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Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


Agriculture is one of the most significant sectors of the Indian Economy. Agriculture
is the only means of living for almost two thirds of the workers in India. The agriculture
sector of India has occupied 43% of India’s geographical area, and is contributing 16.1% of
India’s GDP. Agriculture still contributes significantly to India’s GDP despite decline of its
share in India’s GDP. There are number of crops grown by farmers. These include different
food crops, commercial crops, oil seeds etc., sugarcane is one of the important commercial
crops grown in India. Sugarcane is the main source of sugar in Asia and Europe.

Sugarcane is grown primarily in the tropical and sub-tropical zones of the southern
hemisphere. Sugarcane is the raw material for the production of white sugar, jiggery (gur)
and khandsari. It is also used for chewing and extraction of juice for beverage purpose. The
sugarcane cultivation and sugar industry in India plays a vital role towards socio-economic
development in the rural areas by mobilizing rural resources and generating higher income
and employment opportunities. About 7.5percent of the rural population, covering about 45
million sugarcane farmers, their dependents and a large number of agricultural labors are
involved in sugar cane cultivation, harvesting and ancillary activities. There are about nine
States in India where sugarcane is grown on a large extent of area. There are a number of
varieties that are grown in India depending on the suitability of the soil. The area, output and
yield and sugarcane cultivation is subjected to fluctuate in response to policies of the
government and also conditions of cultivation. Taking these into consideration, this chapter
presents a detailed discussion on the cultivation practices of sugarcane, growth of area, output
and yield.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


To modify the existing sugarcane bud cutting machine which can allow the farmer to
cut the sugarcane bud in a form which can be utilized as a planting for agricultural of
sugarcane. With ease and thus reducing the unnecessary wastage of sugarcane and increases
the production

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

There are several methods for sugarcane bud chipping. It is by manually, and also by the use
of machines. Manual bud chip cutting with hand knife is a common practice. These
traditional tools used for bud chipping of sugar cane are unsafe, messy, minimum productive
and need skill and training. The risk of injury is also too high. This necessitates the
development of a sugarcane bud chipping machine.

Some of other exiting mechanisms for sugarcane bud cutting are as follows :

Hydraulic Sugarcane Bud Chipper

SUMEET TECHNOLOGIES, PUNE, developed this machine and all the information are
collected by them. It is the two way automatic sugarcane bud cutting machine. It runs on a
single phase 1 HP motor. This machine works on double acting single cylinder mechanism.
The cutters are connected to the reciprocating cylinder pistons which cut buds from
sugarcane. The cutters are reciprocates in a horizontal motion, to which the sugarcane is fed
by hand. The productivity of this machine is around 4000 buds per hour. The overall cost is
Rs. 48,000/-.

The disadvantages of this machine are;

1) Only inter-node cutting is possible.

2) Maintenance of hydraulic system is difficult.

3) Machine cost is high.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

Rotary Cutter Sugarcane Bud Chipper

KRUTI INNOVATIONS, KOLHAPUR, has developed this machine and all the information
are collected by them. It runs on a single phase 1 HP motor. This machine is having a cam
operated rotating cutter inside the casing to which the sugarcane is fed. The productivity of
this machine is around 3600 budsper hour. The overall cost is Rs. 38,000/-

The disadvantages of this machine are;

1) There is chance of mixing of buds and wastes.

2) It is not safe to operator.

3) Machine cost is high.

Vertical Blade Sugarcane Bud Chipper

KAILASH TRADING COMPANY has developed this machine and all the information are
collected by them. It is an electrical double sided sugarcane bud chipper and runs on a single
phase 1 HP motor. The hemispheric blades are attached vertically to the either side of the
arm. The to and fro motion of an arm in a vertical axis makes the blades to scoop out the buds
from cane, which is fed horizontally on the platform. The productivity ranges up to 4000
buds per hour. The cutting speed ranges from 40-60 strokes/min. The cost of this machine is
Rs. 48,000.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

The disadvantages of this machine are,

1) Machine cost is high.

2) Only scooping operation is possible.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


The working of this chipper is simple such that an illiterate person can also
work on it without getting any injury/any type of fatigue.

We have provided a lever on which we can grip on it easily. This lever is led to
swivel about the screw on the column, which acts like a bearing. The some portion of the
lever is supported on the tool attachment which slides in the T-joint. At the bottom portion of
the attachment we have mounted the cutter with the bolting, so that its removal is easy for its
finishing after some period of working.

