 daizenshuu 7
Power Leve...
Piccolo Daimaoh (jovem outra vez/young again): 260 daizenshuu 7
Tenshinhan descends from an alien race
Cymbal 150
named Mitsu...
Tambor: 190
Tenshinhan descends from an alien race Tamborine:173
called Mits... Yajirobé:160

► Abril (1) Old/viejo/velho-Piccolo Daimaoh:201 daizenshuu 7


23º Budokai Tenkaichi


T O E I AN I M AT I O N Krllin:206
VI SU AL IZA R ME U PE R F I L C O MPL E Songoku with weights/com pesos:244
Goku without weights/sem pesos:330
Piccolo Junior with weights/com pesos:236
Piccolo Junior without weights/sem pesos:322
Tao pai pai:189

Fight against raditz

Raditz: 1500 daizenhuu 7/manga gives raditz 1200 probably 1500 is a typo
Piccolo (com roupas pesadas/with weights): 322 manga
Piccolo (sem roupas pesadas/without weights): 408 manga
Piccolo (primeiro /first Makankosappo): 1.330 manga
Piccolo (segundo/second Makankosappo): 1.440 manga
Goku (com roupas pesadas/with weights): 334 manga
Goku (sem roupas pesadas/without weights): 416 manga
Goku (Kamehameha): 924
Gohan: 1
Gohan (assustado/with afraid): 710
Gohan (atacando/atacking): 1.307

After the death of Raditz

Mestre Kame: 139 manga/daizenshuu 7

Kuririn: 206 manga daizenshuu 7
Yamcha: 177
Tenshinhan: 350-250 was a typo
Tenshinhan maximum power:380
Tartaruga: 0,001

fight against Nappa and Vegeta

Tenshinhan: 1830(hand to hand/corpo a corpo) Daizenshuu 7

Tenshinhan kikoho/QiQong:3900

Yamcha-1480(hand to hand) Daizenshuu 7


Chaos: 610 daizenshuu 7

Kuririn: 981(hand to hand/corpo a corpo)manga

Kuririn (poder máximo/energetic power): 1.770 Daizenshuu 7

Piccolo: 1.220(hand to hand)manga

Piccolo (Makankosappo): 3.500-energetic power- Daizenhuu 7

Gohan: 1.083 hand to hand manga

Gohan (Masenko): 2.800 energetic power firing masenko Daizenshuu 7

Saibaiman: 1.200 manga

Nappa: 4000 Daizenshuu 7

Goku: 8.000 Daizenshuu 7

Goku (Kaio-Ken 2X): 16.000 Daizenshuu 7

Goku (Kaio-ken 3X): 24.000 Daizenshuu 7

Goku (Kaio-ken 4X): 32.000 Daizenshuu 7

Vegeta: 18.000 Daizenshuu 7

Chegada em Namek/Arrival to namek

Kuririn: 1.400 manga

Dodoria:22.000 Daizenshuu 7
Gohan: 1.500 manga
Guerreiros de Namek/namek warriors: Entre/between 1.000 e 3.000
Kiwi: 18.000
Vegeta:24.000 daizenshuu 7/manga

Fight against Zarbon

Vegeta:30.000 Daizenshuu 7

Zarbon(normal):23.000 Daizenshuu 7


Vegeta(after the injury):30.000

Luta contra as forças especiais Ginyu/Fight against Ginew Force

Kuririn: 13.000(after the saichoro powerup)Daizenshuu 7

Gohan: 14.000(after saichoro powerup)Daizenshuu 7

1 din 11 2
27.05.2012 21:52
Vegeta (contra/against Reecoom): 36.000

Goku: 90.000 Daizenshuu 7

Goku (Kaio-ken 2X): 180.000

Ginyu: 120.000 manga

Ginyu (no corpo de Goku/ginew in goku's body): 23.000

Nail 42.000

Piccolo Ressurection:
Tenshinhan(kaioh ken x 4):272.000

Luta contra Freezer/Fight against Freezer

Piccolo after the assimilation with Nail):!1.000.000 daizenshuu 7

Freeza (forma inicial/initial form): 530.000 manga
Freeza (primeira transformação): 1.000.000
Vegeta(after the injurys with reecom/depois de recuperar dos ferimentos contra
Vegeta after the injury made by krillin:10.000.000

Goku against Freezer

Os valores de poder de luta desta luta foram retirados da enciclopédia daizenshuu 7 de Akira
Toriyama. Muitas pessoas confudem os números e acabam colocando a décima parte do número
oficial, porque nesta enciclopédia esses valores aparecem com um número acompanhado de um
ideograma japonês que significa dezenas de milhar, mas é confundido com unidade milhar.

The power levels had been removed of Great Encyclopedia Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7 the only one
approved and written by Akira Toriyama. Many people confuse the numbers , because in the
encyclopedia these values appear with a number folloied of Japanese kanji that it means thousand
sets of ten, but are confused with unit thousand.

