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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom:

Every child has an ipad
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 1 ACPPS089 Formative Introduction Intro – Kahoot quiz

Lesson 1 ACPPS092 Develop an awareness and assessment - - Kahoot quiz to gage an understanding of the on drugs, code on
an understanding of illicit Kahoot at student’s current knowledge and understanding screen for students
drugs. beginning of of drugs https://kahoot.it
class to test
Research a specific drug students’ prior Body
looking where it comes from, knowledge - Students will use Think-pair-share to write down
short and long term effects,
their own definition of drugs. A few students will
statistics about that drug.
then be picked to share their definition to the
Ipad - Canva app
Create a poster using Canva, class. Be ready student
showcasing the information - Explain that there are many ways of Classifying workbook
appropriately. drugs, go through the examples.
- Identify the four groups of psychoactive drugs -
as a class they will think of examples in each Example of drug
Summative facts poster
category – depressants, stimulants,
Assessment – https://www.drugwis
Rubric for the hallucinogens and multi action e.org.uk/factsheets-
poster – - Students will read the be ready workbook and-infographics/
appearance, - Students will then research a drug and complete
correct the “Get the facts worksheet” (Appendix 1) They
information, will then create a poster using the app canva on
statistics their iPad, looking at facts and statistics of a
particular drug. Students are to then email the
poster to the teacher for them to be printed out
and put up around the classroom

- As a class, they will compare their findings of the
different drugs and what they found interesting.
Students are to then email the poster to the
teacher for them to be printed out and put up
around the classroom

Week 2 ACPPS089 Formative Introduction Intro – drug

Lesson 2 ACPPS090 Discuss the Factors that assessment - - Students will watch the drug education video – education video
ACPPS093 influence the effects and think-pair-share “They said/They lied” - https://www.drugfre
degree of harm caused to a to understand - As a class, we will discuss the Drug use triangle, eworld.org/drugfact
person using a drug. why people s/drugs/why-do-
understanding that the factors involved in the
use/don’t use people-take-
Identify reasons why young drugs. I will be drug use triangle can help minimise potential drugs.html
people use drugs and walking around risks.
alternative ways to achieve the classroom
similar feelings. listening to Body
different groups - Students will individually complete the ‘Not
Recognise the impact that everyone uses drugs’ worksheet (Appendix 2), Activity sheet – Not
using drugs has on them and students will then discuss with their partner for 1 everyone uses drugs
their goals as well as others minute and then share with the class. As a class
around them. we will also discuss other ways to deal with
emotions and stress e.g. listen to music.
- As a class we will look at personal strengths. IPad - Word salad
Students will then use the app word salad, app
writing down what they believe their personal
strengths are. They will then research other
people who have used their strengths to face
diversity and complete the worksheet “not all
about being strong” (Appendix 3)

- Pick a few students to share, who they found
and what qualities and strengths they had.
Highlight to students the importance of talking
about their strengths to others.
- Review the drug use triangle

Week 3 ACPPS091 Discuss and identify the Formative Introduction Butcher Paper and
Lesson 3 ACPPS094 impact that using drugs may assessment at - Graffiti wall - In groups of 4, students will be coloured pens
have on them as well as the beginning, allocated a drug, they will then be given 1
people around them reflecting on minute to write down everything they know
what the
about that drug and then pass to the next group
Create a video displaying the students learnt
ability to make informed in the first lesson until every group has written on every sheet –
decisions considering the about drugs. share responses with class.
positive and negative
consequences of actions and Summative Body
selecting the most assessment – - In groups of 4, students will be given a scenario
appropriate option Rubric for the (Appendix 4). They are to discuss how the person
video – is it might be feeling, negative thoughts, choices
informative and they need to make. Activity sheet –
creative - They are then to use an iPad and create two strengths scenarios
videos acting out the scenario, modelling how
they would manage a situation with negative
behaviours and one with positive behaviours, How to use clips app
looking at potential risks involved. After filming http://www.iphoneh
that are to use the app clips on the ipad and acks.com/2017/04/u
create a short movie to show to the class. se-apple-clips-

- Watch and reflect on the videos created

- Ask questions
- Which strengths were useful in all situations?
Why? (eg self-control, self-regulation, social
intelligence, bravery, prudence, carefulness).
- Did the thoughts and feelings that you identified
for each character impact on their choices and
decisions? Why? (Discuss how negative self-talk
can influence a person to act in a negative way
and positive self-talk can have a different
outcome for the person. Point out that it is okay
to initially have negative thoughts but it is then
important to work through what you’re feeling
and then switch these to positive thoughts).
- Do you have the right strengths to manage
situations similar to these?
- When you are in situations where a friend tries to
influence you, what are two outcomes that you
want to achieve?
Appendix 1 – Get the Facts Appendix 2 – Not everyone uses drugs
Appendix 4 – Strength Scenarios
Appendix 3 – Not all about being strong