Thus, as we apply force on the one side of the lever the attachments slides in T-
joint, causing the cutter to travel down which is the cutting stroke of the cutter.

We have got the bud of approx. 40mm length and 18mm depth, which is
sufficient for the cultivation of sugarcane.

We have carried out the experiment by considering the diam. of sugarcane as

nearly equal to 40mm.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


CATIA prototype

Actual built model

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


4.1) Cutter: -

The essential component of Sugarcane chipper is the cutter, as shown in fig.

We have taken the hollow M.S. pipe of 40mm outer diameter. Then we cut it into half
portion of its periphery. After sharpening the one end on the hand grinder machine, we
heat treated it at higher temperature.

The material for the cutter to be used must be either high carbon steel or tool steel. In
our project, we have used Mild Steel which is heat treated to impart good hardness to the
sharp edges. The height of cutter must be enough to cut the sugarcane up to the full depth
of sugarcane. The exchange rate of the cutter is dependent on the type of material and its

Cutter under shear failure-

shear stress = F/A = π

= 13.64 MPa < 115MPa............Design is safe for shear stress

cutter under crushing failure

σcr =F/A =

= 0.69 MPa < 155 MPa.................Design is safe for crushing failure

Thus, cutter is safe for shear and crushing failure.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

(CATIA part design) (Actual component)

4.2) Column with base plate :-

The next component is the column on which all the other components are mounted. It
is the base for the other parts. The base plate is welded at the bottom of the column. The
middle hole is drilled for the mounting of shaft for guiding the cutter shaft.

The top most shape is provided for lever to swivel about the bolt through the holes

(CATIA part design) (Actual component)

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

4.3) T-Joint:-

The T-joint is used for guiding the cutter shaft vertically. It is

mounted on the rod which is horizontally mounted on column
where hole is provided on column.

4.4) Cutter mounting attachment :-

Cutter is mounted on the bottom side of the shaft as shown in fig.The joint is done
with the help of bolting through the hole at bottom.The top most attachment is for the
guiding of lever.

(Actual component) (CATIA part design)

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

4.5) Lever:

In order to reduce the force required to cut the bud of sugarcane the lever is used.
The lever gives leverage and reduce the manual effort required to cut the
sugarcane. The lever is circular in cross section with 25mm diameter. One of the
endof lever is connected to the column with the help of nut and bolt. This lever is
taken from the scrap.
The design of lever is as follows,

Normal hand can apply 20kg (200N) force without fatigue (continuously)

From research papers, we got shear strength of sugarcane at node=700 KPa

therefore force required to cut sugarcane at node -

R = shear stress * perimeter * length

=700*103* 2


Taking moment about A=




Sugarcane bud chipper 2017

4.6) The other components are:

Bolt with washers.


Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


Sr No. Name Of Components & Process Name Of Material Cost in Rupees

1. Cutter Mild Steel 50

2. Column and base plate Mild Steel 150

3. Cutter Mounting Attachment Mild Steel 100

4 Lever Mild Steel 100

5. Spring Steel Alloy 30

6. Plywood wood 50

7. T-Joint Galvanized Steel 50

8 Nuts & Bolts Mild Steel 70

9. Cutter heat treatment --- 100

10. Welding --- 50

Total 710

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


1. This sugarcane bud chipper machine is very cheap.
2. It is compact in size.
3. Less time consuming.
4. Easy to handle.
5. Unskilled person can easily handle the machine.

1. Cutter is needed to change after specific period of time.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


The sugarcane bud cutting machine is very useful to small scale farmers to planting
sugarcane bud. Also time is saved by this process as compare to the traditional system of
sugarcane bud plant .Extra piece of sugarcane bud is waste in small scale farm that can be
saved by using sugarcane bud cutting machine that can be used as a fodder for animals. The
cost of sugarcane bud chipping machine is reduced compared to available machines, so that
small farmers can afford this easily.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


By using scotch Yoke mechanisum and Electric Motor we can operate that machine
Automatically. By using scotch yoke mechanisum we can convert rotary motion of motor
shaft into reciprocating motion of rod connected to cutting tool so that operation will be fully
automated and no need to apply force manually.

Sugarcane bud chipper 2017


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Sugarcane bud chipper 2017