Freezer (transformação final/final form, 50%): 60.000.000 daizenshuu 7

Freezer (transformação final/Final form, 100%):120.000.000 daizenshuu 7
Goku (normal): 3.000.000 daizenshuu 7
Goku (com kaioh ken X10): 30.000.000 daizenshuu 7
Goku (com kaioh ken X20): 60.000.000 daizenshuu 7
Goku (Super Saiyajin 1): 150.000.000 daizenshuu 7

Metal Freezer Arrival

Metal Freezer:200.000.000
King Cold 2ºform/2ºforma:13.000.000
Tenshinhan(com/with x4 kaioh ken):2.400.000
Tenshinhan (com /with x10 kaioh ken):6.000.000
Tenshinhan(com/with x 20 kaioh ken):12.000.000

Android Saga








Songoku with virus/goku doente:35.000.000


Tenshinhan(kaioh ken x20):220.000.000




Imperfect Cell(cell imperfeito):300.000.000

Cell after absorbing humans(cell depois de absorver humanos):480.000.000

Piccolo+Kami sama=Super namek:400.000.000

Tenshinhan using Neo kikoho/Qiqong:880.000.000(energetic power/poder energético)

Cell after absorbing C-17:880.000.000

Vegeta after the training in the room of time and spirit:

Trunks after the training in the room of time and spirit:

Perfect Cell:2.500.000.000

Piccolo after the training in the room of time and spirit :800.000.000

Goku after the training in the room of time and spirit :

Gohan after the training in the room of time and spirit:1.900.000.000

Vegeta after the training in the room of time and spirit 2ºtime/segunda vez:1.800.000.000

Trunks after the training in the room of time and spirits 2º time/segunda vez:1.750.000.000

Gohan super sayan level2 :

Perfect Celll level2:

Buu Saga
Kid Trunks.160.000.000

kid Goten:150.000.000





Goku super sayan 2 :

Vegeta super sayan 2:







Tenshinhan kaioh ken x 20=

Pui Pui:50.000.000



Majin Vegeta:

Majin buu:

Super buu:44.900.000.000

Mystic Gohan:

Gotenks level 3:

Goku super sayan 3:

Kid buu:

Superbuu+gotenks level 3+piccolo=


Vegetto SSJ:

Akira Toriyama introduction in Daizenshuu 7 the encyclopedia who reveals TenShinHan is

an Alien and everything in this book is the only and last word about Dragon ball
Series:Scans of that book in french and japanese

will be avaiable soon.

Introdução de akira toriyama na grande enciclopédia dragon ball que prova que tenshin han é um
English translation:

This book the last of seven,is the great encyclopedia dragon ball.

The former books already were very difficult for the creators,but with this one they reached the
limit.The result is perfect.

Even if i am the creator of dragon ball sometimes i forgot some very important details and in this
encyclopedia i can find all of them.

If i had this encyclopedia when i wrote this story would be of great help.

Well bad luck for me .

Finnaly,i would like to say thank you very much to the team and of course,to all of you the dragon
ball fans.


Este libro es el último de siete, es la gran enciclopedia dragon ball. Los libros anteriores fueran ya
muy difíciles para los creadores, pero con éste alcanzaron el resultado de limit perfecto. Incluso si
soy el creador de del dragón ball me olvidé por veces de algunos detalles muy importantes y en esta
enciclopedia puedo encontrar todos. Si tuviera esta enciclopedia cuando escribí esta historia sería
de gran ayuda. Mala suerte para mí. Por último, quisiera decir muchas gracias al equipo y por
supuesto, a usted los fans de dragon ball.
Este livro,é o o último volume de uma série de sete,
a chamada Grande Enciclopédia dragon ball.
Apesar das obras anteriores serem de extrema dificuldade para os seus criadores,esta conseguiu
ultrapassar todos os limites,mas o resultado valeu o esforço efectuado.
Apesar de eu ser o autor desta série,por vezes esqueci-me de vários detalhes,que encontro nesta
enciclopédia na sua totalidade.
Se quando escrevi o dragon ball tivesse esta enciclopédia ela teria sido de enorme ajuda.
Uma pena realmente não a ter tido na altura.
Enfim,para acabar um grande abraço para esta equipa e para todos os fãs dragon ball.

Official Dragon Ball Magazine in Europe/ Spain(norma editorial dragon ball GT) has the
rights of Dragon Ball in Europe with french AB productions:

Here you can read Tenshinhan is an alien and belong to the race of Three Eyes.

All the Japanese sites say TenShinHan is an alien/todos os sites japoneses dizem que
Tenshinhan é um extraterrestre.

The source is daizenshuu 7/Akira Toriyama /Toei animation/Shueisha

English translation:
Different Alien Races:
In the Dragon ball World,the three more important races are:
The sayans,the earthlings and the nameks,however,others alien races show up in the story.
They are the Yardrats,the Métamols and the Three Eyes or Triclops TenShinHan's ancestors.
Español:Diversas Razas Extraterrestres:
En el mundo de la bola del dragón, las tres razas más importantes eran: Los sayans, los terricolas y
los nameks, sin embargo, otras razas extraterrestres aparecen en la historia. Son los Yardrats, los
Métamols y los antepasados de Ten Shin Han los tres ojos/ Triclops.

Here is the proof tenshinh an has kaioh ken and he is an alien too
English translation:
Expert in martial arts he was born in 733
Height:1.85 weight:75 kg
He learns martials arts with Master crane to become a killer.
But thanks to kame sennin and goku he decides to leave his master and become an warrior who
fights for the sake of martial arts and justice.When chaoz is killed by Piccolo daimaoh he trains to
master the technique mafuba to avenge his death.
Later against nappa, again chaoz dies and tenshinhan tries to avenge him with kikoho/qiqong,but
fails and dies too.
Next he trains with king kaioh in the other world and one year later comes back to life revived by
Polunga the namek dragon.
After the fights against cell he leaves and trains during 7 years later he saves gohan dende and
mr.satan against an enraged super buu who assimilated previously piccolo and gotenks level 3.
Tenshinhan is an alien who descends from the Three Eyes or Triclops race.
He has habiltys impossible for humans like four arms or four bodys.
Tenshinhan always want to become stronger,he is one of the few to live for the sake of
martial arts...

