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School: Alabang Elementary School Grade Level: VI

GRADES 1 to 12 Teacher: Romnick G. Padolina Learning Area: ENGLISH

DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and
Time: DECEMBER 3 – 7, 2018 (WEEK 6) Quarter: 3RD QUARTER



A .Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of Demonstrates understanding that Demonstrated understanding of Demonstrates understanding of the Demonstrates understanding of verbal
various non-verbal elements in words are composed of different writing styles to comprehend the research process to write a variety of and non-verbal elements of
orally communicating parts to know that their meaning author’s message texts communication to respond back
information changes depending in context
B. Performance Standards Orally communicates Uses strategies to decode correctly Uses diction (choice of words) to Uses a variety of research strategies to Uses a variety of strategies to provide
information, opinions, and ideas the meaning of words in isolation accurately analyze author’s tone, effectively write a variety of texts for appropriate feedback
effectively to and in context mood, and point of view various audiences and purposes
C. Learning Competencies/ Objectives Present a coherent , Infer meaning of content specific Observe accuracy, appropriate Organize information from secondary Show tactfulness when communicating
Write the LC code for each comprehensive report on terms using context clues-affixes and rate and proper expressions in a sources in preparation for writing, with others
differing viewpoints on an issue roots and other strategies dialogs reporting and similar academic tasks in
collaboration with others

Write for the LC code for each EN6OL-IIIh-1.9 EN6V-IIIh- EN6F-IIIh-3.2, EN6F-IIIh-3.6 EN6SS-IIIh-4 EN6A-IIIh-17

II. CONTENT - Composing clear and coherent -Inferring meaning of content specific - Observing accuracy, appropriate - . Organizing information from -Showing tactfulness when
report on differing viewpoints on terms using context clues-affixes and rate and proper expressions in a secondary sources in preparation for communicating with others
an issue roots and other strategies dialogs writing, reporting and similar academic
tasks in collaboration with others


A. References
1.Teacher’s Guide/Pages
2.Learner’s Materials Pages
3.Textbook Pages English for You and Me reading Lesson Guide in Elementary English English for You and Me reading English for You and Me reading
textbook pp.37 Grade 6 pp.134 textbook pp.106 textbook
Reading textbook pp.181
4.Additional Materials from Learning https://www.google.com/search https://www.google.com/search : http://business.inquirer.ne https://www.google.com/search
Resource(LR)portal http://www.pennlive.com www.youtube.com/watch?
v=gEOFWD#E t/217120/what-does-
https://www.youtube.com/watch separation-from-us-mean
?v=XvK8tBs7Dgo : http://newsinfo.inquirer.net

B. Other Learning Resources Charts/paragraph Charts, pictures Charts, pictures Charts,newspaper,strips Charts,
of cartolina
A. Reviewing previous lesson or Read the following sentences. How do we compose clear and How do we infer meaning of How will you observe accuracy, How do we organize information from
presenting the new lesson Then, pick out all the words with coherent report on differing content specific terms using appropriate rate and proper secondary sources in preparation for
prefix. viewpoint? context clues-affixes and roots and expressions in writing, reporting and similar academic
other strategies? Dialog? tasks in collaboration with others?

B. Establishing a purpose for the lesson What is your favourite teleserye in What reading material do you have at Setting the stage
If you belong to a family that plays the evening? home? Read the sentence below.
favouritism, what would you feel? How do the actresses and actors I didn’t mean it. My mistake
Why would you feel that way? deliver their dialog? oops...that’s not what i mean,
. -newspapers I’m sorry ...
-magazine My fault.....
-books I didn’t mean it
Are newspapers good to read?
What comes into your mind when you
Setting the stage. -a serial publication containing news, read this messages?
Look at the picture. Describe it. other informative articles

