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Statement from Jennifer Robertson

March 13, 2019

I have been advised by Stewart McKelvey that, in light of concerns regarding a potential conflict

of interest that have been raised as a result of information which has come to the attention of the Monitor since the start of the CCAA process, they have withdrawn from representing QuadrigaCX (QCX) and the other applicant companies in the CCAA process. Details of such information from the Monitor has not been disclosed to me.

Following my husband, Gerald (Gerry) Cottens sudden and unexpected death, I arranged for the CCAA process to start by providing the initial funding and agreeing to act as a director of the Companies. The goal from the outset of the CCAA proceeding was to benefit QCX and the Affected Users by giving QCX the greatest chance of recovery of its assets.

While I had no direct knowledge of how Gerry operated the business, he told me that he had been putting his own money back into QCX to fund user withdrawals in 2018 while the CIBC money remained frozen. I believe Gerry had the best interests of the business in mind, and cared for his customers.

I was willing to and did step up to try and preserve and maintain the business. I took direction and

advice from its main contractors, and its then lawyer, utilized my own funds to keep it afloat, agreed to and paid for an experienced investigator to try and recover its assets, and then initiated

the CCAA process which led to EYs appointment as Monitor.

Since the appointment of EY as Monitor, I have tried to be responsive, helpful and cooperative with the Monitor in the operation of the QCX business and the search for its cryptocurrency and other assets.

As this matter progresses, my intention is to continue to support the process and to ensure a fair and equitable resolution is obtained.


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