Él aprende artes de los martials con el maestro grúa l para se tornar un asesino. Pero gracias al
kame sennin y al goku decide dejar su amo y tornarse un guerrero que luche para el motivo de artes
marciales y del justicia.Quando chaoz es matado por Piccolo daimaoh él se entrena para dominar el
mafuba para vengar su muerte. Más adelante contra nappa, otra vez chaoz es matado y los intentos
de tenshinhan para vengarse con kikoho/qiqong, pero fallan y muere también. Él se entrena
después con el kaioh rey en el otro mundo y un año más tarde se vuelve a la vida restablecida por
Polunga el dragón del namek. Después de las luchas contra cell se entrena durante 7 años para
salvar dende gohan y mr.satan contra un buu estupendo enfurecido que asimiló previamente
gotenks nivel 3 y piccolo. Tenshinhan es un extraterrestre que desciende de la raza de los tres ojos/
Triclops. Él tiene habililidades imposibles para los seres humanos como cuatro brazos o cuatro
cuerpos .Tenshinhan desea siempre llegar a ser más fuerte, él es uno de los pocos a vivir para el
motivo de artes marciales...

Shishin no ken:
Technique of the 4 bodys used by Tenshinhan against goku in the 23º budokai tenkaichi.
One of the special skills made by the Three Eyes or triclops Race...
His power however splits in four what becomes tenshinhan weaker.

Four arms.
Tenshinhan has this power since he was born.
He is the only one abble to perform this technique.
His ancestors,the race of the three eyes were the first ones to develop
this advantage in a fight.
Tenshinhan uses it against goku in the 22º budokai tenkaichi.

Piccolo,krillin Médamcha use this technique.
It is possible to watch piccolo using this technique during his training

Bunshin no jutsu:
Ninjutsu copy technique.
The purple ninja uses this atack with his 4 twin brothers.

Japanese 天津飯

Romaji Tenshinhan

Anime Name Tien

Manga Name Tenshinhan

Tien Shinhan

Canon to Original Manga

Appearance Issue #113

character appears in the original Dragon Ball series character appears in the
Dragon Ball GT series
Appears in

Family Connections

Chaozu (companion)
Tsuru-Sen'nin (former instructor)

Race-Alien 三つ目人 Mitsume Jin

DB Character Listing - Category

Tenshinhan (or Tien Shinhan in the English anime dub, but generally just Tien) is a fictional
character from the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z and the anime series Dragon Ball and
Dragon Ball Z. He is known as Shinto in an early 1980's dub of Dragon Ball.

He is introduced as an enemy of the series' hero, Son Goku, but soon becomes an ally. His most noti ceable feature

is his third eye. Tenshinhan is exceptionally strong even for an alien, but he is outpaced by the more powerful

characters in the series,however in the end after the sayans and Uub he is the stronger warrio r,howe ver some say

Piccolo keeps his place ahead,it is an arguable question only because Piccolo had a bigger role in the show. He is

usually accompanied by Chao zu, his training partne r.He belongs to the triclop alien race, the people of the three

eye s(this is stated by akira Toriyama in the book dragon Bal Dayzenshuu 7 published in Japan,

Fran ce,Luxembourg Belgium Switzerland and Canada .

Like a handful of other characters from the original Dragon Ball, Tenshinhan is inspired by a
character from Journey to the West; his unique feature of having a third eye was derived from the
Chinese god Erlang Shen.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.




Where is the mighty krillin ?lol

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1.3 Piccolo Junior saga
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22nd Tenkaichi Budôkai saga

Tien in the Tournament TENSHINHAN in the TOURNAMENT

Tenshinhan is first introduced to the series at the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budôkai (Strongest Under the
Heavens Fighting(Martial Arts) Tournament) during the Tenshinhan Saga. He is a student of the
Crane Hermit, who is entering his two top pupils (Tenshinhan and Chaozu) to defeat the students
of his rival, the Turtle Hermit Muten-Rôshi.

Tenshinhan easily wins the preliminary rounds, defeating his opponents so quickly that few can
even see how many attacks he lands on them. Between the matches, Tenshinhan and Yamcha
come close to blows on several occasions. When the finals begin, Tenshinhan has Chaozu use his
telepathic powers to determine the order of the fights. He picks Yamcha as his first opponent,
eager to settle the grudge between them.

In his battle with Yamcha, Tenshinhan finds his first challenge at the tournament thus far. The
match starts off fairly evenly, with Yamcha seeming to pull ahead slightly after knocking
Tenshinhan down with his Shin Rougafufuken (New Wolf Fang Fist). Tenshinhan then starts to
take the fight seriously, and readies himself against the attack, brutally countering when Yamcha
tries it again. Weakened by Tenshinhan's assault, Yamcha tries his wild card, and fires a
Kamehameha at Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan is able to reflect the attack however, forcing Yamcha to
dodge. In his state of disbelief, Tenshinhan is able to get a powerful hit on Yamcha. As Yamcha
falls to the ground Tenshinhan does one final attack, diving down and smashing his knee into
Yamcha's leg, breaking it. Goku rushes out once the match is over and promises to avenge the
unneeded brutality.