C. Presenting examples / instances of the Explaining the Student What to Explaining the Student What to Do? Explaining the Student What to Explaining the Student What to Do? Explaining the Student What to Do?
new lesson Do? Present the “Parable of Division” in a Do? The teacher will group the class into
Say: Class our lesson for today is Manila Paper Today, we will learn how to 4;each group will read an article and Class our lesson for today is about
about Composing clear and observe accurate, appropriate they will write the important facts from showing tactfulness when
coherent report on differing view Vocabulary Words rate and proper expressions in it which will be use for writing or communicating with others
points on an issue Evolved dialog reporting. Original File Submitted and
guarantee Class this activity has something to do Formatted by DepEd Club Member
equitable Fur Coat for Sale with our lesson for today which is - visit depedclub.com for more
appellation Adapted from messenger of St. organizing information from secondary
disappointed Anthony sources in preparation for writing,
eddied out reporting and similar academic tasks in
accosted The two were surprised were collaboration with others.
surprised to see other animals
coming from different directions.
They met, faced each and talked
about their skin being made into
fur coats.
“Nenita, turn on the lights
outside”her sister
summoned.Lights were turn on
and every animal walked towards
the gate.People from the
apartment were now awaken
there was a commotion in their
store and Mr. De Vera came out
with his gun on his hand.
“Shut the gate, they are leaving”he
cried out loud.
“Ana the animals took on the coat
s on display!” he said.Mr. de Vera
said”Look at what they’re doing
!They got back their own
skins!People were shouting.
“My tiger Skin!”
“My wolf blanket!”
“My leopard Coat!
My mink coat!”The animals wore
back their skin and slowly walked
down the street.
D. Discussing new concepts and practicing Modeling Modeling Modeling Modeling Modeling
new skills #1 Read the paragraph below and “The Parable of Division “ The young Jesus, you startled me. I wasn’t The teacher will show the class on how Read the tactless blunt and more
answer the questions after the boy and his older brother were expecting you here. to get the important points in writing tactful in the graphic organizer.
paragraph taught by their parents to divide It’s been a real day for report. Tactless:
materials things equally and fairly. expectations. Where were you? -stupid! Later. i cant understand!
Let us read the selection about This they tried to follow . A system I’ve been waiting here for an hour. Got to be in
the lentent season .Ash was evolved, in which one does the You didn’t leave a note or— Adapted from Pambata Magazine It’s your fault, you did not proper read
Wednesday: Marks the beginning dividing and the other gets the I wasn’t planning on going my latest text
of the Lenten season. selecting first. This guaranteed an anywhere— Rolly, the boy who is used to watch to
Palm Sunday: The Sunday before equitable cutting. Otherwise, the I can see that. Where’s your coat? watch TV every hour of the day felt very Tactful
Easter, Palm Sunday one who divided would be in the I left the house in a hurry. I… um… disappointed when he woke up one _I should understand it, as there is no
commemorates Jesus's losing end. One day the two boys my mother… Saturday morning and there was no confusing word in this letter, could you
triumphant entrance into had a pair of fish for lunch. One big The hospital reached you? God, electric power. explain it once again?
Jerusalem. On that day the crowd fish and the other a small one. The I’m sorry. That’s why— -Sometimes my words are not precise
put palm branches on the ground young boy thought that his older The hospital? He could not listen to the musical radio can you explain it once again?
beneath the feet of the donkey brother will give in. “magparaya”to They called me when they couldn’t program or watch his favourite TV
Jesus was riding. . him a younger and weaker brother , get you. program. “Rolly , eat breakfast here in
Maundy Thursday: Also known please go ahead and make a best I don’t understand. the kitchen” his mother said .He saw Ask:
as Holy Thursday, this day choice”. Your mother. You said — breakfast on the table but he was 1. What is the difference
focuses on the last supper Jesus The older brother got the bigger fish . I ran out to buy some flowers for looking for some fruits. He opened the between tactless and tactful
had with his disciples, before he The younger boy was disappointed to her. She’s been so down. refrigerator and found a slice of communicator?
was arrested. Good Friday: Also get the smaller fish.” If i were you For three hours you’ve been papaya. He smiled pulled the chair and 2. Do you think there is a careful
known as Black Friday, this day said the older brother, I would have buying flowers? sat quietly. He ate fast and got ready to consideration of the feelings
commemorates the crucifixion taken the smaller fish. What are you And then I drove around. I’ve bathe. He hoped that after an hour the and values of another in a
and Jesus's death. On this day, complaining about?” answered the had… a lot on my mind. But I’m power would be back. tactful communication?
many Christians will also do old boy. “You got what you want”. fine now. Fine.
the Stations of the Cross, which Next time around the two boy had to You didn’t go by the hospital?
includes 14 prayers and moments share a bottle of soft drink. They No. Look, I’m freezing. Let’s go
of reflection regarding 14 events were in the rice field with no glasses inside. Why did the hospital call?
leading up to Jesus's death. or containers available. “Let us just Does the doctor need my
Easter Sunday: This day drink directly from the bottle ”Be signature for more tests?
recognizes the resurrection of sure it is exactly half. We have to go to the hospital.
Jesus Christ and is a triumphant Questions I’ve had a terrible—
day for Christians, serving as a We have to go to the hospital.
reminder of the Christ's 1. What good value have the Now. The rest of your family is
conquering of death and the parents of the two boys already there.
forgiveness of sins. taught? Oh. Oh, God. Mom’s all right, isn’t
2. Why did the younger she? Oh, Christ, she isn’t. I’m being
brother drink all the punished… she’s dead.
. contents of the whole
Questions: bottle?
3. Would you agree with what
What marks the beginning of the younger brother did? 1. Who was in the hurry to
Lenten season? reach the hospital?
What prayer reflects regarding 2. Who were already in the
the suffering and death of Jesus? hospital before he
What is the report all about? came?
3. Who died in the
The teacher will explain
how the words are
properly pronounced,
read. She will also
explain the proper and
accurate expression
when reading the dialog.

