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oyee sugar

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March 11, 2019

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. Plot No.16-18 Lugard Avenue Entebbe, P.O. Box 102 Entebbe

Dear Sir,

Re: Engineering Assistant,Jobweb,8th March 2019

I am writting in response to your advertistment for Engineering Assistant posted on jobweb Uganda. As an experienced Site Engineer,Junior Steel Engineer and Engineering Assistant Which i Served from 2014-2018,2018-2019 and 2013/2014 respectively,the posting for Engineering Assistant with Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries,piqued my nterest. When reviewing the job requirements on the website, I was excited to see that my qualifications and personal traits align with your needs and mission. Further details can be obtained in my attached copies of my relevant supporting documents

I bring a set of talents that I believe will be valuable to Terrain Service Limited. In my Junior Steel and

Concrete Engineer role, I honed my abilities in project management, computer-aided design, Structural analysis and design, Concrete Mix design, Site supervision and much more,providing a solid foundation for the Site Engineer position. My decision-making, people-centric nature, and eagerness to please have afforded me excellent critical thinking skills.

I am excited to contribute my strengths and proficiency in leadership toward your team efforts. As an

extroverted and personable communicator with a proven track record in schematics and blueprints interpretation, my focus on building strong professional relationships has been a valuable asset throughout my career.

You may notice a gap in my employment while reviewing my resume. During this period, I elected to take a leave from the workforce in order to go back to school for my Bachelor degree. The time that I was able to commit to my education has been invaluable to my professional growth, and I am eager to continue with professional sphere while applying my qualifications and knowledge to the job.

Please review my CV for a complete collection of my work history and accomplishments. I would like to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience. I’m hoping to discuss how my personality and work history fit the Site Engineer role.Incase of any extra information about me,you may also ontact my current supervisor Eng.Ibudi Timothy,Steel Engineer for Dar Al Handasah Consultant on +256 797 491 967.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


oyee sugar