Tenshinhan's next fight is against Muten-Rôshi, again using the alias of Jackie Chun. It is again a
fairly even battle, with no fighter at an obvious advantage until Tenshinhan uses his Taiyô-ken (Fist
of the Sun) technique to temporarily blind Jackie and then land a powerful knee attack to the back
of Jackie's neck, nearly knocking him down long enough to win. As the fight progress, Jackie tries
to convince Tenshinhan to abandon the evil ways of Tsuru-Sen'nin. This, along with some
telepathic help from Tsuru-Sen'nin, reveals Jackie's true identity to Tenshinhan. In response to this,
Tenshinhan launches a Kamehameha at Roshi, having learned it from observing Yamcha during
the earlier fight. Roshi, worried that it would harm spectators, is able to deflect the blast into the
sky. After witnessing this, Roshi compliments Tenshinhan and exits out of the ring, forfeiting the

After the match is over, Tenshinhan is disturbed by why Roshi let him win. He knows that Roshi
does not fear him, and that Roshi didn't even fight to his full ability. He soon confronts Roshi,
demanding an explanation. Roshi tells him that it's time for a new generation of fighters to take
over from the old, and that Tenshinhan is part of them. He also states that Tenshinhan is not truly
evil at heart. Until the start of the final match with Goku, Roshi's words keep going through
Tenshinhan's mind.

The fight between Tenshinhan and Son Goku starts off fast. Tenshinhan takes an early advantage
and lands some powerful hits on Goku, but Goku is largely unaffected and retaliated with several
hits of his own. Even Tenshinhan 's Taiyoken is defeated, as Goku simply put on some sunglasses
(Kame Sen'nin's to be precise)when he tried it. When Goku next moves in to attack, he is frozen in
place, allowing Tenshinhan to land a hit. This happens several more times, and Tenshinhan
pummels Goku until he realizes that Chaozu is behind it. Tenshinhan telepathically tells Chaozu to
stop interfering in his match, as he wants to beat Goku fairly. This angers the Crane Hermit, who
then orders Tenshinhan to kill Goku. Tenshinhan defiantly states he won't kill Goku, both because
he doesn't want to be disqualified, and that he no longer wants to be an assassin like Tao Pai Pai.
The now infuriated Crane Hermit orders Chaozu to kill both Tenshinhan and Goku and when
Chaozu refuses, Crane then threatens to kill him instead. Roshi puts an end to this by blasting
Crane out of the stadium with a Kamahameha, allowing Tenshinhan and Goku to concentrate on
their match.

Tenshinhan then attempts one of his "ace-up-sleeve" technique, and uses his Shiyoken (Fist of
Four Arms) ability to grow an extra set of arms. Goku counters by using a pseudo-eight arms
technique he learned from an earlier fight in the tournament, which Tenshinhan is hard-pressed to
defend against. With that failed, Tenshinhan drops the two extra arms and decides to use his final
attack, the Kikoho(Energy Canon). He warns Goku to dodge the blast, forcing him out of the arena,
as there is no way to survive being hit by it. Tenshinhan then floats high in the air and uses the
attack, destroying the entire arena. Goku did dodge the blast though, leaping incredibly high in the
air. Tenshinhan is convinced he'll win at this point, as he can fly usin the Air hovering technique
(buku jutsu) and Goku can't. Goku readies one final Kamehameha and, at the last moment, turns
around, using the attack to send him rocketing into Tenshinhan. Both fighters fall to the ground,
Goku slightly ahead. He tries to use another, smaller Kamehameha wave to slow himself down, but
is hit by truck and lands first. Tenshinhan lands an instant later, thus winning the tournament.

After the match, Tenshinhan offers Goku half of the prize money, as he recognizes that it was mere
luck that he won. He also apologizes to Yamcha for using such excessive force during their fight.
Roshi offers to let Tenshinhan stay at the Kame House, but Tenshinhan declines, stating that he
can not follow the teachings of another, even if he has betrayed his master.

King Piccolo saga


The good mood is short-lived however, as soon Kuririn is found dead at the tournament location
after going back to fetch Goku's Nyoi-bo. Along with his body there was note with the character
'Ma' (demon) on it. Roshi tells everyone that it represents an incredibly powerful Demon King,
Piccolo, who was sealed away centuries ago by Roshi's old master using the suicidal Mafuba
technique, but is now apparently free again.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Tenshinhan volunteers to help in anyway he can. He is
informed of the Dragon Balls and, along with Chaozu and Roshi, is soon on a quest to retrieve
them. The plan is that they will use the power of the dragon to wish for the death of Piccolo,
preventing him from wreaking havoc on the world again.

After finding five of the Dragon Balls, the dragon radar indicates that the two remaining balls are
now together, and heading towards them at speed; they realize that Piccolo is coming for them and
Goku is likely dead. They quickly formulate a plan where Tenshinhan and Roshi will steal Piccolo's
Dragon Balls and hand them off to Chaozu, who will then use them to summon the dragon and
make the wish to destroy the demon.
It is futile however, as after Piccolo arrives he swallows his two Dragon Balls, suspecting a trap.
Tenshinhan prepares for battle regardless, but is knocked out by Roshi and dragged out of sight
into a cave. Semi-conscious, Tenshinhan witnesses Roshi's stand against the powerful Demon
King, watching as Roshi uses the Mafuba and nearly succeeds at trapping him again, but fails
when the containing jar closes slightly too early. Roshi then dies as Piccolo escapes unharmed
from the attack and joins the seven balls together to make a wish to restore his youth.