The teacher will group

the class into
Group1. –choral singing
Group 2-speech
Group 3-poem recitation
E. Discussing new concepts and practicing Guided Practice Guided Practice Guided Practice Guided Practice
new skills #2 Guided Practice Draw a The teacher will show a video clip
Draw a happy face if it gives the showing choral recitation and Arrange the ff. Sentences to form a ”Think before you speak “ your friend
if you agree and if you guides the pupil to make their own report. Follow the format below. need to go home early for some
disagree correct meaning and sad face if critic 1. Residents in Antipolo City, Rizal on appointment. How will you answer your
it’s not. Thursday (Sept.10) expressed concern friend in a positive way?
Exercise1 https://www.youtube.com/watch over the possible effects of an oil spill in
1. Early pregnancy is one of the 1. Evolved means produced ?v=XvK8tBs7Dgo Teresa-Morong River channel.
problems we have in our country. by natural means. 2. They said that the oil spill which
2. Women and children are not 2. Guarantee means to happened on Tuesday (September 8) is Choose you answer and explain.
court the man. answer for something as in causing fears over the hazardous 1.We need to work as team shall
3. The stability peso will depend loan or pledge. effects on people's health and adverse nobody go home early.
on the president only. 3. Equitable would mean fair effect on their livelihood. 2. Ok you may go.
and equal. 3. Oil slicks on the riverbank are seen as 3.Let us finish the task and later let’s go
4. A political leader of our 4. An appellation is a title. traces of the 2,000 liters of bunker oil home together.
country is Mr. Rodrigo Roa 5. To be disappointed means that spilled from a fuel storage tank
Duterte. to fall in expectation. owned by a cement company in
5. Drug free country is the dream Antipolo City.
of every Filipino. 4. Solid Cement Corporation, the
company allegedly responsible for the
oil spill, said the bunker oil spilled into
the Teresa-Morong river system that
leads to Laguna Lake
5.The possible effects of an oil spill in

