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Danger of Smoking in the Morning

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Smoking in the morning
, especially accompanied by acup of coffee, has become a ritual that hard to break. However, these habits seem to need to
bestopped from smoking at the beginning of the day is more
than smoking on the
day or night.
Research shows that smoking after waking up would increase the risk of lung cancer, neck andhead. "
Morning smokers
have high levels of nicotine and other toxins from tobacco in his body.They are also more addicted than smokers who refrained
from smoking a half hour or so afterwaking up," said researcher Joshua Muscat of Penn State College of Medicine.To find out
why some smokers get cancer and not, Muscat and his team examined the link between cancer risk is there with the habit of
first cigarette in the morning.The first study involved 4775 patients with lung cancer and 2835 of other smokers without
lungcancer. Those who smoke 30 minutes after waking up 1.79 times higher risk of suffering fromlung cancer than those who
waited more than 60 minutes. Meanwhile, those who smoked 31-60minutes after waking up had 1.31 times the risk compared
to those who wait at least an hour.The second study involved 1055 people with brain and neck cancer and 795 people who
smokedbut did not suffer brain and neck cancer. Those who smoked within 30 minutes when you wakeup 1.59 times the risk
of brain and neck cancer compared with those who waited an hour.
The risk of smokers
who smoked 31-60 minutes after waking up 1.42 times than those who waitat least an hour.
Bahaya Merokok di Pagi
Artikel-bahasainggris.blogspot.com - Merokok di pagi hari, terutama ditemani secangkir kopi,
telahmenjadi ritual yang sulit untuk istirahat. Namun, kebiasaan ini tampaknya perlu dihentikan dari
merokokpada awal hari adalah lebih berbahaya daripada merokok pada hari atau malam hari.Penelitian
menunjukkan bahwa merokok setelah bangun akan meningkatkan risiko paru-paru, kankerleher dan
kepala. "Pagi perokok memiliki tingkat tinggi racun nikotin dan lainnya dari tembakau ditubuhnya.
Mereka juga lebih kecanduan dari perokok yang menahan diri dari merokok setengah jamatau lebih
setelah bangun," kata peneliti Yosua Muscat dari Penn State College of Medicine.Untuk mengetahui
mengapa beberapa perokok terkena kanker dan tidak, Muscat dan timnya menelitikaitan antara risiko
kanker dengan kebiasaan ada rokok pertama di pagi hari.Penelitian pertama melibatkan 4775 pasien
dengan kanker paru-paru dan 2835 perokok lain tanpakanker paru-paru. Mereka yang merokok 30 menit
setelah bangun risiko 1,79 kali lebih tinggi menderitakanker paru-paru dibandingkan mereka yang
menunggu lebih dari 60 menit. Sementara itu, merekayang merokok 31-60 menit setelah bangun memiliki
1,31 kali lipat dibandingkan dengan mereka yangmenunggu setidaknya satu jam.Studi kedua melibatkan
1055 orang dengan otak dan kanker leher dan 795 orang yang merokok tapitidak menderita kanker otak
dan leher. Mereka yang merokok dalam waktu 30 menit ketika Andabangun 1,59 kali resiko kanker
otak dan leher dibandingkan dengan mereka yang menunggu satu jam.Risiko perokok yang merokok 31-
60 menit setelah bangun tidur 1,42 kali dibandingkan mereka yangmenunggu setidaknya satu jam.
Diet and Effort to Have OffspringArtikel-bahasainggris.blogspot.com - What you eat can affect the sex
cells, better known as 'sperm' formen and 'egg' for women. Fertility in touch with what food is in the
eating, so do a balanced diet canincrease the chances to conceive and produce healthy offspring in the
future. You do not have thepower to change something that is derivative, but of course you can control
what goes into thestomach.Actual differences in the male reproductive cycle and women is that men
produce new sperm every daywhile women are born with a finite number of eggs and are not renewable
in their ovaries. Because thequality of the eggs continued to decrease with age, so women who are
aged above 35 years is moredifficult to conceive. On the other hand, men face different problems. Their
fertility levels are heavilyinfluenced by the quality, quantity and spontaneous movement of their sperm.
Usefulness of theirreproductive organs, like testis, and epididymis skotrum (located in the vessel), also
have an influence.Lack of food can damage the reproductive system. Zinc, folic acid and calcium, which
is a mineral thatcan be found in food, should always be part of the daily diet to maintain fertility or
fertility rates.Consumption is also A, C, E and selenium, which in sufficient quantities to function as
antioxidants, tofight free radicals from cigarette, alcohol, drugs and others.If you want to have offspring,
then you need to pay attention to what you eat. If you have not noticedyour diet, get started, before it's too