Still unable to move after Roshi's surprise attack, Tenshinhan orders Chaozu to quickly make a
wish to destroy Piccolo before the Demon King can make one himself. Chaozu tries, but is quickly
killed mid-sentence from a blast by Piccolo, an act Tenshinhan can only watch. Piccolo continues
to make his wish and then destroys the dragon, knowing it's the only thing that can stop him.

After regaining his mobility, and Piccolo has long gone, Tenshinhan practices the Mafuba, learning
it from watching Roshi perform it. Once he has fully mastered it, Tenshinhan heads off to Piccolo's
location in the world capital to confront the demon. After he arrives and challenges Piccolo, he is
horrified on discovering that the electric rice cooker the talisman is on is cracked from his practicing,
meaning he won't be able to use the Mafuba; he decides to confront Piccolo regardless.

Piccolo, not seeing Tenshinhan as being worth fighting, spawns a new minion, Drum, to take care
of him.Tenshinhan doesn't want to lose energy and for that reason suffers in the fight, and is about
to lose his life when Goku intervenes and save Tenshinhan, killing Drum with one fierce kick.
Battered by Piccolo's attack, Tenshinhan can only watch as Goku and Piccolo battle it out. When
Piccolo charges up a massive blast however, he uses the last of his strength to quickly fly in and
levitate Goku out of its path, collapsing afterwards.

When the battle seems to be turning against him, Piccolo decides to take Tenshinhan hostage,
grabbing him by the skull and threatening to crush it if Goku doesn't comply. Tenshinhan tells Goku
to attack regardless, but instead Goku obeys the demon, allowing himself to be crippled in the
process. Tenshinhan is then discarded by Piccolo, who moves to finish off Goku, but is instead
destroyed when Goku does a final Kamehameha-propelled punch through the demon, creating a
massive hole in Piccolo's chest. Knowing he is defeated, Piccolo concedes and spits out one final
egg into the distance before dying.

With the battle over, Tenshinhan heads back to the Kame House with Lunch, Yamcha and Bulma.
He vows to train harder so that next time he and Goku meet at the Tenka'ichi Budokai, he could
beat goku again.

Tenshinhan training for 23ºBudokai Tenkaichi

Piccolo Junior saga

Tenshinhan vs Tao Pai Pai

Tenshinhan keeps up his training, redoubling his efforts after learning that Goku is being trained by
Kami, Guardian of the Earth. With the dragon restored, a wish is made to bring all those killed by
Piccolo back to life. Tenshinhan then trains with Yamcha and the newly resurrected Kuririn and
Chaozu until they are informed by Roshi that, to be able to compete with Goku, they are going to
need to find better ways to train then are available at the Kame House. They all head to Karin's
Tower and train with Karin before each going their own separate way.

Three years after Piccolo's defeat, Tenshinhan, along with Yamcha and Kuririn, return to compete
in the 23rd Tenka'ichi Budôkai. He is somewhat surprised to see the now teenaged Goku and
hopeful that he's even more powerful than Goku. His real shock, however, is seeing Piccolo (who
is going by the alias "Ma Junior" (Demon Junior)), and realizing that something of the Demon King
has survived. He remains silent about the matter for the time, not wishing to create a panic.

When the lots are drawn up to determine the order of the fights, Tenshinhan again has Chaozu
manipulate the cards so that none of the group (Tenshinhan, Yamcha, Goku, Chaozu and Kuririn)
or Piccolo fight each other in the preliminaries.

The early matches seem to be going as usual, with the group quickly dispatching their foes.
Tenshinhan then receives a horrible vision of something happening to Chaozu. He races to the
scene and finds Chaozu heavily wounded and unconscious, his opponent turning out to be the
now cybernetic Tao Pai Pai. Taopaipai explains that after his seeming death by Goku, he was
rebuilt into the half-man half-machine before them, and that he seeks revenge on both Goku and
the "traitor" Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan gladly accepts his challenge, wanting to avenge Chaozu.

They get their wish as the Tenshinhan and Taopaipai are the first of the eight finalists to fight.
Taopaipai lunges at Tenshinhan, but Tenshinhan sidesteps and counters, knocking Taopaipai to the
ground. Tenshinhan then states that he forgives Taopaipai for what he did to Chaozu and tells him
to forfeit. Taopaipai refuses this and presses on his assault, though he is clearly outclassed by
Tenshinhan. After Tenshinhan grabs one of Taopaipai's wrists, Taopaipai pulls a surprise maneuver
and detaches his mechanical hand, revealing a knife which he quickly uses to slash Tenshinhan.
Though disqualified for use of a weapon, Taopaipai doesn't care and quickly drops his other hand
to reveal a cannon and fires a Super Dodon-pa at Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan nullifies the large blast
with his Kiai and then proceeds to defeat Taopaipai with a single punch to the gut. He takes
Taopaipai's unconscious body out of bounds and presents it to the watching Crane Hermit, telling
him to take Taopaipai and leave, never bothering him again.

