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: + 91 – 9739236669
Email-id: subbuinv@gmail.com
_______________________________________________________________ ___

Data Science, Machine Learning and advanced Analytics professional with over 8 years
of experience in Consumer Lending, Retail Banking and Transactional Fraud with a
proven record of delivering high performance results.

 Thorough familiarity with the banking process and operations.
 Strong analytical, problem-solving, and troubleshooting skills.
 In-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in building high performance
models using Random Forest, XG Boost, SVM, Bayesian methods, Linear and
Logistic regression, Unsupervised and Time series forecast
 High proficiency in working with SAS, Python, R, SQL, Knowledge Studio,
Tableau, and Excel.
 Good understating and hands on experience on Text Analytics, NLP and
Sentiment Analysis
 Thorough knowledge and understanding on bagging, boosting, Optimization
techniques, Neural Networks (NN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
 Hands on experience in building vanilla Auto encoders and denoising auto
 Have thorough knowledge and understanding on CNN for image classification
and RNN, LSTM for text classification.
 Well-versed with Genetic Algorithms and solving problems using the linear
 Hands on experience working in PySpark, Spark SQL, HIVE, Sqoop, Spark R,
Hadoop ecosystem and data lake environment.

WORK EXPERIENCE__________________________________________________________

Manager, Fraud Analytics, Synchrony Financial – Hyderabad, Since Jan 2017

 Developed strategies to minimize the transactional fraud in the retail sector across
the US
 Built an Autoencoders network for anomaly detection to identify the fraudulent
 Developed the Random Forest and XG Boost techniques to identify the true name
fraud using Python.
 Developed an Early Warning System (EWS) and dashboard to identify the Fraud,
which eventually saved $2.5MM and also helped in identifying the production
 Developed a fallback strategy to reduce the fraud in key’ed transactions, which
saved ~$200K
 Designed and implemented a strategy for High Velocity Customers, which
eventually helped the business to increase the sales by $8MM per week.
 Helped the business to migrate from FICO to SAS score by proving an extensive
data deep dives and performance metrics.
 Worked with decision trees to identify important variables to use in developing
the strategies.

AWARD & RECOGNITION__ ________________________________________________

 Received an ‘Outstanding Star’ award for developing the EWS

 Received a ‘Bright Star’ award for collaboration in developing the Random forest
model to identify the fraud.
 Received an ‘Outstanding Star’ award for flawless execution during the Peak

Senior Risk Analyst, 1st Financial Bank USA Support Services Pvt. Ltd
May 2012 – Dec 2016


Model Development Projects

 Developed 30 DPD to Charge-off model to predict the probability of 30 days past

due accounts getting charged-off in next 12 months and validated the model
 Built a logistic regression model for getting the probability of a 30 day delinquent
account going on to 60 day next month, validated the model and compared the
performance with the existing model.

 Developed a strategy using decision trees for early Credit Line Increase (CLI) to
select the population at month 3 instead of month 6.

Collections Projects

 Worked on the ‘Reinstatement’ project to re-issue the charging privileges back to

the customers.

 Validated the ‘Skip Vendor’ test. For all accounts with missing contact
information, done the cost benefit analysis to finalize the vendor.

 Worked on bubble reports in various buckets to identify various factors leading to

an increase in the corresponding bucket openings.

 Worked on developing, validating and comparing the dialer metrics like call
penetration, connects, contacts, promises etc.
Forecast Project

 Developed and implemented various time series forecast reports.

 Provided the Finance department with monthly forecast numbers for Sales,
Payment, Late fee and Annual fee

Other Adhoc Projects

 Updated some of the monthly reports like – Management Information System

(MIS), Portfolio trends report by delinquency buckets for MIS, Portfolio profiling
by different metrics, Transaction trends report by different transaction categories.
Validated the quarterly Bureau data.

 Done the ‘Account Stimulation’ project, where the inactive accounts in the
portfolio were offered various programs like ‘Cash Back’, ‘Reduced APR’ etc to
make them transact. I’ve executed the test for volume selection and tracked the

Analyst, Technopal Pvt Ltd

July 2010 – May 2012

 Worked on a project to identify the accounts used Over Draft (OD) facility and
track their performance.
 Identify and select the population eligible for the limit increase
 Developed macros for data cleaning and processing.


 Certification in PGP Big Data Analytics & Optimization from Insofe

 MBA – (Marketing & Operations) (2008 – 2010)

Institution: NIILM School of Business (NSB)

 B.Tech (Electronics & Communications) (2002 – 2006)

Sri Muthukumarn Institute of Technology

I declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge.

Subbaraju Indukuri