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The scope of the report (Gap Analysis) is to find out and highlight the shortcomings of eweb craft. The
objective of work as specified by the CEO eweb craft specified a requirement for a gap analysis to be
performed against the business performance. The purpose as understood from the Chief Executive, was
three fold;

1) Eweb craft is not generating revenue/ business growth as she is capable of to generate.
2) Eweb craft is facing serious problem in customer handling.
3) Eweb craft is facing problems while resolving managerial conflits.

The result of the research come many areas that should be seriously considered by the eweb craft top
management and suggested many practices that may add quality to the services. e-web craft should
develop plan/strategy for the utility of their IT assets effective and efficiently. One thing become crystal
clear through the research work that e-web craft lacks in the strategic management of the company,
they do not have proper management setup due to which they are facing issues both internally and
externally (customers). They need to develop proper Business plan to overcome issues and to enhance
their business productivity.

The Gap Analysis report includes different focused areas; strategic gap, knowledge based gap, relation
gap and other technical and HR gaps.

E-WebCraft started its operations in 2008, the major area of business is web designing and
development. E-WebCraft is a web applications development and offshore outsourcing company that
focuses on conceiving, developing and distributing customer-focused web based solutions for software
companies, enterprises, and online business patrons.


 Flash Media

Web Services

 Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
 Microsoft Visual Basic
 Microsoft Visual C++
 Microsoft Visual Interdev
 Microsoft SourceSafe
 Macromedia
 Macromedia Dreamweaver
 Macromedia Director
 Macromedia Flash


 Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Photoshop
 Adobe After Effects


 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 My SQL

 Microsoft SQL Express
 Microsoft Internet Information Server
 Microsoft BizTalk Server
 Linux


The purpose of the Gap Analysis is to figure out loop holes/ gaps with in the running business setup of e-
webcaraft. Mentioned below are the details of the gaps reported during the research:
1) Strategic Gap
2) Knowledge Gap
3) Relation Gap (Customer Satisfaction)
4) Technical/ Human Resources Gap
5) Project Management Methodology


As of today, e-webcraft is in the phase of business growth on positive notes and having the capacity to
excel in the market of web development and solutions. As far as our assessment is concerned regarding
business performance;

E-webcraft is facing some strategic flows in their business operations due to which they are not gaining
height in the market of which they are capable enough to maintain. Few of the Strategic Gaps we find

 Mission: A concise statement of the organization’s reason for existing, eweb has made no such
statement to design their roadmap to achieve certain business milestone.
 Objectives: Broad statements describing the targeted direction. No such objectives / directions
made by eweb.
 Goals: Quantification of objectives for a designated period of time.
 Strategies: Statements of how objectives will be achieved and the major methods to be used. E-
webcrafts has not develop such strategies or policies to retain business growth.
 Tactics: Specific action steps that map out how each strategy will be implemented.
 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s): It’s a standard to measure performance that show progress
of each tactic in reaching the goals.

Other Factors:

Two main factors that can contribute to the strategy gap are more attributable to organizational
behavior than to the processes themselves, nevertheless, they need to be taken into account:

 The first factor lack of accountability and commitment to the budgeting process.
 The second factor is wrongly focused incentive plans.

e-webcraft is lacking in strategic management of the company, they do not have proper management
setup. They need to design proper standard operating procedures (SOP’s ) to govern business in
activities to overcome business barriers.


Strategies planning is a great start. But on paper it’s just an idea; it needs to be put into action.

Key Tools
 Time Frames (Project Initialization to Deployment)
 Management tools (SOP’s, Strategies development)
 Budgets ( Allocation accordingly)
 Accountability (Performance, financial etc)
 Alternative course of action


Knowledge Gap occurs between what the company needs to know and what it actually knows.

What E-WebCraft Have to Know


What E-WebCraft Know

E-WebCraft is currently facing knowledge management gap, which effects their performance projection
and cut down profit ratio and growth in the concerned sector. E-WebCraft should seriously about the
development of knowledge based framework to excel their market potential.

Benefits & Issues of knowledge management

Some of the advantages claimed for KM systems are:

1. Sharing of valuable organizational information throughout organizational hierarchy.

2. Can avoid re-inventing the wheel, reducing redundant work.
3. May reduce training time for new employees
4. Retention of Intellectual Property after the employee leaves if such knowledge can be codified.
5. time management


Due to strategic gaps and knowledge based gaps with the business system of e-web craft, they are
facing issues while handling their valuable customers. E-web craft is required to readdress its managerial
policies to cater for customer handling problems. They need to develop proper Customer Relationship
Management System to manage their customer satisfaction.


“Good people are always a source of blessing”

Certain gaps are found in the HR system of e-web craft by assigning certain tasks to irrelevant person to
manage the affairs, which ultimately leads to instability of the system. They need to develop HR system
for the fulfillment of the awarded projects with the support of people having concerned knowledge by
hiring right person for the right job.


Certain amendments are required in the design of their project management practices to make it more
effective and efficient.

Listed below feature are required to be entertained:

 Documentation of the of the project (Initial phase to final phase)

 Proper Quality Assurance (QA)
 Communication Bridging
 Version wise details of the project should be noted down