Tenshinhan's next fight is the one he's been waiting for, a rematch against Goku. The battle starts
with numerous quick sparrings and shows to be fairly even, but with Tenshinhan having an edge in
raw speed. This changes after Goku removes his weighted clothing though, making Goku fast
enough to steal Tenshinhan's belt without Tenshinhan even noticing. Realizing that he won't be
able to defeat Goku physically, Tenshinhan uses a new technique he's created the Shishin No
Ken (Fist of Four Bodies derives from his alien condition it isn' t a clone like krilin and piccolo are
going to use later against nappa) and splits into four identical copies of himself. The Tenshinhan's
disperse to the four corners of the ring, each one then firing a ki blast at the center, where Goku is,
resulting in a large explosion which Goku has to leap to avoid. The Tenshinhan's quickly fire again,
this time from their third eyes, at Goku, sending him crashing back to the ring. The Tenshinhan's
warn Goku to give up before he gets hurt, but he appears unphased by their attacks, and states
they won't be able to pull off that trick again, which they then promptly attempt. Goku dodges the
beams this time though, and uses the Taiyô-ken against them, blinding the Tenshinhan's. He then
quickly dispatches each of them, causing them to revert back to the single being. Goku states that
the new technique Tenshinhan has a critical weakness, as Tenshinhan's power is divided amongst
the duplicates. With the fight over, Tenshinhan looks forward to their next rematch, suspecting that
Goku was still holding quite a bit back.

Tenshinhan plays little role in following battles, he can only watch as Goku fights the seemingly
all-powerful Piccolo. He offers his assistance at several points, but is denied by Goku who wants to
fight the demon alone, though he does open the Sealed Flask, which Piccolo used to trap Kami,
after Goku tosses it to him. Tenshinhan also helps to evacuate their friends, creating a pit in the
earth for them take shelter from one Piccolo's more devastating attacks.

When it looks like Goku has been beaten, with Piccolo close to finishing him off, Tenshinhan
reluctantly accepts the order from Kami to kill the elderly guardian, thus also killing Piccolo. He is
stopped by Goku though, who evades the demon's onslaught and ends up defeating him with a
surprise attack.
Dragon Ball Z

Tenshinhan in the Buu saga



Five years after the tournament, Tenshinhan learns that Goku has died in battle against an
amazingly powerful warrior called Raditz, a Sayan and Goku's brother. Even more disturbing is that
two more saiyans, both more powerful than Raditz, are on their way to Earth and will be there in
about a year.

Tenshinhan wastes no time, and is invited, along with Yamcha, Chaozu, Yajirobe and Kuririn, to
train at kami's lookout so they can aid Goku when he is wished back to life in a year, after he
completes his training with kaio-sama.

When the saiyan's finally do arrive, the Z senshi have to hold them off until Goku can arrive.

Vegeta, deciding to toy with his opponents, has Nappa, grow several cultivers in the Earth's soil so
he can hold a small tournament. Knowing that they have to buy time, the Z Fighters agree to this,
and Tenshinhan volunteers to go first. He manages to quickly defeat the vicious creature, causing
Vegeta to destroy it for incompetence.

After all the cultivers are destroyed, Nappa decides to enter the fray himself, taking on Tenshinhan
as his first opponent. Tenshinhan is no match for the giant warrior, and has his left arm ripped off
early in the fight. Seeing this, Chaozu sacrifices himself with a kamikaze attack against Nappa,
who remains unharmed and starts to fight with the now ally Piccolo and Goku's son Songohan
Tenshinhan, enraged by the death of Chaozu, puts all his remaining strength into one final Kikoho
attack through his remaining right hand, killing himself in the process. The attack manages to do
serious damage to Nappa's armor and several scratches in the body, but it isn' t enough to kill him.

Because of the influence of Kami, after he perished Tenshinhan was allowed train on Kaio-sama's
planet as Goku did earlier. Joining him were there other warriors who perished in the battle with the
saiyans: Yamcha, Piccolo and Chaozu. He remains there and learns of Goku's mighty struggle with
the evil tyrant Freezer on the planet Namek. He is eventually wished back to life by a wish made to



After returning to Earth, Tenshinhan and Chaozu go into solitude, training in the mountains. They
are interrupted when they sense a powerful evil and flying to the location where it's coming from,
Tenshinhan finds Vegeta (who was somewhat reformed during the crisis on Namek and now
resides on Earth with Bulma) and the other Z Fighters who inform him that the ki he is detecting is
Freeza, who somehow survived.

When Freeza does land though, he is quickly dispatched by an unknown mysterious youth
(Trunks). Piccolo, overhearing the youths private conversation with Goku, tells them the warning
that incredibly powerful Androids will attack in three years.


The three years soon pass and the Z Fighters head to the location where the androids soon appear.
Tenshinhan himself doesn't do any fighting until Android 16, 17, and 18 appear. He attacks 17, but
is way overmatched, and ends up being choked until he is dropped.

When the androids leave to continue their pursuit of Goku, who is recovering from a heart disease,
Tenshinhan goes off with Chaozu to try and get powerful enough to help against this new threat. He
is soon interrupted from this to lend his aid in hunting for the new menace called Cell.