F. Developing Mastery Exercise II. EXERCISE II. Independent Practice . Independent Practice
(Leads to Formative Assessment) From the picture below share Choose the correct meaning of One a whole sheet of paper arrange What can you say about this
your feelings reactions about suffixes and prefixes. Match column the sentence into a news report. situation?
it.(Form your group).Write your A with Column B.
report on your own point of view One of your team member is regularly
1. Repaint a. Not like 1.In re-establishing a region of peace in late for sport dance practice for school
2. rewrite b. Not happy Asia, many are more optimistic in intramurals competitions and it affects
3. unhappy c.worthy of loving seeing trade and investment levels soar her performance. After another missed
4. lovable d. Write again to greater heights.” deadline you’re tempted to call her
5.dislike e. paint again 2. For China alone, they continue to be Out of the team meeting. Although this
the Philippines’ second major trading might make you feel better in the short
partner with $17 billion value in total term, it’s insensitive –a more tactful
trade. approach would be to speak with her
3. Another promising area again is privately about her tardiness.
investment from China. Their
investment to the Philippines
(Investment Promotion Agency-
approved) dropped to only $32 million
in 2015.
4. We will maintain relations with our
other partners but we would revive the
stronger integration with our
5.“The president just gave a very
important speech. The cabinet will
move strongly and swiftly towards
regional economic integration.
G. Finding practical application of Practice Independent Practice Independent Independent Practice Exercise II. Independent Practice
concepts and skills in daily living Pupils will be asked to complete the Let pupils group organize the given How tactful are you?
As shown in the picture, what table below. Teacher will post chart on the ideas from news clippings. Use this scale to describe your
happened in the environment? Word Base board with dialog and each group
Meaning Sentenc tactfulness.
Why is it important to be with Word e will be asked to read the 5-I always do this
prepared during the typhoon? prefix designated story with dialog 4-I often do this
3-I sometimes do this
2-I seldom do this
1.The NDRRMC reported that 113 1-I never do this
houses were damaged by Lawin,
including six houses that were totally
damaged and 107 others that were a. I recognize that how I say
partially damaged. something is just as important
as what i say
2.At a press briefing, NDRRMC b. I analyze my communication
spokesperson Romina Marasigan said style to determine what non
electric companies are doubling its verbal message i send
efforts to restore power in these areas c. I make a genuine effort to
immediately. listen to ideas with which I
3. Regions I, III, Calabarzon, and the don’t agree
whole of CAR are experiencing d. I look for ways to improve my
brownouts due to broken power lines. listening skills
4. At its peak on Wednesday, the e. I always listen to the person i
supertyphoon had reached a level of talk with
"Category 5" in some areas including
Cagayan, Isabela, Kalinga, and Apayao.
5. A total of 38 passengers were also
stranded due to impassable roads in
Aparri and canceled sea trips in
H. Making generalizations and How to compose clear and How are you going to decode or Closure Closure Closure
abstractions about the lesson coherent report on differing view deduce the meaning of unfamiliar . Observe accuracy, appropriate What is the meaning of the word tact?
points on an issue? word? rate and proper expressions in a What are the points to remember in Tact is the ability to deliver a difficult
1. the report must have a dialogs writing reports? message in a way that considers other
single generalization Context clues-the meaning of a new 1. Understanding the report people’s feelings and preserves
that serves as the focus word can often be found in other 2. Gathering and selecting relationships. It encompasses many
of attention, that is, a parts of the sentence information things such as emotional intelligence,
topic sentence. Prefix-is an affix placed before a root 3. Organizing materials discretion, compassion, honesty and
2. a writer must control word or base form to form a new 4. Analyzing your materials courtesy.
the content of every meaning.
other sentence in the Suffixes –is an affix placed after a
report's body such that root word to form a new word.
(a) it contains more
specific information
than the topic sentence
and (b) it maintains the
same focus of attention
as the topic sentence.

I. Evaluating learning Arrange the following sentences Determine the meaning of each The teacher will give an envelope On one whole sheet of paper arrange Identify the sentences whether tactful
to make a coherent report. word. to each group containing task card and write the sentences into news or tactless.
1.Even small animals as bear, and the student will present it in report. 1. Corner them later and tell
cats, and skunks have a difficult given situation. them off
time finding homes. Group1-Choral singing 2. I apologizeand set a reminder
2. Everyday there are more Group II-Reader theatre 1.President Rodrigo Duterte wants the on my phine
people on earth. Group III-Echo Reading fight with the Abu Sayyaf to end in the 3. Change the subject. Maybe
3. They are building more and bandit group’s annihilation that he is I’ve bored her.
more homes. even willing to hire fearless hatchet 4. It”s fine were friend right?
4. Thousand of kilometers of men or mercenaries to make this 5. I don’t like it!
roads are being built. happen, according to a ranking Cabinet
5.Trees are cut in the forest. official.
1.uncomfortable 2. Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel
2. irregular Piñol said in a Facebook post on
3.unconfident Sunday that during a meeting with
4.disrespect security officials and some Cabinet
5.respectfully members that started Saturday evening
and ended about 4 a.m. on 3.Sunday,
Duterte was so furious at the Abu
Sayyaf’s terror attacks, especially in the
wake of the bomb attack here on
4. There’s no other option. These
people are like germs, which must be
eliminated,” 5.Piñol quoted the
President as saying about the Abu
J. Additional activities for application or Make 2 sentences using prefix,3 Read a newspaper
remediation sentences using suffix and 1 sentence Write a brief report about what you
using the context clue. read from the article.
A. No. of learners who earned 80% on this
formative assessment
B. No. of learners who require additional
activities for remediation
C. Did the remedial lessons work?
No. of learners who have caught up the
D. No. of learners who continue to
require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked
well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which
my principal or supervisor help me solve?
G. What innovation or localized materials
did I used/discover which I wish to share
with other teacher?