Eventually Tenshinhan catches up with Cell, and witnesses his battle against the combined force of
Piccolo and 17. Cell defeats Piccolo though, and ends up absorbing 17 to become "Semi-Perfect"
Cell. Cell then makes his move to absorb 18 as well, but is held off by Tenshinhan, who uses his new
Shin Kikoho to hold Cell in place until Goku arrives and relieves the thoroughly drained

When Cell declares his Cell Games Tenshinhan sits on the sidelines, awaiting his turn to enter the
arena against the monstrosity. It isn't to be though, as Cell spawns seven Cell Juniors to torment
the Z Fighters in order to make Gohan angry. After a severe beating by the small creature, he is
saved by Gohan, who then goes on to destroy Cell.


In the following Buu Saga, Tenshinhan appears only briefly. He is first seen when Goku
turns Super Saiyan 3, stunned by the huge ki Goku emits. He later appears just after
Buu’s genocide attack to exterminate the population of Earth, himself and Chaozu
managing to evade being hit. When he finally intervenes, he saves Mr. Satan, Gohan and
Dende from being killed by Buu, but he is dispatched after one hit.However, some say
that he surpassed the power of a sayajin 1, because he was able to deflect an energy
attack very powerful made by Super Buu after absorbing Piccolo and Gotenks level
3.Tenshinhan would be able to easily beat Pui Pui,but by some editorial reason Toriyama
decided to keep Tenshinhan unknown in the montains.

Tenshinhan spends the rest of his life training becoming more and more
powerful.Alongside with Goku and Uub Tenshinhan dedicates his life to train and
become stronger.He is the example of hard work.

Dragon Ball GT

Tenshinhan makes cameo appearances inDragon ball Gt episodes 40 (Piccolo's Decision) and 64
(Until We Meet Again...). In episode 64 he is seen training under a flow of water with Chaozu.

But Akira wanted to show him married with lunch and with a son however Toei animation denied
the request.

Dragon Ball movies

Tenshinhan appears in the following Dragon ball Movies and specials:

1-Mystical Adventure

2-The tree of Might

3-Bojack Unbound

4-The history of Trunks

Video games

Tenshinhan has been a playable character in:

1-Dragon ball Z ultimate battle 22(27)

2-Dragon ball z budokai
3-Dragon ball z budokai 2
4-Dragon ball z budokai 3
5-Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi- makes for the first time in a video game reference to the alien
past of Tenshinhan in the biographies.
6-Dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2
7-Dragon Ball Z :sagas
8-Dragon Ball:Advanced adventures

He has been a boss and NPC in:

Dragon ball z the legacy of goku 2


Third eye

Tenshinhan's third eye has numerous capabilities.

Enhanced sight: Tien has significantly better vision than normal. This does, however, make
him weak against the Taiyô-ken technique.
Kousengan: A thin laser-like energy beam shot from Tenshinhan's third eye. It can stun his
Copy Attack: Tenshinhan can observe and learn the attacks of his opponents. During the
22nd Tenka'ichi Budôkai, he used this ability to mimic Yamcha's Kamehameha in his battle
against Jackie Chun. He also uses it later to learn the Mafuba technique after watching
Roshi perform it.

This is the ability to fly using one's ki. Tien simply controls his energy and pushes out from
underneath him allowing him to fly.

An energy beam shot from the finger, it's much more powerful than the basic Kamahameha.

Tenshinhan can nullify ki blasts within a close proximity, provided that they are not too powerful for
him. It is basically a shout.

Kamehameha (Turtle Destruction Wave)

By placing their hands together, the user releases a powerful, constant stream of energy that is
hurled at an opponent through the user's palms. Tenshinhan copied this skill from Yamcha.


Tenshinhan performs quick hand seals and has his hands folded in front of chest with two fingers
together pointed out. After doing so and concentrating his power, he was able to reflect a
Kamehameha shot at him by Yamcha and mirror it back at him.

Kikoho/Qi Qong
Tenshinhan puts his hands (one over the other making a square reticule. He then looks through the
opening at his opponent and unleashes a blast. This is Tenshinhan's most powerful attack, but it
drains his lifeforce and is potentially fatal if overused. Tenshinhan later upgrades this to the
Shinkikôhô . In the Dragon Ball dub, it's the Spirit Cannon, and the DBZ dub, it's the Tri-Beam.

It is an upgrade to ShinKikoho and he is then able to fire the blast multiple times in rapid
succession. Known as the Tri-Beam in english releases. The Shinkikoho is called Neo Tri-Beam in
the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Fusion Dance (Fusion-Ha)

While Tenshinhan doesn't uses this technique in neither the manga nor the anime, in the video
game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, he can use this technique to fuse with Yamcha and become
Yamhan (Tiencha in the US version)


Known as Telepathy in English, this ability channels one's thoughts to another being. Tenshinhan
does so with Chaozu and Tsuru-Sen'nin.


Known as Shock wave in English, an invisible ki blast of a sudden wind attack can be launched
theoretically from any part of the body. It's generally not as powerful as other attacks. Tenshinhan
used this against a Saibaman before knocking it down with a single elbow blow

Shishin no ken
Tenshinhan is able to split himself into 4 separate identical bodies, each of which possesses one
fourth of the power of the original. It is quite useful for attacking the opponent at multiple angles.
Fans mistakenly reer to it as 12 Eyes because Tenshinhan claims he can't beat Son Goku with three
eyes so he'll have to use twelve.

Tenshinhan can sprout 2 extra arms from behind his shoulders, increasing his combat
effectiveness. Tenshinhan only uses this move once against Goku during the 22nd Tenka'ichi

Taioken (Fist of the sun)

Tenshinhan is able to create an extremely bright light, enough to temporarily blind and stun most
opponents. It is used by several Z senshi, he is the creator of this technique.

The user of this technique is able to move extremely fast over small distances, leaving an
after-image behind. It's a distraction used to mount surprise and counter attacks. (Depends on the
Power Level of the opponent.)

Fighting techniques
Kikanju Tsuki Machine Gun Thrust, also known as the Machine Gun Fist, Tenshinhan quickly
attacks his opponent by punching them in all of their vital points.

Also known as the Volleyball technique, Tenshinhan hits his opponent in the air, 'bumps' them
back up when they come down, then 'spikes' them to the ground.

Rekka Kosoku-ken Light-Speed Fury Punch, also known as the Rapid Velocity Technique,
Tenshinhan moves his '''arms''' faster than can be seen, creating a vacuum that sucks his
opponent in and then pummels them with a total of 20 hits to their vital areas in one breath. This
attack was used once during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai in the anime only.

Kaiō-Ken (Fist of Kaiō)

The Kaioken was taught to Tenshinhan by Kaio-Sama and is one of Tenshinhan's most
powerfull attacks in the Dragon Ball series . The Kaioken is a sudden eruption of ki,
doubling Tenshinhan's physical abilities and strength. Through training, Tenshinhan was
able to increase the multiplier that the Kaiōken had on his power. Even though this attack
gives Tenshinhan a sudden explosion of energy, the effect of it is extremely dangerous. If
Tenshinhan multiplies the attack too much for his body to handle, he could kill himself by
vaporizing his body.However, later Tenshinhan masters this technique and can increase his
power level 20 times.Tenshinhan (with goku) is the only one who can control this technique
perfectly without repercussions in his body.

Mafuba - (Evil Containment Wave in the US anime) (Demon Seal) was invented by Mutaito
(Kame Sennin's sensei) as a way to capture Piccolo Daimao. The problem with this technique is
that it sacrifices the user's life if he isn't strong enough. First, you hold one hand in the air, palm
up, and stick two fingers out. Basically, you concentrate on the user and pick them up, forcing their
spirit to a destination. In all the cases, the user was forced into a container with a holy talisman
charm reading "seal". The aim has to be perfect in order to get the user inside the jar, and it takes a
great deal of discipline.Tenshinhan is the only one who can perform this technique with Piccolo Jr.
and Kami without dying.
After watching Kame Sennin himself attempt the Mafuba against Piccolo Daimao,. In the
end,Tenshinhan masters this technique with only 3 days of training due to his third eye, the
technique, however, did require some extensive training on his part . Mutaito took an year to
control it.
In the manga he can't use the technique against Piccolo Daimaoh because the holy talisman is
broken during his training. In the anime though, he uses it on Drum and survives, whereas in the
manga he never had a chance of using it against Piccolo Daimao or any of his footmen for that
Blood Defense

Tenshinhan uses this technique against Yamcha in the 22nd Budokai Tenkaichi where he uses his
blood pressure through the whole body to avoid pain.Tenshinhan can't be moved when performs
this technique.


His seiyuu is Hirotaka Suzuoki.

His name is directly taken from a food consisting of rice with scrambled eggs and soup.
When holding Cell back with his Shinkikôhô technique, the crater that the attack creates is
shaped as a square, not a triangle.


Yamcha during a conversation with Marron during the Buu Saga says krilin only is stronger than
Tenshinhan refering only to the fighters in the tournament and also because yamcha left the
trainings,in all the story krilin is always the weaker character in the group of Z-fighters, characters
like Piccolo or Tenshinhan are always much stronger than him.

Spanish version:

Ten Shin Han:es un extraterrestre descendiente de alienigenas Tres Ojos (三つ目人 Mitsume
Jin ) Chaoz.

Ten Shin Han


Ten Shin Han

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Probleme la Apple: Executivii se implică prea mult în munca inginerilor

S-au schimbat priorităţile în interiorul companiei Apple, odată cu venirea lui Tim Cook la
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Apple, IBM și Google, cele mai valoroase branduri din lume

Ziarul Financiar
Valoarea mărcii Apple a crescut anul trecut cu 19%, ceea ce a ajutat compania americană de
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de companiile din sectorul IT&C, potrivit unui clasament ...
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Apple plusează: John Malkovich se sfătuiește cu SIRI și face reclamă la iPhone

4S Cotidianul
Gigantul Apple intră în rândul marilor companii care își fac publicitate prin intermediul
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inteligenţa artificială disponibilă pe iPhone 4S, ...
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Tim Cook, seful Apple, este cel mai bine platit director american din 2011 ...
Directorul general al Apple, Tim Cook, conduce in lista celor mai bine platiti presedinti de
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devanseze cu peste 300 de milioane de dolari pe ocupantul ...
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His seiyuu is Hirotaka Suzuoki.

His name is directly taken from a food consisting of rice with scrambled eggs and soup.
When holding Cell back with his Shinkikôhô technique, the crater that the attack creates is
shaped as a square, not a triangle.


Yamcha during a conversation with Marron during the Buu Saga says krilin only is stronger than
Tenshinhan refering only to the fighters in the tournament .Krilin is always weaker than Piccolo or

Spanish version:

Ten Shin Han:es un extraterrestre descendiente de alienigenas Tres Ojos (三つ目人 Mitsume
Jin ) Chaoz.

Ten Shin Han


Ten Shin Han


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